feb. is. over. whhhaaatttt? and this is a review of it =D also-GIVEAWAY WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!

Whoa. How is it March already??? I know, I say that every month, but it is just crraaaazyy that it's over already. Isn't it? Anyways, I got almost all of my goals done!
>try crayon art-✅(post coming up!)

>make string art-✅ AND I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS AND IT TURNED OUT AT LEAST HALF DECENT, AHHH!!! (I'll do a post 'bout itπŸ˜‰)

>get pics of all the siblings-❌ :(

>fill one page in my scrap book-✅

>keep riding consistently-yeppp!! #causeI'mawesome

>write 3 or more letters-✅ I think I wrote 4😊

>memorize 15 verses-ugh,❌ I memorized 14, SO CLOSE. 

>encourage someone-✅ I am so happy to have done this!☺

>crochet 5 things-✅ bracelets, bookmarks, and a zero calorie donut 😊

>be more crafty-✅ I really feel like I was this month

>improve on listening-✅ I feel like I have! 

The weather has been so weird! One day it was nice, 81 degrees, 2 days later, it was snowing. Next day, nice, in the 70, and the next day, It was raining and hailing, legit. 😩 at least it has mostly been nice!

February highlights:
-My birthdayπŸŽ‰ (best day evah!)
-Completing lots of goalsπŸ‘
-Seeing Ashley so happy almost all the timeπŸ’œ
-David babysitting usπŸ˜πŸ˜‚
-Sweet comments on my blog
-All of my siblings-because they are the best and I am so blessed. 
-Seeing friends from IowaπŸ’™
-Nice weather⛅

Wow, that was a lot! *proof it was an awesome month*

anndddd the winner isssss... SHEILA MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really sorry to those who really wanted to win..I prayed and prayed about it, and something just kept saying, Sheila!! I so wanted to give ALL of you a quote book, so it was very hard!!! Thank you all so much for following me! And your comments and everything, y'all have been so supportive! <33 Thank you!

So Sheila, I'll just need your email, so that you can tell me your address!

                                                                                                                     when is your birthday?
                                                         did you get something done that you wanted to this month?


  1. Rosalyn2:15 AM

    Oh lovely post and pictures! I too think February went way too fast! :) Onto March!!

  2. Hi Paige!!
    I will send you an email here in a few moments 😁

    1. Annndd! I realllly like your new blog-look! πŸ˜ƒ

    2. Thanks, I'll go check my mail then! Congratulations!!!

  3. Awesome post, Paige!
    And, Congrats, Sheila!! I'm sure your over the moon excited about getting that quote book!
    Your welcome!! I would follow you, Paige, even if you hadn't done that giveaway!!!!! <333333
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. Thanks!
      yeah, sorry you didn't win. :(
      When is your birthday, Jaidyn?
      Awe, that's so sweet of you!!! <33

    2. Your welcome. ;)
      That's OK! I'm just glad that someone will be blessed by it. =)
      My Birthday is June 30th!! =D
      Jaidyn Elise

    3. That's so sweet and thoughtful of you to say <33
      Okay! (Did I ask you before?) I think I will know just what to send you! XD XD

  4. And, BTW, LOVE the new design!! <333333
    Jaidyn Elise ( And, BTW, You can do that tag I made up on here. ;))

    1. Thank you!
      Ooh, I'm super excited! I love doing tags!

    2. Your welcome!
      Yaay! Me too. ;)
      Jaidyn Elise

  5. Yay for accomplishing so many goals and also congrats to Sheila!!

  6. These are gorgeous photos, Paige! :D It sounds like you had a fabulous month.