spring. the little things. // I GOT MY OWN PINTEREST..

I think it might be spring...maybe??? There was 2 days where it felt like summer, SO HOT! And we sprayed each other with the hose, and were outside all day!!! It was awesome!! And now it's cooling off just a little bit, but not that much. So hopefully it will STAY spring!
AND GUESS WAHTTT?? I (yes. me. paige lavay.) GOT MY OWN PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!! 'And I'm still screaming in my head' I'm really happy! I followed everyone I know from blogger, so now you can go follow me!!!

look at him and melt. i know you're melting..


it snowed. srsly weather? || and we slid off the road....+ too much inspiration!

On the 11th it snowed. When I finally thought it was actually spring (with all the tornadoes) IT SNOWED.  and the weather turned bitter freezing again. Like srsly???
Yah, at first I was all nostalgic ya know. *snapping pictures for like an hour* But then it kept coming. and coming. For over 2 hours. And no they weren't little tiny flakes, they were the hugest things I've seen in a long time! It was crazy! 😵𓁐
During this weird time of snow, me Ash, and David were in AR at a friends wedding. (It was so beautiful and I might do a post about it!💒💐) It started snowing right before we left...so we then had to drive in it for the 4 hours home. (And yes, for the first hour I was screaming, 'oh the snow I love the snow look at the snow,  AHHH' ) BC IT WAS SO PHOTOGENIC K? and we were nice n cozy in David's jeep, sooo that made a difference! 😊
But it was still just so crazy bc we left our house splashing through the rain...and come back crunching frozen snow under our feet. 😖 and now it's just freezing bitter cold. (Well, it was yesterday, today it was really nice and like, 60. 😀)
ya know what? I could go on practically forevs about the weather..
  You are probably asking yourself, 'did they really slide off the road, or did the snow just traumatize this crazy nut?' 
Yes. We did. I shall tell you how.
y'all: *groans* SO SOON?? 

>It wasn't really that big of a deal. It just scared us for half the way home! It was snowing so hard, and the roads were covered! David was driving really slow already, and then suddenly, the car started turning all over the place, and we began sliding sideways. My stomach was in knots, so much that I had to calm myself down, but that was for like, 3 seconds. :o We slid for probably 5 seconds, but it felt so much longer! It was like slow motion, except it was fast....does that make any sense??? Like, everything was slow, but as soon as it was over it felt like it was so fast!!  We didn't slide down a ditch, it was more like a sloped 10-foot hill, praise the Lord!!!  If it was a ditch, or  like a nothing-ness-forest then I'm pretty sure we would've flipped! The snow was that slick! Once we stopped sliding, David got out to see if there was a drop in the snow up ahead, where we were planning to try and drive out. It was level, so David was able to drive out!! The first couple times we just had spinning tires. Once we were out, David drove EXTRA slow, so we didn't make very good time! But once we arrived to Harrison, we found, much to our relief, that the roads were completely plowed! And the snow was FINALLY letting up!
For the first time in my life, I was scared of sliding into the ditch. Does that seem weird? Idk, I'm just not that scared of anything happening to me/us. I really don't know why!!

Was that too detailed and long and boring for ya? Sorry, at first  was wanting to make a poem (try to write a poem) thing out of it, but never got around to it, but I wanted to like, explain all of it properly. Sorry if you got bored!


So I've had like,  sooooo much inspiration for all these posts that I wanna do, and I can't really make it into one big post, and all these ideas keep floating around in my head for all these things that I also need to blog about, but I'm feeling like if I post them all seperate, or double ya know, then all y'all would be overwhelmed with all my posts clogging your feed. Why am I even writing this.....Oh, I guess it's just for your advice! (I forgot and then remembered)  Have you ever felt like that? What did you do? 

:EXTRA: mine and Dyls (dylans) slither fights...
Dylan introduced me to this game on the internet called slither....yah, weird right? I started playing it and got to 27 hundred, which was 2 times what Dyl got up to. Then I left with Mom, (TO MY VIOLIN LESSON AND IT WAS AWESOME, I PASSED ALL 8 SONGS!!!!) ..... and he went and got to  57 hundred....whattttt??? 😡😡😡😡 Now I am determined to pass him, but haven't yet, so he's walking around like a king.  And THENNNN, I beat hime, by 300 points!!!!!! I was going slightly crazy when I got to 6,000! It was awesome, and he hasn't beat me at all, and probably NEVER WILL. hopefully.
You should go try it and tell me what you score, click  HERE!!! go play it, it's weird. 

>>Wellp, dinner clean up needs done, clothes need put away,  and a crochet project is calling,  so I shall go now!! I really hope you didn't die from boringness in this post!! I will admit, it was terribly long. :l Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed it! :)

See, the road is over there...

the roads were worse than this when we slid...

yes, my nickname was 'i will kill u cos i pro'- STOP LAUGHING!


*blue sky tag* || Check it out y'all-

i really like tags. 😀😀😀
and emojis.😀😀

k so here are the rules:

Thank the person that tagged you.
Answer their 11 questions.
Tag 11 people.
Give them 11 questions to answer. :)

Thanks Bonnie!

Here are her 11 questions that I need to answer!...

If you could change one thing about the past, what would it be?
-I'd fix my hair more often when I was little, because I look horrific in every old pic. :(

Which one of your five senses would you give up of you had to?

What's your middle name?
-Lavay. And I really love it!!! <33

What animla starting with the first letter of your first name do you like the most?
PANDAS!!! and penguins!

Would you rather have free Wifi everywhere you go, or free coffee?
-Right now, COFFEEEEEE. Because I don't have a phone. :)

How do you want to be remembered?
-Making a difference in people's lives.

Would you rather have a cat with a dog's personality, or a dog with a cat's personality?
srsly? ... A cat with a dog's personality.

If you could master one skill, that you don't currently possess,what would it be?

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?
That is for sure the weirdest question....I've ever received. 100 duck sized horses..I guess???

Which are you more likely to fight for: love or money?
-Why is that so hard????  ummm, Love.

What makes you cry?
-Onions and sad memories...

Now I need to tag 11 peeps! Here I go! =)

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1. Who is your best friend?
2.What is your household chore? If you have one.
3.What do you day dream about most?
4.What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
5.Something you've achieved that you are really proud of?
6.Something you regret?
7.What scares you the most and why?
8.Skirts or pants? Why?
9.What's something that makes you cry?
10.What State do you live in?
11.What are your dreams for the future?

k, there ya go!! Those are [mostly] fun questions, right!! I really hope that all of you will do this!

things to be thankful for 💗

There's so many things to be thankful for, I don't even know where to begin! <33

My amazing, sweet big brother! 💚

Freshly baked jiffy buns

My bestie surprising me <33

this oh-so-adorable baby bro! (he's starting to roll over!!)

protection from tornadoes and hard storms. We were almost hit by one tonight! :l

fun days/nights with David =D

GORGEOUS blossoms! These trees are ALL OVER in Rogers!

My sweet little brothers :)


beautiful sunsets 💛

Getting to spend a little more time with Ashley 💚
Dad and Mom taking me to get my ears pierced, and then eating dinner at Golden Corral!!! 😀


My study on earrings-

I've been going back and forth on if I should get earrings or not. I don't think that you'll go to Hell if your ears are pierced, but if it would displease Jesus in any way, I wouldn't want to do it!! So I decided I would study it out! But I'm not going to set rules on what is and is not, in fact, God did not even set rules. He gave us Biblical precepts. I think we are to learn these precepts, and learn to apply them to each particular case as God's Spirit and our pure conscience gives us leadership. (and could you say '50 tabs open at once' ! ) Please if you have any opinions about this topic, PLEASE share with me! I'm all ears!!!!

{please do not feel offended if whatever I end up on deciding... I could still be wrong! Please tell me your thoughts!}

The first verse I wanted to look up, was Leviticus 19:28, and one that I have wondered about. I have read it, but people seem to stop this verse before the last phrase. Read this:

Leviticus 19:28 -  Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead-  BOOM! Other people almost always seem to stop that verse, at- in your flesh- and think that that is saying to not pierce your ears. But I don't think it is. People actually do make incisions in their skin, in mourning the dead. Crazy right?? So yeah..I don't think that is contributing to "you shouldn't pierce your ears!!!" ! But what do you think?

Does the Bible ever say that wearing jewelry is a sin? - from my research, no it does not. There's also this thorough research wrote out here: (just keep scrolling and reading and you'll see it.)  = )

Onto Ezekiel!! If you want you can grab your Bibles, or pull up Blue letter Bible, because I'm not sure I'll type every verse out..but I may put the reference and then a remark. :)

(I hope this isn't getting boring! :p )

Eze 16:1- And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, (so by that we know that the Lord is speaking here )
Eze 16:12-And I put a jewel on thy forehead, and earrings in thy ears, and a beautiful crown upon thy head. so that sounded approving of earrings! :)

be an example of Sarah\\
My Mom is totally the most awesome thing evah, and really helped me out on this subject. 
As my Mom quotes- The reason I believe that wearing earrings is 100% fine, is beacuase of what it says about Sarah, in the Bible. She wore earrings and jewelry, and the Bible tells us to strive to be like her as much as you can! Obviously if wearing earrings was a sin, God would not have instructed us to try and be like her. Sarah also gave earrings and jewelry to her daughters.
And..there you have that. To me that's pretty huge! And my [wonderful] Mother will search things out and not make a decision until she feels it is completely right. 

1 Tim 2:9- In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel , with shamefacedness, and sobriety: not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array. 
-I think the point here is leaning more to the "costly array" part. No gold, pearls, broided hair, or costly array. That's pretty simple to me. Because it's hard to find pure gold and real pearls and so on. I would consider it wrong to try to look better then others by wearing expensive clothes, jewelry, etc.. But again, what do you think?

CONCLUSION: Does the Bible permit the wearing of jewelry? My answer is, yes! I truly believe that it does. However, I do not think that  you should take it to the extreme, or let it take your eyes off God. 

Sooo, this means I'll be getting earrings sometime in the near future!!! I'm excited about it because I feel sure now, that if I put a tiny hole through my ears, that I won't regret it!! 

                                                                     what are your beliefs about jewelry?
                                                                       do you wear earrings?

I'm sorry about the white behind the first like 2 paragraphs. :/ I've tried everything to make it look normal, even re wrote it several times, but I couldn't. I hope it's not distracting, and that you made it to the end of this post!!! Thanks for reading!


random. : )

Do you like random? Cause I love random, and I love making random posts! =D So, let's begin!

I'm so thankful to know theses wonderful people!! I miss y'all SOOO MUCH, but it was really nice getting to see y'all again!! <3333

I love this cutie! <3

I was looking up volunteer programs (for the millionth time :)) and found this! It looks exactly like what I'd want to do, not foerever, but for a first mission trip! but I really don't know ya know, whatever God has in mind!!!! I want to see a little more what FCM really has you do, but haven't found much. I think it'd be neat to volunteer there too! :D

my Grandma got me crochet stuff for my Birthday... way to go Grandma!!! So excited to try some patterns out!

My first time using my elephant mug!!

And baby Sarah... do I even have to say that SHE IS SO CUTE!??!

I so absolutely adore her curly hair, it's the cutest thing!

They built a little toy wall around Micah, so that no one stepped on his blanket! #cutenessoverload

We went to the Library and she got to color and cut out some paper. She made a hat that was so adorbs!

and would you just look at his face, just look at it!! 

I'm so loving our flower bush! 

My birthday horse ride with Ash and Dev!

to know you can bring comfort to someone small or tall, that's the best feeling on earth. 💗

I'll end with a picture of my string art project!! Do you like it? ☺☺