A page from my journal-Hiking!

Here I am, sitting on a ledge, camera by my side. I am on the top of one of the many cliffs out here in the rocks, my feet are dangling beneath me. It's probably 50-60 feet to the ground.
I love it out here! There is a horizontal line of pine trees in the distance. A light shade of yellow is right above it. If you look to the right, there is some pink that creeps in  over the beautiful pine trees far away from where a whole group of hikers are watching- waiting for the sun to rise.
The wind gently, barely whispers, then is gone. A squirrel just scurried off up in the many branches of a nearby tree.

And here it is!!! The beautiful sunrise! It has risen just to the east of us! Now that it is risen, everything has lit up as if you just flipped a switch! And it is so beautiful..this was really amazing!

What have we done to deserve such a beautiful world to live in? I know that there is a lot of bad in the world, but when you stop and really look around, and notice how beautiful anything can be, it is amazing! The faithful sun every morning, spreading it's warmth upon us. Every day, rising and shining from it's place higher than we could think about! The stars, and the glorious moon that lights our way for us when it is dark.
When you think about all this, it is like... the sun just rose. A switch just got turned on and we are able to see the beauty in every day life!

So let's try to have a shining countenance when we move on to the rest of our day. Be thankful. Be  truly happy.

(This was written after the Oct camp, but I'm just now getting around to posting it! )
(I use my mom's phone to post, and ask the pictures are on the camera. These were from pinterest. :)

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