#SUNSHINEAWARD YAYYY || my cute wittle bunny + THANK YOU!!!

his name is Carter and i know HE'S ADORABLE.

So the lovely Mira tagged me to do this award thingy and her questions were super fun- so i couldn't resist!!! XD Let's do this.

Thank the person who tagged you! (THANK YOU MIRA <3333)
Now answer the questions your nominator asked you, ask some questions of your own, and tag some other wonderful people😍😎

-Black tea, herbal tea, coffee, or none?- {COFFEE.}

-What person, living or dead (or fictional) has been the biggest inspiration in your life?-{ohh man. Ray Comfort, 3 people we used to go to church with, Linny Saunders, and my Mom <3}

- What is your Meyers Briggs MBTI personality type? (I'm an INFP, if anyone's interested.)-{ESFP-ENFP}

-What could you give a forty minute presentation on with no preparation?-{ummm I'm not sure. Midwifery?? lol. but probably anything medical..}

-What is the nicest compliment you have ever received?-{eeeek that's hard!!  The constant encouragement on my blog is amazingly sweet, and my family and friends are da best ;D }

-What hobby would you get into if time or money weren't an issue?-
-Favorite time period?- {ummm, probably self defense}

-What is something other people are obsessed with but you don't get the point of? {NARNIA. FICTION. IT'S JUST NOT EVEN REAL SOOOO WHYYY????}

-Favorite time period? {Everyday except for the last week of the month. :) }

-What is something most people are obsessed with, but you just don't get the point of?-
-C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien? - {C.S. Lewis}

-What is your advice to other teen bloggers out there?-{MAKE FRIENDS. don't worry about blogging. Be real. Make some goals. }

And now for my questions..... 

-Favorite blogger?
-If you could either be a duck or an owl which would you be?
-What do you hope to achieve by 50?
-Who are the 3 greatest musicians living in your opinion?
-Most beautiful place you've ever been?
-If you could ask the president one question, what would it be?
-Who would you trust with your life?
-What cheers you up if you're sad?

And I tag....*drumroll*
and anyone who's wearing a red shirt!! xD

i really would've never guessed that 40  people would join me in my adventure!!! I truly hope that if you don't know me very well, that you'll email me and we can become awesome friendzies!!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜


Jumping off the bridge || SUMMER DAYS

15 ft before you hit the water. It takes you nearly 3 seconds of just falling. 

current favorites:
      sun on my face. the sun's reflection in the water. swimming.                         iced lemonade. baking cookies. J.B Lully Gavotte. 
little ones telling me stories. old bridges. afternoon. 
new elephant print shorts. ♡ dragonflies. 
my 2 ice cream notebooks. micah's laugh.
 sleeping in. going on walks.  ripsticks.
this song. <3 almond ice cream. wind in my hair. flamingos. soccer and frisbee. half-up hairdos. Psalm 97.♡
fluffy kittens. big smiles. and the little smiles. strawberry popsicles.
the color of the sky before the sun comes out. my new flamingo pen. yellow. dad's stories. braided hair. chocolate milkshakes. climbing trees. rain + storms.
butterflies. our wild pears. summer days. 

just living life and enjoying it. <3333

Current favorite?
Would you jump 20 ft from a bridge?? (you have to jump in the right place or else you'll smack on the rock shore or smack on that rock ledge....)


august goals}}

August goals:
Bible time every morning}
Start a new study}
Share a scripture with someone}

Craft/ TO MAKE
Rock cacti}
Donut phone holder}
Lotion bars}
Paint rocks}
3 crafts}

Skirt//chunky green}
5 cacti}
Use 3 skeins}
finish for shop}

3 new dinners}
Homemade ice cream}
Pb cookies}

Bowing on C and D}
J.B Lully}
Progress on Allegro Fiocco}

Try 3 new hairstyles}
Be more patient}
Read 3 books}
Run 3x}
Finish 8th chapter in school} 
Organize bookshelf in my room}

(old pic lol)


j u l y. \\ lots of memories made + ice cream

Heloooo my fellow bloggers!!! How was your month? Mine was all in all a pretty good month, I JUST REALLY CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S AUGUST AHHH! Craziness! I guess what I think of when i think of July 2017 is...responsibility.  I was 'Mom' for 2 weeks which was kinda a crazy experience, to say the least. I still managed to keep everyone doing school, workout, crochet, journal and bible reading and clean. IT WAS CRAZY THO. At times I felt victorious and at times I felt emotional..or happy or mad or whatever. Just, a lot of stuff going on!!! Mom and Ash went all over the place, OR, CA,..everywhere! It was their Mother-Daughter trip.
We finally watched Lord of the Rings, and are basically the last humans on this earth to watch it..besides the Amish.  It was weird. Not very gripping or really that entertaining to me. I just sat and crocheted and ate ice cream when we watched it. But everyone else was wanted to watch the second and third, BUT THEY WERE 3 HRS EACH! how do other humans expect other humans to sit for 9 hours?????
Anywhoo, this is random snips of my month and memories we made.

Lilli: Where is my princess sleeper??
Me;That's too big for you now hunny.
Lilli:Did it grow up??
Me: No- you grew up!
Lilli: *literally starts crying* I don't want to grow up tho!
It was really sad actually...

Josh: Hey Levi, I suspect that our mailman is scuffling thro our mail...*evil look*
Levi: uh waht???

Me: *is playing violin*
Caden: *picks up a crochet hook and starts conducting me* (We're the two really musical ones xD)

Me: uh no. 

Introducing the cat to the dogs...let's just see we laughed so hard we cried...πŸ˜‚

Josh: Okay Dylan's feet are reminding me of Gollam...AH! *cringes* (Lord of the Rings..)

Micah trying to eat the laptop 😟

'Dancing' with Lilli to thisss while Micah is tackling Rylan and Joshua is banging on pans and Caden is eating chips #crazysibs #walkthedinosaur #lifeofme #howIbabysit 

Lilliana having this weird obsession with the song 5 little Monkeys ..it's weird. She just really loves it.

Rylan: I died yesterday.

Me: Why???

Caden can you please take Lilli outside??

Lilli: I don't want to go outside because it's sweaty out there! 

Caden: You guys...we shouldn't of eaten those cookies...now we're gonna be FAT. 😦😣

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up??

Lilliana: umm, a human. 


Running in sprinklers with Mom in the dark...#memoriesmade

Lots and lots and LOTS  of soccer and kickball ;D

Getting tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and peppers from our garden!! *squeals*

Hiking with cousins :)

Eating chinese food!!! #alltimefav

My other new cousin was born this month too, his name is Cooper! <3 <3 #heisadorable

Eating cake for lunch XD

getting 11 library movies for babysitting emergencies.. 

Uploading pictures, doing french and crocheting and doing school all at the same time  :|

Eating cucumbers and tomatoes and watermelon <333😍

Shoving nerds in my mouth to keep myself awake at 3:17 am when Micah decided he wanted to play...

Summer-ness and popsicles xD

Jumping on the trampoline with Lilli

Cookies for breakfast

Watching Frozen with the sibs 😎

being 19% fluent in French...I'M REALLY DOING THIS!!!!!

Joshua playing 'Together'(Celery Night Fever) OVER AND OVER.  (but it's sooo catchy for some reason...) #iknowlame

Working out 21 days this month,  YAY!  

{{Fav posts}}

>and Jessica blew me away with this post <333
>Ahhh Amy!! I really loved this.
>I loved these verses from Paige
>Hannah I'm so happy for you way to go girl <3 <3

Okay so, I have been reallyyy lazy with my goals for 2 or 3  months now, I only had 4 goals this month! So August will be my goal catch up, and crochet catch up month. =P I have set a lot in my journal and really want to cross them off.

And guyyysssss. i open my shop in 18 days waht??! *screams and pulls my hair out* K that's just really crazy to me right now. *breaths very heavy*

ok, so I'll be making a huge goal post whenever I get around to it, so stay tuned! Also we went swimming and had root beer floats and i have a feeling august is going to be a great month <333

goodbye july
hello august
<3 <3


New videos!!! || + lots of {blurry} pics

I've finally uploaded some new videos, yay!! It's been a bizarre week, lots of snuggles and bathes and more snuggles. So many moments that I want to hold onto forever. <33

Since Ashley has had the camera, I only have Mom's old phone for pictures, so a lot of them turn out blurry. :|  I need to work on my photography, as soon as Ash brings back the camera! :| Sophy has been inspiring me like crazy and I don't have anything to take pictures with!!! :(( Keep it up tho Sophy! <333

So hopefully I'll have my first mini vlog up soon!! (And sorry about micah's nose in the second video :| That was a kinda old video you'll notice ) And the third video was right when Micah woke up! ^_^ HE IS ADORABLE amiright??
And I know, I'm really awkward...I'm a lot less awkward in real life, I think.


Project love Discussion || Making life meaningful + REACH OUT.

Heyaa! It's been a little while since I've done something about Project Love. So today I'm trying to put together something..and we can discuss anything about love that ya want to!

A few ways to love a little more πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • Do something a little out of the norm..make EFFORT. {blessing bags (ask me;)) gifts to give, baked goods}
  • Be a friend, a role model to a girl (or person) younger then you. It's easy to encourage people, but try to show them they're important and you really care about them. With younger people it's harder for me, cause y know, they don't know the stuff I know, or have common interests...BUT, they're still just as important as your best friend. ;)
  • I've been discovering social media is amazing for reaching out to people. I love going back and forth with people on prayer requests. If you do have an email or Pinterest account, start trying to reach out to more people. Go out of your comfort zone and message someone that you don't exactly know. Just..don't make yourself sound like a freak or ask to many questions! :|
People that I've noticed be a super love-human\\
>Tiffany-a wonderful woman from our church telling me she kept thinking about me, while I am taking care of all of the children. She gave me her # for if I needed dinner ideas. She's amazing <3 <3
>Hannah Hobbs-This girl has been so sweet and making me feel so important. Idk, just the way she shares little and big things about her life, or just emails me out of the blue. Even tho we're 10 years apart she still, ya know, tells me about stuff, and IDK SHE'S JUST SWEET K? (I love ya girl! πŸ’™)
>And every other person who's names aren't coming to my mind...:p

A few ways I've showed love\\
>I made a Pinterest board for my friend who's Mom has cancer. The board is to give Amy and her Mom a little boost of faith and remember that me and Dev are here for them..if you could please pray for her, her name is Laura. <3
>Talking to a boy (his eye was  messed up so the children were staring and not very many people were talking to him), we talked about the piano and he got a big smile on his face and looked happier after we talked. He was so nice with such a sweet personality. 
>I'm working on my relationship with my siblings. gotta love 'em! XDD

MAKE REACHING OUT A HABIT\\ {thro God's grace I've come to make a habit of this and it is such a blessing}
love MORE\\ 

Tips...anything ya wanna discuss...ways you've showed love???

Let's all strive to be SUPER LOVE-HUMANS!!! πŸ’›πŸ’›

iowa...*heart eyes*