progress on Allegro Fiocco<
Rock cacti<
Lotion bars< 
donut holder<
3 new dinners<
pb cookies<
make ice cream<


Bible time every morning <3 <
Start new study<
Share a scripture<
Paint rocks<
3 crafts<
{Crochet} skirt<
5 cacti<
Use 3 skeins<
Finish for shop<
Open shop< (YAY) 
Bowing on C and D<
J.B Lully<
Try 3 hairstyles<
Be more patient<
Read 3 books<
Run 3x (so happy i did this!) <
Finish 8th chapter in school<
Organize bookshelf<

SOO, I did 20 things out of 28!!! (yay for me) So I'm pretty proud, especially how the crocheting turned out. And violin really improved and I've now made a habit of Bible reading. (John is SOOOO good!! <333) 

SEPTEMBER GOALSSSS - (this is turning into da huge goal post..)

Raise $60 for Breath of Life Haiti}
Get 2 orders}
Post 7 more items}
Finish John}
Finish 10th chapter of school} (4 MORE UNTIL 8TH GRADEEE!)
Visit some neighbors} 

Some goals for September??
Favorite chapter in John? (Mine is 15)


A baby girl named Esther || M I R A C L E


this is Esther. Read this for more information on her story.

as soon as i saw her picture and story the Lord laid a huge burden on my heart to pray for this sweet baby. I sent her picture to lots and lots of people who started praying for her, and got my siblings praying for her.

I wanted to share how heavily that impacted all of my siblings. Having be a part of something for the Lord, all of them were so passionate. It was truly amazing, seeing all of them fervently praying for her with all their hearts. <3
To this day Rylan and Caden and Lilli constantly talk about her and pray that, "Lord please fix her brain and help her to get better and have lots of food, Amen!", it's a simple prayer, but God is hearing us!
That day I could just feel God so close. I fasted all day. So many people were praying for her, that I could feel God's presence.
From just our family already hundreds of prayers have been prayed for her. Not to mention lots of other people praying for her.

I'm beyond thrilled to say, that the Lord healed her!! She went to the neuro(something) and the exams results came back amazing! Seeing NO EVIDENCE  of a brain bleed!!!! God did the impossible.  Thank you, all of you who prayed with me!! God is so good, I almost cried when I heard that she has been healed, Praise the Lord!!

That night, I told the whole family and we all gave thanks to God!! When I told the little ones (Rylan 5, and Caden 7, specifically) started jumping saying "We did it!", Mom and I turned around and told them GOD did  it!!

We all talk about her all. the. time.  She is so precious to us, even though we've never met her. 
Thank you so much, those of you who faithfully prayed for her!!! 



4 years in Christ || JESUS COULD COME BACK TODAY + Luke 21: 25-26

September 5, 2017 marks 4 years since I've been born again. 

That day was amazing. I went under the water and came up a new person, I was made new in Christ! My heart was soaring. Jesus is so good. 

Giving my testimony

Being so overwhelmed with what Jesus did for me

Since that day I have grown so much, witnessed so many miracles, and been astounded with Jesus' amazing grace. His mercy and love is truly unending. 

Image result for montana fires

Texas was just hit with a hurricane and Houston is underwater. 
Fires are raging in California, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and I don't even know how many more states.
The hurricane headed for Florida is the biggest they've seen, and a CAT 5.
Africa is poverty stricken.
The Mark of the Beast is coming. (more in another post)

Iceland is aborting all babies with Down Syndrome, no matter what.
Earthquakes have been more frequent.

the heavens are being shook.

Look at Luke 21: 25+26. 
In verse 27 it starts mentioning the coming of the Lord. After saying "There shall be signs in the sun and the moon, the sea and waves roaring."

Look at everything happening in the world, people blaspheming God, turning what he has created to be right into something awful.  And so much more. Things are happing that the Bile said would happen. 
No one knows. No one will ever know. (as it says in the Bible) But we must be ready. It's not a joke, and the fire of hell is very real, and worse then any fire in Montana. 

My friends, I'm posting this because I care about you. If your heart isn't ready please turn to Jesus and trust in Him. 
And if you want to know more about God's grace please email me. {{paigespages04@gmail.com}}


~ things to be thankful for....

^walking outside to see this...let's just say i melted <33333 

^Getting Arby's Jamocha shakes with Mom

Poison berry painting w/ the sibs 😎

herrrrrr. (I LOVE YOU!!!)

a new autumn-y sweater <333

Time on the roof


Morning Devotions with the family <3

Lots and lots of peaches thus making peach sauce for pancakes ;D

^Making cookies with Lilliana =D

^Canning 12 jars of green beans!!!


The redhead's 10-MONTH photo shoot || (HE'S A GOOBER)

 FaVoRiTe things:
Destroying all of my yarn and losing my crochet hooks//
Playing 'Super hero'//
Singing "You belong with me" and dancing to it XDD//
Anything scrunchy and crunchy is FASCINATING.//
bath time ;)//

And quite honestly...me. <33333

 Other facts:
He has 6 teeth//
Pulls himself up on anything and everything//
Has orange-ish adorable hair//
Loves spaghetti//
His eyes are still blue//
He doesn't like his car seat :( //

A video is coming soon about this little Goober!!


Dickerson Zoo || 8.27.17

So last Saturday we went to the zoo, and I'm pretty sure y'all know WE GOT TO SEE GIRAFFES AND PET THEM. They were soooo sweet and it was really amazing!! There were so many awesome animals there! It was our fist time being to the zoo in SPGFD, so that was kinda crazy, having lived here for 7 years! And it was really funny bc all the sudden we were just like 'Ok get everyone ready we're going to the zoo!!' Lol, my famiy is like that :P
So below are all the pics...have fun ;) 

First thing we saw were the flamingos and I LOVE FLAMINGOS!! They were sooo beautiful!!


Look at this huge elephant!! He looked so lonely Mom was bout to climb in there and pet him/her. <333


yeah... i stuck my hand in front of the cracker hehehehehe.

Well, there's me- and the giraffes nose lol. It was SO hard trying to get a pic with him cause there were sooo many people! :(

And to end it there's a pic of lilli riding a frog!! ;D

It was def amazing!! I loved it and getting to see all those animals!! There was also some snakes and bears and such, but all those are boring. :p

Favorite animal?
Fave zoo you've ever been to?
Which one: Zoo or hiking?