Trust in the Lord

What does "Trusting in the Lord" really mean?
To me it means-
surrendering yourself completely unto the Lord.
 and, resting in that.

   Don't worry about tomorrow
   Don't worry about what the future holds
   Don't worry about getting sick
Instead be thankful for everything you have and live your life to the fullest, serving God in everything you do.
Don't let a day go past where you can't look back on it and say, I did what God wanted me to, and now the rest is in His hands.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what it means to you to really trust in the Lord. He is Mighty and more than worthy to be praised!
Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!


~God is great~

A few days ago the sky was just glorious! Sunlight was peeping through the cloud making beautiful golden rays. As the night wore on it formed into a big storm cloud, that was also quite beautiful!
Later there was big booms of thunder followed by lightning that lit up the sky as if it were day time, for just a split second, then all was black again. It. was. Amazing.!

The lightning was so magnificent!