What's been going on//riding!!!

Ashley and Dylan went to WY for the week, they left on the 21 st. Missing them like crazy!
So with that wrote you can probably guess that things have been pretty crazy around here!
Anyways, we got to ride today, which was SO FUN cause it feels like it's been forever! (With cold weather and all)
So here are some pictures of me, mom, and dad riding!
Me and my best friend on 4 legs! 

Giving Lilliana a ride 

I love Jazz! <3


Just think,

You're not here by chance,
But by God's choosing.
His hand formed you
and made you the person you are.
He compares you to no one else-
You are one of a kind.
You lack nothing that His grace can't give you.

      "To everything there is a
     Season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
       -Ecclesiastes 3:1



There is more mercy in Jesus, than there is sin in us. 

With out Him, I would be nothing
(this is a real picture)



Our dog had puppies yesterday! Here is a picture! :) :D
adorable pup! 

The phone won't let me upload more so maybe I'll do more later! 


I love crocheting!!!!

I have been crocheting here recently! And here is a little story!
I sat down on the sofa one evening and decided to do some crocheting. So I pulled out my book of patterns and was looking for a easy one. I only knew how to crochet a chain, but was looking at the book anyways. All of a sudden, a feeling of utter despair swept over me. How would I ever learn any of this. The whole "crochet language" and everything. So I went to YouTube and started with the simplest thing I could find, the single crochet stich. I practiced a little while and after that, I felt like I wad ready to crochet a scarf!

Moral of the story, have confidence in yourself and start at the beginning!
Now here are some pics of my first crocheted stuff!
On the left is my first single crochet thing, and the right, a half double crochet chain! I reeaaallllyyyyy need to practice more, but it is a start!

Okay, well that's it for today folks! Hope you all enjoyed! I would love to hear what you think!


we are just one strand.

Think of a rug. One of those big gorgeous colorfully weaved, beautiful rug.
That is like God's plan. One day, he will show us the whole picture, but for now, we are just one strand, in that big beautiful rug. Just one strand.
His plan is best! My saviour doesn't make mistakes!
God can do anything-except... fail!
      "Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He shall direct thy paths. "
Proverbs 3:6
       "God is my strength and power; He maketh my way prefect. "
2 Samuel 22:33

Trust him, surrender yourself unto him. Life is a gift and we could lose it at any time. Start living your life as though someone is always watching you, because Jesus is! Be thankful. Rejoice in everything! And one last thing. Always be a little kinder than necessary!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Christian love,
 These are two of my favorite pictures!


First [real] snow!

As I stepped outside the other day,  I was in awe over how beautiful everything was! Thousands of tiny snowfalkes fluttered down on me as I stood  there! Everything sparkled so brilliantly!
Snowflakes, each one so unique. Each one, beautiful just how it is.
Each one created differently.
And God made each one. Every snowflake! Amazing, don't you agree?       ********


A computer story.

As I mentioned in a previous post awhile back,(no pictures ) we lost all the pics on our computer.
Here a little while ago, our whole computer completely quite working. So I am using my mom's phone, signed in with my account. As you may know, smart phones take terrible pics, (no offense to anyone with great pics! ) hence, no posts on my new photography blog. As soon as we get another computer, I will be posting photoshoots if a bunch of stuff! Just hang in there for a little while longer folks! :)


*Faith Mae*

On Jan. 1st, Faith Mae was born.
She weighed 11.5 ounces and was 8 and 1/2 inches.
She was so perfect. All of her features were so perfectly formed. Her feet were so tiny! We could barely see a little bit of hair on her head. She was tiny, but bigger than we expected!
Faith mae was fearfully and wonderfully made!

   I got her foot prints in my journal<3


-Choosing Joy with an aching heart -

It is hard. So hard.
My mom was 20 weeks along with my second little sister. We had been so busy, and the baby wasn't moving like she should be. Me and mom went to the ER and had them listen to her heartbeat.
She didn't  have one.
We cried for hours, in shock.
My little sister, died.
Mom is in the hospital today and I'm praying that things go well.
I am posting this so you will better understand what happened.
Though circumstances have been so hard, with God's help, I am choosing joy. This morning everything glimmered in the sun light. We still can be thankful.
He has been merciful, to take her early on.  I know it would've been harder the longer it got. The Lord is merciful and still loves us and cares for us.
Thank you all who have been praying for us! You are such a comfort during this time!
I will update when we know more.
After every storm,there is a rainbow.