meet... Benjamin Neal!!! 12-10-18

Snapshots from this morning 

I'm rocking this little bundle of preciousness as I write this, he is perfect and healthy and we're all so happy he's here!!

He was born last night at 8:08, after 6 hours of labor. He weighed 8.8 and measured 20. 
After he was born the placenta took a little too long and Mom hemmoraged some. We were preparing to go to the hospital but she turned the corner just in time!! The tinctures worked and she's getting as much rest as she can. We're so thankful for the midwife and that everything turned out okay!! And we're all so in love with our little Benji!! Thank you for praying and please keep it up, pray for quick recovery especially!! 



n o v e m b e r {2018}

this month seemed soo dreadfully long. so much learning and growing and emotions and worries and confusion all wrapped up in 30 days. it's been one of the hardest months of my life, really. Ashley moved out..in a way we never would have thought would happen. but it did happen and everything still feels kinda upside down and confusing. but the Lord is faithful and He provides. <3
................................... levi: ahh it's so cold and fall-y and wintery outside ahhh!!! 

started a weekly Bible study with some friends, it's so great! <33

Dylan talking to Micah:
Agh he's so unbelievably cute! ... ....
Actually, it is believable, he's MY little brother xD

Mom had a 5 hour session of labor on the 24th, sadly, no baby that day. :/

I finally started riding the horses again!! went out there and rode bareback, rode with a friend, and gave the littles rides. man i procrastinated soo bad with the horses but I'm finallyyy back to it!!

Micah's vocab has taken off like craziness!! he talks all the time and it's the sweetest most adorable thing. <333 he's scared of 'mouses'. sadly he's teething rn, hopefully for the last time tho! lots of being up in the night tho lol

lots of emotions. yupp.. that describes this month. 

learning a ton. like a lot. about Jesus and Satan and  midwifery and soo many things yall. you wouldn't believe. 

birthdays <33 chinese food <33

(micah has come in and out of the room multiple times asking for more of my coffee now..he does that. xD)

taking cookies to our neighbor with caden <3

well, the last day of November (today) was really awesome. our friends came over, we ate and they helped us deep clean, we talked, and played a ton of games outside. it was great <33

he's 2 yall!! <33

snuggles ^.^

how was yalls month? 

thanksgiving 2018 | roller of grapefruits

idk what happened to this pic xD

i won rolling grapefruits..hence my indian name is the Roller of Grapefruits

I'll end the pictures with his cuteness. ahhh i can't handle it xD

thanksgiving day was a great day, we played games, did crafts, and ate xD

what did yall do for Thanksgiving?? <3