august in review

and yes, this is my boyfriend, Lane. <3

bible studies. lots of baking. fixed the window in my room. went to a drive in movie for the first time! watched the new lion king. levi's and joshua's birthday. bonfires by the creek. kayaking! meeting new people. lots of coffee. lightning storms while driving. peaches. ymca trips. amazing sunsets after rain. fourwheeling. getting hyped for fall, like usual! ^.^ dad's building onto his shop. peach sweet tea. flowers from Lane <3 
it was a crazy month, lots of stress but also lots of great stuff and so much growing in the Lord. i'm so thankful for the people He has put in my life. <3

btw, i hope to post maybe once a month now, so we'll see how that goes. 


i'm alivee

wowza, its been 3 months since I've done anything on here! I've been super duper busy and seems to just be ever-changing. this summer has been the best summer ever tho, and its not over yet! 
i'll probably not be on here much, but i plan on posting again sometime around Fall. annndd i got instagram so if ya want you can keep up with me through that! ;D click heree to go to my IG <3


see ya april 2019

april was full of busyness and springness and some wonderful stuff and some not so wonderful stuff- cuz thats life. i made so many awesome memories with the awesomest people and so much changed this month. settling into a new routine with school and such. Dad quit his job on the 12th and it's been...crazy. reeallyy weird with him working from home and we're not quite used to it yet. i really like it for the most part!  starting to get more used to driving, hehe :D Ashley turned 24! playing violin again after a long time. getting some new clothes! xD benji is getting so biigggg!! 

m o m e n t s :

  • lots of playing games with friends
  • staying the night with my bestie and doing lotsss of crazy fuun stuff xD 
  • going to the salebarn again and then sonic + playing uno after
  • everything is soo greeeen!!!
  • finding turtles, getting sunburnt, riding horses = spring basically
  • spring cleaning and being super busy in general.
  • getting coffee with ashley and she got me a succulent!! <3 *love*
  • growing..a lot. mentally and spiritually. 
  • keeping up with handlettering ;D
  • got all of the puppies gone! finallyyy!! 
  • got a new pony, Splash <3
  • going to galena w/ my bestie and she got her horse!! 
  • starbuckss coffee <3
  • going to a friends house for a hotdog roast and smores... :D
  • I GOT AN IPHONE 6s!!!!!!! 
  • sooo much changed, huge drastic changes
  • considering a summer job, prayers would be appreciated!! 
  • sooo thankful for my mom, family and friends. and spring xD

and imma tryyyy to get all these pics done..but theres A LOT. soo prepare yoself!! 

yeah, that lil black thing is a bat