Lets play a game...

So, I have some exciting news for you all, but I want to see if you can guess it first. Here are some hints:

                                          This was Lilliana's face when she heard, :((( She wasn't to happy!
                                                    On the other hand,I was ecstatic!
                                   I mean, totally thrilled! I was so happy!


Just stuff...

 ...that's been going on around here!
We got a new camera a little bit ago, so we all have been having a lot of fun with it! If only i knew how to upload(or is it download?) pictures.
A family from Ohio came to visit us, and I got to ride with them on the way back. Then, I stayed with my best friends that were only 10 minutes from there house! They had a pony and it was a lot of fun riding her!
I have been riding the horses a lot! I really like riding bareback! Famous, (the white one) is pretty old so I feel really safe on him. A few days ago I had my first experience  loping bareback! I have loped with a saddle, but now I can say that I have loped without one!
We also got a new kitten which is the cutest thing on four legs!! It is orange and white and fuzzy and little and adorable and so cute! I mean it is really A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.  I will post some pictures after Ashley downloads(or uploads?) them. It is so cute! (If you didn't get that!) Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
 Here is Christian. Isn't he just adorable?!!

 Another family came over for dinner, so we had a fun time!!

 I  have the best Mom and little sister!

 we played.....

 ...and gave horse rides!


This Amazing Sister of Mine

I don't even want to think about how different and weird my life would be without this fun-loving sister of mine.  She is an inspiration to me and her little brothers. She is so creative with almost everything. She is very good with all the little ones and just seems to have a "touch"with babies. She is a totally awesome horse trainer and has given me a lot of hands on lessons with them.
  Ashley, you are all together the best, most
   wonderful sister that I can ever hope for!

When I think of you all that I see is your bright smile and your kind heart. You have such a heart for serving others, and you add generosity to everything you do. You are so thoughtful and if I could only be half as sweet as you are. You have a meek and humble spirit that makes you even sweeter.  
 I want to follow in your footsteps    
  ~    I.  L.O.V.E.  Y.O.U.  ~