This past weekend we went to Ne and Iowa! It was like a trip down memory lane!
Of course I got LOADS of pictures!!
My Mom's cousin, Kim, just had a baby so we went over there to help her out. I did dishes and we swept and mopped.  Than we cleaned my Aunt Anna's house.  She was really glad to have the place looking good again!
We also went to an old church and had a very good time seeing everyone, after 3 years! The church hadn't changed bit the people sure did! Everyone was so much taller!
                I hope you all like the pictures!! :)

He was 12 days old!


Low country boil!!! : )

  On the 10th we went to Alba for church!! We had a Low Country Boil! Everyone ate food right off of the tables and they didn't even have plates! After that they had desert, volleyball, and there was plenty of people to talk to, ( and babies to hold! ; ) so I'd say that we all had a good time! 

        Ronan was the cutest little guy I've ever seen! But, I guess I say that with all of the babies I hold!! 
  Here are some pictures of the weekend! 
Ronan and I

I do gotta say, he's got one of the cutest smiles ever!

My friend, Devenni


We were walking to church and I saw these beautiful horses so I had to snap a quick pic of 'em

I also took this on our way to church! 


~Jeremiah 29:11~

Sometimes I just have to see this verse and remind myself that the Lord knows my future. He knew everything that would happen to me when He hadn't even made me yet! The Lord is my strength and my comfort!!!!!
"For I know the plans I have for you
declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you
plans to give you a hope and a future."
      Jeremiah 29:11



I'm so excited to have my own blog! I will start by telling you about our animals. My sister, Ashley (who also has a blog, www.ashley-funfarmgirl.blogspot.com) has 7 rabbits and I have 2 rabbits. I also have 2 cats. I feed them and our 13 dogs/puppies! They are Golden Retrievers and are like so beautiful! And yes, 11 of them are puppies! Ashley feeds the rabbits (including mine) and our pig, Fiona that really thinks she is a dog! If you pet her she'll lay down! I'm serious! Ash did a blog post about her. (I think.) And then we ALSO have 6 horses and a miniature horse! The mini, Bob, is mine and so is Bo. Bo also thinks he is a dog and will let you sit on him while he is laying down, and rub him all over! He really is a big sweetheart! And then to finish it off, a fish and a wild bunny,(somewhere) (in our house!) Which I will tell you about in a second. Okay, it has been a second. Like 4 days ago Joshua, Levi, and me were walking Koda (our big BEAUTIFUL golden) in the field and he takes off like a mad dog and chases a momma rabbit out of her hole and all over the (20 acre) field. Then Kinsley starts chasing this adorable little bunny. Levi caught it and gave it to me to dry off. It was just barely hurt so we took it in the house. We gave it some milk and the boys got a basket all set up for it. Unfortunately that night it like jumped out somehow and is now roaming our house.  


Well, that's all I can really think of for now! So see ya!!!!  : )


Koda and Bo


Me holding my rabbit, Sugar

And Carter :)