my testimony

I have grown up always aware and in full knowledge of what Jesus did for me. And from a very young age I have been very sensitive To doing what God wants me to do and nothing else. I had a lot of Godly examples in my life especially early on, and even though we went through a time of trying different religions, I still look up to several different people from that time of my life that really had a heart for God. 
My testimony is more or less coming to the beliefs I have now, which was a long and winding road! When I was about 6 we moved from NE to MO for a church our friend said we needed to see. This church was a place where a lot of ex-amish people congregated and they all hold onto a lot of those same beliefs. Our family went there for a while and it really brought them away from what they had first learned about God, we started dressing (and etc) to make us appear more righteous and although we may not have fully believed everything these churches taught, we still tried to fit in and go along with it. We went to several different churches, most of which we would wear head coverings and vest dresses and never cut our hair and etc. For awhile I think we were just searching for what was truly right, and we kept thinking that we had to "make" ourselves holier to be able to go to heaven. After a long time of going to different churches and a lot of studying things out, to sum it up, we realized that we can't make ourselves righteous, only god can, and that a lot of people who believe in those churches are self righteous. A lot of people have taken the Bible out of context, which is why we were so lost for awhile! But we can find everything the Lord wants us to know if we just truly search out the scriptures.
I have come to understand and believe that Jesus has completely covered us with His blood shed. He has paid for our sins in whole and we can't make ourselves more righteous by covering our hair, or not wearing buttons on our clothes. Only He can make us righteous, only He can make us perfect and whole! And when we put our trust in Him and truly strive to follow His word, those good fruits will come out and show in our life!! I believe the most important thing is the condition of your heart when it comes to living for God, not if you wear skirts or don't cut your hair. Is you heart modest? If so it will come out in your actions, including how you dress! If you are striving to follow Jesus with your whole heart then it is going to show in your life. And that's what I hope people see in me!! 
What do you hope people see in you? What is your testimony?



 well folks, we're finally engaged!! he popped the question 2 days before my 17th birthday, while we were on a walk. as soon as I stopped crying I said of course!!! unfortunately my family's had the flu and our engagement party was canceled, but I can't wait to celebrate with both families here soon!!  

as y'all can guess, I'm sooooo excited for professional engagement pictures!! I've been looking and looking for the past week to find a good, affordable photographer that can do our engagement and our wedding pictures, but so far no luck. but I'm gonna keep searching cause I know there's one out there! all of these pictures (besides the one of the ring on the leaf) were taken by one of my brothers!
I'm so excited for this new journey and season of life!! only 218 days until I'm his wife. <3   


quick AR trip • pictures


I made a quick trip down to AR to spend a few days with some friends that I’ve posted on here about before, they just had their 7th little baby and he is so precious! 
I had a good time with them, helping the kiddos with chores, cleaning cooking and holding the sweet baby. I love these pictures and I’m planning to print some soon, but I thought it’d be nice to have them here to look back on as well. 💛

january 2021

• January 2021 •

This month was pretty awesome in my world! I did a lot of new things that were super fun, went to AR to help some friends who just had a baby and learned some stuff on the ranch. Working on goals and school. I’m super excited for February and the rest of this year, I have a feeling it’s gonna be great! 😊


• december 2020 •


Sooo handsome 🥰

A quick picture review of December, I can’t believe we’re already 2 months into 2021 and I haven’t done anything on here!! I’m really hoping to get on here and do a little more here soon. How’ve y’all been?