learning french??? || Doda Sabine Sanou

Around two weeks ago I babysat everyone (Joshua, Levi, Elias, Caden, Rylan, Lilli and Micah) for Dad, Mom, Ash, +Dylan to go to a casting crowns concert. That night Mom called and said she was bringing back a surprise-FROM AFRICA. I was beyond excited just to see what it was, but never expected what it really was! "Close your eyes and hold our your hands" -and when I opened my eyes there was a picture of a little girl, a child that my parents decided to sponsor!!!!! I'm so happy and think about her every day, maybe one day we could even meet her! They sponsored her through Compassion, and I'm just so thankful! Her parents are only sometimes employed as farmers.  She lives in a high risk place (Burkina Faso ) for child violations and HIV. So now she can have good food 3 times a day, education and must important she will learn about JESUS!!!! I'm just so happy, and keep thanking the Lord that we have the opportunity to sponsor precious little children!

Isn't she adorable?? =)

DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW FRENCH???? On all the videos it says that french is among some of the easiest languages, BUT THE GRAMMAR IS KILLING ME!!! There's at least 3.9 million different ways to pronounce 'Je'. And everything has such an accent that it makes everything so confusing! 'W' is pronounced- 'Duublevae'....HOW CAN FRENCH BE AN EASY LANGUAGE?
I do so much better with Spanish or Swahili because I can easily wrap my head around the vowels and grammar. But the thing is, I'm so bored of Spanish, and have watched EVERYTHING there is to watch about Swahili on the internet. I wanted something new, and wanted to learn french cause a  portion of Africa speaks it. (Including Burkina Faso)
So I really just have no clue what to do! :( HELLPPP!
I've thought about Arabic, but that also sounds hard and I never really wanted to go to Sudan. And I would be learning Acholi (or Luo..I forgot) but belive me, there is NOTHING about that, cause it's such a small spoken language. :(

if you have any tips, or a language that YOU want to learn, I'd love to hear about it!

The happiness tag!!!

Hey y'all!! Today I'll be doing the happiness tag thanks to my amazing friend, Jaidyn! (Thanks BBF!)
So let's get started with all the things that make me happy, then I'll tag 4 people at the end!!!

Smells that make me happy:
>homemade bread in the oven
>pretty much a lot of food!
>a clean baby...ya know, how their hair will smell so clean right out of the bath?!
>a lot of nature, cause it DOES have a smell, trust me. 
>wood stoves

Songs that make me happy:
>BABA YETU. (This is a kiSwahili song I learned forever ago and love SO MUCH! )
>basically all of Lauren Daigle's songs! 
>Now I know it's gyro-Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon
>all of George Strait songs
>all the country Christian songs!
>Chain breaker

Words that make me happy:
>Uganda, Africa.

Sounds that make me happy:
>a newborns first cry
>those deep belly laughs
>soft breeze
>horses hooves against concrete, cause who doesn't LOVE that? 
>rain falling
>lighting and thunder cracking
>meows from wittle kittens

Other things that make me happy:
>talking/spending time with my bestie <3
>late nights when everyone's weird
>the whole subject of midwifery
>ice cream ice cream ice cream, butter pecan or cookies n cream to be specific! 😄
>food in general
>being able to help someone=best thing ever. 
>cowboy boots
>BACK ROAD DRIVING LISTENING TO COUNTRY SONGS. cause if you've never done that I can guarantee you're missing out!
>different languages

And of course there's more, but I think you wouldn't be able to finish reading this post if wrote all of them!!
So I'm gonna tag...
Ellie  (or Bernie) -a bounce in your step

Hannah Hobbs -left my heart in Africa

Sophia Noelle -lavender and blue

Hannah -the relentless daydreamer

Thanks for reading this and hopefully you learned a little more about me!!!


my little best friend

I so love this collage,it's basically a collage of her second year.

she fell asleep holding my hand <33

her dolls 'Doda + Dida' 

ok, basically every picture of Lilli that has ever been on my blog, but she is so cute i really don't care! xD
so, I know this might be weird, but she is my little best friend..10 years apart!! We do everything together, and she comes to me for almost everything. Being my first and only little sister, we have a great relationship! I love her so much, and seriously couldn't live without my little sweets!! She comes up with stuff she made for me everyday, and she always tells me that 'I so pretty!!' Even though she is so young, I still share special secrets with her, and I love having fun with her! She's the sweetest little thing ever!!!


{{summer portraits}}

I attempted to get pictures of everyone today. Most of them turned out well, but Levi's and Joshua's were kinda hard. :| Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed seeing recent pics of *almost* everyone!! (except for Me, Dyl, and Ash)

try to be happy Monday :) || Stay Strong!!!

*omw he was so tinyyyy!!!*

Ashley's boyfriend got her ducklings for her birthday!!!😍😍
so yes. it is Monday. *sighs* But ya know what, I'm gonna try real hard to be happy, who's with me??
 Monday means a long week of school, and most likely just plain busyness. But just try to stay strong y'all! Only five days!! *we can do this* yup yup, WE CAN. So get your gloomy face off because Monday is another day to praise and serve the Lord, and that's really all that matters! <333

What grade are you in??
What subject in school is your favorite??