watching them grow up.

looking at him,
he's just 1 year old 
and his cheeks still hold 
part of that cute baby fat.
his thighs are still huge,
he's the chunky monkey in the house.
 i just look at him
as he's lookin down
trying to figure out his toys,
his simplicity, his adorableness.
i just know that i'm going to miss those chubby cheeks
and baby giggles. 
so i just watch him, 
trying to impress that perfect image 
into my brain, so it'll be
stuck in my head forever and I'll always remember
what he was like. 

but then as time goes on,
that image starts to fade. 
we can't stop it,
just like I tried to remember what 
my little sister was like when she was that old.
this 1 year old is loud, and constant, and 
has the most energy I've ever seen.
but he is also the most precious
he gives hugs and pats and kisses.
He can make us laugh when we need it most.
his smiles make the room light up.
so I just spend as much time as I can
with my little baby brother,
because he's growing up
and one day, I'm not going to
remember much of how he was.
i'm not going to remember the little things, 
so i just snap away pictures and write away details while he's playing
spending mornings lovin on him
with his bed hair and sleepy breath.
and it's truly like this with all of them
i love them more then i could ever tell
and want to see them all happy.
so i just keep on loving on them, teaching them tricks and tips
and remember it's all. worth. it. 

something that's happening right now. (they're all growing up) <333


my KiSwahili Bible & recent art. [aka my new hobby ^.^ ]

the very fact that I can pronounce all of this astounds even me...i can't translate yet  but once i go to africa I should get more experience. ;D #swahilifortwoyears #foreignlanguages 

YES THAT WAS ME WHEN I WAS A BABY.  (haha wow i actually was rly cute xD )

(my grandpa who passed away 7 years ago had taught me how to do a thumbs up when I was just 3 months old!!! I miss him so much <33 )

"Blessed Assurance" written in Swahili, by me and one of my best friend's who went to Africa several times. <333

HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE BIBLE?? (I really need/want a french Bible!!!)


baby bundles + stuff in my crochet shop}}

Hello all!! I wanted to fill you in on what I've been crocheting/ have crocheted, and share some info on the baby bundles that I'm doing Lord willing this month!!!

Baby bundles for the needy 

Items to include:
  • 1 receiving blanket (minimum size: 30” x 30”)
  • 1 heavier blanket (minimum size: 30” x 30”; preferred size: 30″ by 40″)
  • 6 diapers (please use new fabric, absorbent 100% cotton or flannel, minimum size:
    18” x 27”; preferred size: 21” x 36”)
  • 2 sleepers (3-12 months)
  • 2 rubber panties (3-12 months)
  • 2 undershirts or onesies
  • 2 pairs socks or booties
  • 1 baby cap
  • 4 diaper pins or safety pins (minimum size: 2 inches)
Wrap all items in one of the blankets and fasten firmly with the diaper pins or tie together with ribbon. If you prefer, put the items in a drawstring bag. You may label the bundles “boy” or “girl.”

We have to buy these new and I'm also going to try and make the diapers, I'll just need fabric. I won't be able to make one if nobody buys anything- but it's in the Lord's hands. If you want to buy something please email me!!! I REALLY wanted to make at least one. Anything you buy helps!!! Remember I have baskets, octopuses, coasters, cozies, baby shoes, hats, angel baby clothes, scarves, gloves, and more!!! If there's anything you'd think you want then just ask me and I can see if i can make it. (stuffed animals, etc)

My goal: $30.00

So over on my crochet shop, I'm selling adorable things such as barefoot sandals, hats, angel baby dresses/jacket, messy bun hats, fingerless gloves, scarves, phone+cup+jar+chapstick cozies, alllll da coasters, baskets, and I can try to make whatever you would like!!! 
tbh my 'shop' is hardly anything. Either not one person has followed it, or the thing just isn't showing if anybody has bc it says 0 right now. :| I'm not discouraged about it, but I can't help people like I envisioned myself being able to help people when I started it, if nothing sells. I've had 2 orders..... since August. I think that getting a FB page for just my crocheting would help, but we'll see what my parents think. ;D 
If any of you would please share my crochet blog, perhaps on your blog or any other social media site that you have, I'd appreciate it muchly!!!! (i know that's not a word :P ) Or if you wanted to buy anything, or want something I haven't listed, please, please just email me!!!!! I'd love to crochet a little somethin' (or a big somethin') for ya!!! xD

Please comment if you want a price. Or email, both work just fine ;D

Hopefully I'll be back sometime in January with pics of putting together the baby bundles if I get enough money to do them!! 
ahehehah, January.....it's realllyy weird saying that. 
the very fact the New Years is in....
just 23 days.....!?!! REALLY?!?! 


okay. yeah that's crazy. utterly. 

Y'all have a wondrous rest of your day!!!!

Is there anything you'd be interested in? (they make 
exceptional gifts!!)


{{winter tag.}}

The rules are to thank the one who tagged you (Thank you Lilly!!!!), link back to Live Beautifully, answer the questions, and tag at least three other people.


1. Do you celebrate Christmas? - Nope. =)

2. Do you celebrate any other festive holidays other than Christmas or in addition to? -Ummmm, we celebrate New years, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. 

3. When it comes to weather, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 degrees?? - 50 degrees is awesome cuz I love jackets xD #jacketperson

4. Rain or snow? -SNOW!!! We have the most boring winters, just rain and bitter wind for like a month. Snow that we could sled on would be so much fun!!!

5. On the perfect winter day, would you go shopping or stay home? - ahh, I don't know. Probably stay home.

6. Trip to the mall or walk in the park? - Walk in the park, tho a trip to the Mall would be fun!!

7. Favorite Christmas movie? - ummm, i don't have one..

8. Favorite Christmas tradition? -Well, sometimes my Dad gets a ham or something special to eat for dinner if he has the day off. It's nice spending time together!!

9. Would you rather say, "Happy Holidays!" or "Merry Christmas!"- Probably 'Happy Holidays!'

10. What does your Christmas morning look like? -Well, basically every other morning. :P 

11. Favorite Christmas song/carol? -Even tho we don't do christmas, I like to listen to songs like Where are you Christmas, on the radio and stuff. I also like Mary did you know, from Pentatonix. <33

12. Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Tea, Peppermint Mocha, Peppermint Milkshake?? -ALL OF IT!!!!! XDD

And I tag...

Hannah @ The Relentless Daydreamer
Shalom @ A Farm Girl's Randomness
Kara @ Beautifully Broken
+ Amy @ Living in Faith and Fun 
<3 <3 <3 

Soooo, that proved to be a tincy bit difficult since we don't celebrate christmas...It was more Christmas-y then wintery. But it was still fun <3 <3 And now I just really want a peppermint milkshake :P (or peppermint tea or peppermint Mocha or hot cocoa xD)

What are your winters like??
What do you prefer, snow or wind and rain??


Update on Dylan and he's turning 18 today!!! \\ picture-dump =D

His first time holding Micah in over a month...it was SO incredibly sweet!!!!

Happy birthday to the best big brother ever!!!! Dylan you are awesome and amazing and generally a totally cool person. xD 
Dylan and Mom went to St. Louis yesterday for the check-up and the doctors say that everything is perfect, praise the Lord!!!! We are all so happy and relieved!! Thanks y'all for your prayers. <3<3  

Happy 18th dude!!! =D 

on a teency other note...GUYS IT IS OFFICIALLY DECEMBER. DECEMBER.  Can you even believe it???? Because I'm trying to...it just hasn't fully sunken in yet. 

and here's a picture dump. bc I really like to do that to y'all. XDD

facetiming with this awesome peep. Apparently Willa J. Swift is very energetic...lol!!! We had such a great time.

Trying new hairstyles for my now layered hair with fancy bobby pins (I got them before I layered my hair so it isn't layered in this pic :))

Doing a treasure hunt for my brothers and sister with cookies  
searching in the pantry...

Running to dad's shop...

they found the cookies and are now happy and content for a couple seconds xD

school time =D

AWWW HE'S ADORABLE.  and 'fluffy' coats are the thing.

My bros acted out a Goliath skit. It was awesome!!!!

my 'christmas music' xDD

and last but certainly not least... THE LITTLE GOOBER.