random pictures and ramblings. :)

random. That's me.
I've thought about at least a 47 titles to name this post. But random was really the only thing!! ;)
We've seen DOZENS of turtles on the road already! Tons of giant snapping turtles. My brothers killed a water moccasin (cotton mouth) and skinned it!! The also skinned a raccoon!!
anywhoo, this post is basically more things I'm thankful for, recent pictures, and a few old pics! I have a TON more pictures for more posts, so I might be posting a lot. Also, my next post is a big surprise!!!!  Something that I did...
any way..hope this post is  enjoyable! I know it's a ton of pictures but what am I to do with them?? In fact that's partly why I started a blog, to share my photography! Never thought I'd come this far though!! 28 followers...y'all are THE BESTEST!!

Jake, our pet Cockatiel
Violin lessons going GREAT!!

Playing inside Frisbee football while Micah slept in the nursery. So much fun!! Awesome teams, awesome people!!

Micah has two teeth!! You can see them in this pic, just a little.

Jared's dog, Diesel, in his typical position, lol!!

Picking flowers :)

Micah is 6 months old and still has blue eyes!!!! CRAZY!!!

The creek two days after the rain stopped. We weren't able to cross it until a week later!!

Love this girly so much!!! <33

What Missouri has to offer, love it!!

Gorgeous blossoms

I tried 'Kiwi berries' for the first time...quite interesting!! 

Me and mom randomly deciding to juice fast..for half a day...

Early mornings watching Micah, and taking selfies obviously!! :PP
I've seen some butterflies already!!! Yay for summer!! 
Oh. my. goodness.
I was sooo little!! And that was Fiona, who thought she was a dog and would lay down and let us scratch her belly, but then we butchered her and ate her. :)

More flowers <3

This picture makes me smile so big!! It makes me happy and it makes me sad. I love MO but I miss NE. I really miss running through the cornfields playing hide and seek. :(( But it makes me anticipate June even more, because then me and mom are going to NE, JUST ME AND HER!!! And we can see everyone again and be surrounded by cornfields and open sky for a couple days....<333
Favorite picture??
Why'd you start your blog? x)


    I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333
    Like, literally. You should do posts like this more often!! =) ( hey, look a that!! I was the first one to comment, yaay! =D)
    All those pictures were so awesome, and fun!! ( And cute. ;) that last one- Oh MY yu were so little and cute!!!! =DDDDD)
    All these pictures were awesome, I looooovvveeedd them! ( BTW, what is juice fasting??)
    Jaidyn Elise
    Hmm....why did I start blogging?? I actually think it was really because all my sisters were. xD I started blogging when I was seven, but the blog you read now is my most recent one. ;))

      Maybe I will, I def have enough pics for it, lol!!
      Thanks! IKR!! I can't believe how adorable and little we were!! We've always been 3 buddies!!
      Haha, juice fasting is where you drink only juice, for however long you want. We were going to do it for 3 days but gave up! ://
      Cool! I can't believe you've been blogging since you were 7!! Wow!!

  2. BTW, your pet cockatie- !!!!!!!!!!!!! SO. CUTE. !!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. AND GUUURRRLLL!!!!!!! YOU'VE ALMOST GOT THIRTY FOLLOWERS EEEEPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock!!
      Jaidyn Elise

    2. He is!!
      I KNOWWW!!! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! all these people rock!!!

    3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      YOU rock, Paige!! Keep up the awesome work! Everyone here totally <3's your blog. ;)
      Jaidyn Elise

  3. Thanks for sharing, Paige! Random is good. :) I liked the photos, and hearing the stories behind them.

    1. Good! I;m glad you liked them!

  4. Paige7:35 AM

    Nice post, girl! Keep shinning!

  5. Great post! You were so cute on that last picture :)

  6. My favorite pictures are #3, 8, and 14! They're very pretty!!! :D
    I started my blog in January, because I wanted a place where I could encourage other girls on their walk with the Lord, and I wanted a place where I could ramble off my thoughts!
    Thanks for the post, Paige!


    1. I'm really glad you liked them!!
      Those are great reasons!!

  7. I cannot choose a favorite picture!! xD These are all fabulous!! <3 <3
    I started blogging in 2012 and I think it for a place to put my photography . . . though I'm not sure if these was really a specific reason. My older sister and mom had blogs already so . . . .
    I love your random posts so much!! Your blog is truly an inspiration. <3


    1. Haha, good! Thank you so much!
      Okay! That's cool! Does Sarah have a blog? (Your oldest sister) (Sorry if that's not her name...) :/
      aww, I'm so glad!! Thank you!! <333

  8. Oh wow! That last picture stirs up memories from back in the days!! Or maybe it's more the dress you have on! :)
    Btw, I think Micah looks like Dylan. :)

    1. yes, doesn't it!!?! I think it's just the place, how little we were, and the dress! :) I miss y'all!

  9. You have the same violin book as me!

    1. Oh, and I think my favorite picture might be the one with the pig (:

    2. Ooh, that's super cool!! I love all the songs in that book, and am almost done with it!! Do you have the Suzuki for violin? That is really good and I use that too, I'm on book 2! :)

    3. FlowersInMyBasket12:55 PM

      No, but I heard a lot of people use it! Maybe I'll get it when I'm done this one (: