Have you ever thought about how limitless some things are? Just look around you, and you will see the limitless power of Jesus!

without end, limit, or boundary.

I have been reading, "Life without Limits " and it is so inspiring, and even eye opening! It got me to thinking about what is limited, and what isn't.

His power.
His grace.
His mercy.
His love.

These are all limitless. Isn't Jesus amazing? How He keeps loving us, He keeps forgiving us, and He keeps waiting, and wanting us to turn to Him! He is waiting for all of us with open arms! It is never to late to come to Christ, no matter what we've done!

Isn't it great that we can give our limits to a God who has none!


  1. Very true, Paige. What a great reminder.
    I replied to your comment...https://creatingpreciousmoments.blogspot.com/2016/09/why-do-we-sigh.html#comment-form
    Love in Christ,

  2. Amen! The awesome power and unlimited mercy of God never cease to amaze me. God is so Good!

    1. Yes, we are truly blessed to call Him our savior!

  3. This is really good!! I so agree with it. :) Our God is amazing!

    Looks like you enjoyed your time at the Grand Canyon. My family and I went there years ago! So incredible! :)