Dear Princess

Inward beauty>
"The King's daughter is all glorious within. "
Psalm 45:13

Dear Princess, 
I would like to tell you of a girl I once knew. We will call her Lois. 
Lois was not particularly pretty, but like all young girls, Lois would sometimes face herself in the mirror and wonder whether she would be considered attractive. 
Lois was a princess, a daughter of the King. She knew that her Father did not want her to adorn herself outwardly with worldly clothes, jewels, powder, and face paint. Actually, these worldly things tempted Lois very little. She knew that her beauty should be within herself,  "the ornament of the meek and quiet spirit, " the beauty of, "the hidden man of the heart" . (1 Peter 3:4)
Lois desired this true beauty and often prayed, "Lord, give me smiling lips, sparkling eyes, and a singing heart. ", And I'm sure the Lord answered her prayer, because she had many friends that found her attractive. 
If you had asked them whether Lois was a prettWhaty girl, they would have to stop and think about it. They had never paid attention to her physical features. What they did not know was that her spirit was beautiful and they loved her for it. Lois's prayer for a singing heart was the clue to her attractiveness. The singing heart is all for which she needed to pray. Sparkling eyes and smiling lips come as result of the singing heart. The condition of the heart is the secret to true beauty. 
How can we be made beautiful, if the nature of man is sinful ands ugly? 
When our hearts are cleansed and our spirits broken , the holy spirit comes to dwell in our hearts. As we permit Him to keep our sinful selves under control, as we follow His directions in what we say and do and in how we feel, then we find that all the loveliness of the Spirit of Christ shines forth from our hearts. Now the expression of our lives is the expression of His nature rather than the expression of our sinful natures. 
His love. 
His unselfishness. 
His goodness. 
His mercy.
All these beautiful traits of nature and character will be ours as we allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within us and rule over us. 
So, princess, so not strive to be the most popular, but top be a King's daughter who is all glorious within.

[Property of the book "Dear Princess "written by Mary M. Landis]


  1. thanks for that reminder page. So true!

  2. Oh I love that!!! Such a great reminder! :)


    1. I really loved it too! If you don't have the book, I would recommend it, it was published by Rod and Staff. And it's title obviously is Dear Princess : )

    2. Okay thanks!! I'll check into it!