puppy photo session from this afternoon! 8 boys, 4 girls, 12 
total <333


i'm 15...

i can't believe i'm finally 15! it's sooo crazy, all the things that have happened in just these two weeks after turning a year older.
driving is crazy. lets just say, the first (and 2nd) time i've driven both me + mom have almost had a heart attack :P she laughed foreverrr when i saw a school bus coming and she said she could see the fear in my eyes...lol i'll get better!
i can wear makeup now, which i'm thankful for lol xD i've started taking care of a sweet old lady, i go and stay with her for about 24 hours once a week. i'm really enjoying it!! <3
soo, here's to being 15. i wanna live + love unapologetically. here's to more singing and dancing and not worrying about the future. xx



March has been very, veryyy busy. And we're only halfway thru, but I'm enjoying it 😊 I haven't been doing much school, and my wanna-be-perfect self would usually be freaking out, but I'm actually okay with it. I'm doing a Bible study with friends that has been sooo good, I'm (trying to) learning hand lettering and starting to ride again. 
Life has been good, it's not perfect, but I'm glad that better days are finally here. xx

What have y'all been up to so far this month? Something you're learning?


february xxx

this boy is the cutest everrrr

in the storm shelter during a tornado warning 

sunday selfiesss

so. many. fried. pickles.

cheeseburger bites 

yep popsicles in feb..

february was like, a month of renewed normalness yet a lot of big changes happened. Normalness as in: not being sick anymore, aka finally being able to do stuff. And big changes as in: getting a horse, puppies again, turning 15, etccc ;)

february 2018-
photo sessions. baking. Rylan turned 7!  job opportunity. lots of rain and frozen-ness. Lilliana turned 5! Psalm 119 study. made potato broccoli soup. PFI + mint chocolate shakes. DRIVING!!
family pictures, arbys and church. Piper, our new chestnut quarter horse :) sunsets. 12 adorbs puppies. coffee and snacks with mom. <3 being able to go to church again. always wearing a hoodie. teal painted nails. new skin care routine. finding joy on hard days. able to wear makeup now xD fun with friends. Bible study and a sleepover, then shopping and lunch and getting lost with my bestie ❤️😂 fun get together with the ladies from church. Turned 15 and got a lot of things I wanted!! Iced coffee and chocolate= perfection!  So many answered prayers!!  More gorgeous sunsets. Got a "job" helping a sweet told lady that I call Grandma now ❤️  I got my permit and can finally DRIVE!!! Pizza hut celebration afterward.
And then it's March!!! CRAZINESS AMIRIGHT??! 

How was your month? Whats something awesome that happened for you?