petrified forest, haunted bridge + the White Cliffs of Epes, AL [day 2]

talk about hole in the wall place to eat...i liked it xD

boiled peanuts = actually rlyy good!!!

it's a haunted bridge yall


might just be my new profile pic..? 


 this post has been a long time coming, wifi has been awful, we had vbs, we've been sick..just all the stuff. x|

we left the glorious belmont plantation after a wonderful breakfast and chatting with ms. Camille, and we set off on an adventure! 
very first, we went to the petrified forest. it was pretty cool!! 
then we ate at Crawdad hole. Yeahhh, that was fun!! when we first walked into the shack-above-dirty-concrete-with-sooo many signs-plastered-on-the-wall 'place'...the guy was like "yall are first timers aren't ya?" so we both got gumbo cuz we were starving, and ate it on a plastic table. they turned on some fans for us and the gumbo was good. overall realllyy nice people..but our mom would never eat there!!
we left and ended up at Stuckey's bridge. (go look it up!) we survived walking across it and it was pretty cool. sooooo HOT!! 
theenn, we were only 45 mins from the White Cliffs of Epes, ALABAMA!!! it was so amazing!! i loved every second there. yet, there was like this hovering sadness, bc we were IN ALABAMA, and we wouldn't have been able to see the amazing Hannah Hobbs!! i thought about trying to contact her thru ashley's phone, but we wouldn't have had enough time and.. yeah. that was really sad. i can't believe we've been to alabama tho!! sometime we're gonna have to plan a BIRMINGHAM trip cuz i wanna meet her so bad!! (hannah, you're awesome ;D)
so then we headed back to greenville, the 4 hour trip back to a super awful hotel went so slow. and then when we finally got to the hotel it was...scary. it was a day filled with so many new experiences, and overall the true southern experience!!
our second day in MS (+AL) was amazing!!

thank yall for being so nice and patient while i get all my crazy stuff together. xD life is flying by, and i need to learn how to balance computer time, and family time. (and school time and riding and baking and etc etc xD) 

Fave pic??
what yall been up to?