April Goals-


-Finish Judges and Acts
-Start memorizing in 1 John
-Look up verses on modesty and contentment

Helping Others
-Put away cart for old person at Wal-mart (or any store:)
-Pass out tracts
-Make a meal for a neighbor
-Send encouraging note to 3 friends

-Make some kind of pie
-Make a recipe box
-Make some herbal tea

Crocheting :)
-Finish baby set-  Blanket, Booties, and a Hat
-Finish handbag 
-Make Baby Headbands
-Make Baby boy booties
-Make bookmark

-Work Jazz 4x a week
-Lope Jazz 
-Desensitize her to tarps

-Photo shoot Elias

Now, lets see how much of that I can get done!!

Now, a quick question, I need ya'll's opinion on something. Out of 4 languages, which do you think I should start/finish learning- Spanish-I partly know it, Swahili-I know quite a lot of it, Dutch-I know a teensy bit, or Creole- which I know absolutely none of! It is hard to decide what to start/finish learning, because I want to learn all of them! I love learning different languages, because the way I look at it, knowing a different language enables us to help more people and to share the gospel in more places!

Well, thanks for reading my goals, I hope you enjoyed this post! And Thanks to those who give some advise on the question! Have a great day!!


April fools day!!

Today has been a fun, and quite scary day! Not sure whats around the corner!
(I just saw this pic and thought it would fit the occasion!)
I made "Orange juice" at lunch, and Joshua fell for it! It was actually Mac n cheese powder in water with some ice cubes! Don't worry, he barely drank a sip!  
We have also squirted water at each other all day! I wonder what is next to come!??