I'm 13!!.. THEY SURPRISED ME!!!!! πŸ’—

Ashley took me hiking and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves eating KFC in a cave! -not many people can say they've done that!! =D

When we got back, my bestie, her mom and brother, and everyone else jumped out and shouted"Happy Birthday!!" I was sooo surprised! Then we went on a ride together and started making brownies, but then they had to leave.. but it was LOADS of fun getting to see her!! 

This is me and my cake, 2017.

This was in 2016.. w.h.o.a...... i look so..uh, little.
I was laughing at Micah! Look at his face, he wasn't sure what on earth that glowing thing was in front of me!!!! Lol!!!

It was a super duper fun day!! I got some stuff that I really wanted, and some stuff that I really needed! And Ash got me the most adorable elephant mug... I'll have to show y'all a picture of it soon! I'm sooo grateful for my parents, they are for sure the "bestest"!!!


we be crazy || a lot of perplexedness

Yep, we be crazy ones for sure! 
Micah has always been perplexed, he's either eating, sleeping, or perplexed about which one to do! He even sleeps perplexed! πŸ˜‚ so yeah, here are pictures, cause everyone likes pictures. 😊
I know my hair is crazy-my hair is always crazy! 

Sorry this was short. I'm working on some more big picture posts! =)


Lilliana is 3!!! ||| she's a little princess- photo session πŸ‘‘πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ€πŸ¦

I know, a lot of emojis, but I like emojis. 😊🐯⬅and I like tigers..

Lilliana turned 3 on Feb.  12!
I can't believe she is already 3! One adorable thing that I love, is that she is *a little princess* πŸ’•she is so cute! <3 the past 3 years have been so filled with joy, despite the [incredibly] hard 1st year with her, (she was fussy, crying all the time for the whole first year) but now, I see how truly blessed I am to have a wonderful little sister like her! I absolutely love her TO DEATH! πŸ˜„
On her birthday, she was treated like the most special princess there ever was! I took her outside for a photo shoot, but she wasn't that happy for the just of the time,(she had a blister on her foot that was hurting.:( ) so they are more > little detail <
pictures. Nonetheless, I hope you like them!!!!!!

We forgot to buy candles,(typical us) so luckily, we had a other candle that had 3 things to light, ya know (whatever you call them) so she still got to blow out 3 candles! : ) 




Soooo, I did I giant 23 verse review yesterday! I did look for some verses, but I usually just checked the verse after I said it. Also, I have tried before to memorize the whole book but haven't been able to. So I broke the book up into portions. But yeah, if you look closely you might notice.
Okay, so here are the pictures of everything I wrote down!
It was a ton! I mean, of course in not a baby, I write 2-3 pages everyday, but it was late at night and I was tired, and just so DONE!

See y'all!


a list of love || update on the giveaway

.love is the key. 
.joy is love singing. 
.peace is love resting. 
.long suffering is love enduring. 
.kindness is love's touch. 
.goodness is love's character. 
.faithfulness is love's habit. 
.gentleness is love's self-forgetting. 
.self control is love holding the reins. 
.love is the key. 

Giveaway update:
I have decided, that sense only 2 people have followed me since I've done this giveaway, that I can't keep those of you who are following, waiting for me to announce the winner very much longer. I will announce the winner at the end of Feb. 
I'm kinda disappointed, cause I was so excited and worked hard on the quote book, so as to get more followers. I know for sure that I  follow more than 20 people! But, it is what it is, so I'll leave it at that. Thank you to the people that have followed me! 


.february. goals. | yayyyyyyy!

I'm so excited that it's already February! That's awesome! I'll be 13 really soon! Yayyyyyy! Goals: ||Try crayon art ||Keep riding consistently ||Be more crafty ||Write 3 or more letters ||Encourage someone ||Improve on "listening" ||Memorize 15 verses in 1 John ||Crochet 5 things (or 2 BIG things) ||Fill at least one page in my scrap book ||Get pics of all the sibs ||>.>.> GUESS WHAT PEOPLE? OUR DOG HAD 14 PUPPIES! (As of all of last night:)) I was there for the first 7,but by then it was 1:30 a.m. so I had to go to bed. But yeah, I got to break the sac on a couple, and it was all just really awesome! :) #midwifegonnabe (I know it was a dog, still though 😞) it was all really fun! :) ||>>HAPPY FEBRUARY << and yes, now it is my birthday month 😁 #imsohappy Rylan will be 5 in two days, Lilli will be 3 in nine days, then there's my cousin (16th), dad(26th), me(27th), and my best friend's(28th) birthday's all in a row! So much foooodddd! ||Also I have 14 followers. And I'm not quite sure what to do, because I did this giveaway to gain more followers, but it's taking soooo long. 😐 ||Also, my stuff for writing a post is all messed up so that's why everything is completely messed up and all jumbled together. :l Okay, I think this post might be coming to an end. See ya..