lies vs truth.

i'm not old enough.
i'm not smart enough.
I am too young 
to drive, get a job,
be independent.
i'm not experienced enough. 
i'm not skinny enough.
my hair isn't long enough.
my hands aren't small enough.
i'm just not enough.
but you see,
this is what the world says.
it's what i tell myself [lies]
everyone else wants me to think that
i'm. not. enough.
it doesn't work.
I realize that,
i'm old enough
to share hope with the hurting.
i'm smart enough
to teach someone else something.
i'm young enough 
to laugh and make memories.
i'm experienced enough
to be there for someone.
i'm a perfect size.
my hair is beautiful.
my hands are gentle.
i. am. enough. 

paige lavay
november 7, 2017

[because I am worthy, I am perfect. And I'm trying very hard to not think otherwise. I don't want to be insecure, because I really don't have to be. I am just what God wanted me to be. So are you. <3] 


babysitting a 2 week old + L I F E UPDATE.


  • Going skating and eating ice cream ;D
  • Babysitting a 6 pound 2 week old, Theodore Jackson, he was born 2 months early and his parents had to go back to work. We've now been awarded the best babysitters...he is so. ADORABLE. and so. TINY. #iaminloveeee
  • getting a Scalp Massager and it literally tickles your scalp! (4th picture)
  •  Never seeming to keep the dirty dishes counter clean :'( 
  • watching The Return of the King again 
  • Finding an old camera card (hence the #tbs post ;D)
  • going to another violin lesson and she said that I DID GREAT ON THE SYNCOPATION!!!! i was totally not expecting that <333
  • really loving this song
  • Having so many amazing talks with my Mom, she is amazing and inspires me so much. <3 
  • Watching Micah zoom all over the place with his walker XDD
  • ACKKK IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN WITH A NEWBORN HERE!!!!!!! (he's here every other day ;D) 
  • and just like changing his tiny diapers and holding him and AHHHHHHH!!!! 
  • taking pictures of the leaves, the glorious leaves!! 
  • Studying on Patience + Worship and looking up verses on both subjects, and reading in Revelations #diggingdeeper 

And more pictures of the epicly cute Theo <3 <3 

How has your November been so far?
Advice for poem inspiration...ideas you have for titles?? xD 
Have a blessed day in the Lord y'all <3 

paige lavay xx




Juicing for Aunt Tracy =D

Me and Aunt Tracy

this is a favorite. <3

at Roaring River..so long ago. <3 

Always climbing trees i was ;D

a sudden camp fire and marsh mellow roast one night with a neighbor friend over. :)

#throw-backSunday :) 

These pictures bring me back to such a special time in my life. Most of these pictures are from 2 years ago!! Seeing them just makes me melt, and also realize how grateful I was to be able to spend what time I had with Aunt Tracy and Great-Grandpa before they died. I'll miss them, but I know that Grandpa is in a better place. 
I've always hated every single picture of myself from when i was younger, but since I've been looking at these pictures often, I've kinda realized how other people saw me- shining because of Jesus. And someone told me recently that a lot of the time, all she could see was my big smile...not my crooked teeth or my wild hair. And that just made me realize that your smile is really what makes the difference about you. If you have Jesus you should shine and radiate His glory. <3 
Happy Sunday peeps!! I'm recovering from a cold, so hopefully I'll be better by tomorrow. I'll be working on a life update..a lot is going on!! 
Keep shining for the Lord!!! <3 



everybody has thoughts
just some express them better then others.
i was always a one that 
never thought i'd be able to take mine
and turn them into something more.
so i gave up.
i just accepted that i wasn't able to do it.
make something beautiful out of 
everyday thoughts.
but then one night
i tried. 
and guess what?
i did it,
everyone loved it and i felt so good about myself.
so i kept trying
and writing. 
some were better then others
small things i disliked,
but it was from me.
and that was enough. 
so now every night
i'll sit by my bed and write, 
a poem, 
and sometimes i can't believe that i didn't try sooner.
God has given us all abilities
so find your strong points
and use them for His glory. 
He gave me these thoughts,
some funny but some serious. 
and beautiful things have now been made, 
things i was scared i could never make.
i always said it wasn't my thing.
I guess that God didn't think so. <3 


my gang.

yup. these are my kinda peeps.
hot days and running around,
coffee ice cream or popcorn.
my constant little companions 
which i wouldn't trade for anything.
them in those fuzzy pajamas 
and helping me make pancakes
on Saturday morning.
dirt-stained feet
and watching sunsets together.
they know me, 
and how camera crazy i am
so they've learned to smile for a picture at a random moment.
or to never touch my yarn
and always give me ice cream.
we do so much together
and tho they can be annoying 
i would do anything for them. 
cuz they are the best 
the. best.
and i can't wait for when we all grow up
being aunts and uncles, 
but for now we're making memories
and eating ice cream
and running around outside.
bc that's what we're supposed to be doing.
they grow up so fast.
trust me.

[i am trying to spend more time with my siblings, they are really the best. You are lucky if you know them, because they just rock. ;D ]