see ya april 2019

april was full of busyness and springness and some wonderful stuff and some not so wonderful stuff- cuz thats life. i made so many awesome memories with the awesomest people and so much changed this month. settling into a new routine with school and such. Dad quit his job on the 12th and it's been...crazy. reeallyy weird with him working from home and we're not quite used to it yet. i really like it for the most part!  starting to get more used to driving, hehe :D Ashley turned 24! playing violin again after a long time. getting some new clothes! xD benji is getting so biigggg!! 

m o m e n t s :

  • lots of playing games with friends
  • staying the night with my bestie and doing lotsss of crazy fuun stuff xD 
  • going to the salebarn again and then sonic + playing uno after
  • everything is soo greeeen!!!
  • finding turtles, getting sunburnt, riding horses = spring basically
  • spring cleaning and being super busy in general.
  • getting coffee with ashley and she got me a succulent!! <3 *love*
  • growing..a lot. mentally and spiritually. 
  • keeping up with handlettering ;D
  • got all of the puppies gone! finallyyy!! 
  • got a new pony, Splash <3
  • going to galena w/ my bestie and she got her horse!! 
  • starbuckss coffee <3
  • going to a friends house for a hotdog roast and smores... :D
  • I GOT AN IPHONE 6s!!!!!!! 
  • sooo much changed, huge drastic changes
  • considering a summer job, prayers would be appreciated!! 
  • sooo thankful for my mom, family and friends. and spring xD

and imma tryyyy to get all these pics done..but theres A LOT. soo prepare yoself!! 

yeah, that lil black thing is a bat


awesome blogger award

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alrighty, here we go then :D

1. Who is your favorite character in the bible? (besides Jesus, obviously) Ah thats a hard one!! probably, David

2. What is something you have always wanted to do? go to Africa

3. What type of geographical landscape would you choose to live in? ahh idk!

4. Who is someone you look up to? Why? my Mom, and people some people i grew up with. um, cuz they're super inspiring ;D

5. If you had choose a color to dye your hair, what color would it be? a darker brown

6. Do you have any kind of little group (bible study, christian organization, etc..) that you are in?  yup, i do a Bible stud with some close friends!

7. Have you ever ate something weird? What was it? squid.

8. What is your favorite subject in school? nonee

9. Where is somewhere you would like to travel? other then africa... ukraine or asia maybe?!

10. Have you ever been on a mission trip? Where to? no, but i hope to in the future!!

i tag:
Amelia (willajeanne)
Sophy (south love)
Amy (hands made to love)
Sarah (one name)
Maddie (littlebitofsunshine)

my questions:
-what is your passion?
-what are your talents?
-where do you see yourself in 2 years?
-what state would you most want to live in if you had a choice?
-would you ever skydive?
-how tall are you?
-do you perfer nail polish or no?
-how do you like your coffee, if you like coffee?
-fave snack food?
-what 5 words describe you??

i hope yall do this tag! thanks again, Abi, for tagging me, i had fun doing it!! <33


MAARCHH in review

oh where to start?

march was pretty great. keeping busy + new experiences + hanging out with friends usually makes for a good month for me. 

march highlightss:

  • people coming over to play games 
  • a loottt of riding, which is a blast!!
  • my bestie coming over! rode, talked, snacked and went to the sale barn afterwards which was lots of fun <3
  • a lot of hand lettering, and starting to improve somewhat
  • driving to galena!!  it's like, a 40 minute drive and it was fun with my older bro! xD
  • also got my real permit like i'm almost grown up 0.0
  • playing 'horse tag' one night
  • i gave all the puppies their shots and it was soo nerve wracking but thankfully they're still alive!! xD
  • elias turned 10!! + we met a sweet family and rode horses w/ them
  • thin mint frappuchino like yasss plz
  • getting some new clothes :D
  • learning how to do makeup

and i knowww this is like..2..weeks late, which is terrible but heyy life has been busy soo, yeah thats all the excuse i got! :p


starting of spring + horse riding

awkward moment when u have a hair in your mouth #girlsrelate

lotss of riding lately since it's getting warmer, and i'm loving it!! so there's some pics, brace yourselves for a whole lot more soon!! ;D