May camp || 2017

May camp was really good.   all except for the traveling back home..Micah screamed. :| 
The sermons were so wonderful, and I really focused on worshiping the Lord, and am making it a point to really worship my Savior more. Because honestly, I don't stop and take time to praise Him like I should. My heart is so overwhelmed with what He did for me, for all these awful sinners.  I don't deserve His forgiveness,  or His love, or the peace He brings me. But He does love me and that will never change, and I'm eternally grateful to my wonderful Lord!! 

We played a ton of games, which was a lot of fun! Baseball, Swedish baseball (that was wayyyy awesome!!) and lots and lots of volleyball. I wasn't good at volleyball the whole time, in which I started crying later cause I was just so bad and everyone was being nice and saying "Good try!" but it wasn't good at all. (Yes I did try really really hard..) But in that I learned that I won't ever lose, I'll either win, or learn. (Thanks Mom!! <3) I really need to work on getting a reliable serve, and hitting directions. :| 

Onto the pictures!!

Ronan- I really can't even understand how this child has the ability to steal my heart over and over!! #somuchlove

And his precious little sister does the exact same!!


Killing wasps

This was so cute I was melting!! Mason's (right) last name is King, so they did that  to they're chairs! They're sooo cute!
lolololol!!! *more melting* Are you a melted mess yet???!

On the way home

More posts on various things coming soon! I prob will keep blogging in June, just not that much. We're gonna have family over and Dylan's graduation the 14th thro 20, so I'm real excited for that!!!
Have a great rest of your day y'all! <33


crazy May... R E V I E W

He's growing wayyy too fast! I can't believe he's SEVEN MONTHS!! ahehaha!

Lilli's happy place- she's a mini Ash in every way!!

hehe, not sure exactly where to start- but I prob will never be with these wrap up posts! xp

So May was like busy, but relaxing, but not relaxing...
ok, not sure where I'm headed with this. :0

The start was just like, nice and a fun busy, but the last couple days here have been horrid! (well, mostly) Micah has been sick and miserable so he is crying nearly all the time. We'll get through it tho, it'll just be hard for a little while. :|
May was actually really, really hard for me. It always is. More on that in another post tho...
I'm going to post the few pics from camp and such. But for thus wrap up I'll put random stuff, no order, so y'all can see what my month looked like! (kinda :/ )

  • Me: Ok just finish your addition and you'll be done for today! -Elias: This is addition? I thought it was math!!
  • My bros ate a frog! lol :p
  • Playing baseball, Swedish baseball, volleyball, A TON!!! we played at least 6 games of volley ball! #awesomness ;D
  • Dylan finishing school and graduating in June!!
  • Elias: Hey, on Dylan's party we should all yell "Happy 17th graduation!" -Everyone: *burst out laughing*
  • going on walks with Mom 
  • Storms at one o'clock. (I love storms but I hate storms. Cause we ave to wake the baby up, and then he's hard. :l) 
  • Me and Ashley searching through the woods at night looking for Indians (in OK) to later find out it was a house of Mexicans 😂😂 (more on that in my camp post! )
  • A guy making a deal with me that if I taught his daughter how to ride a horse he'd buy me ice cream! #winwin
  • When Micah talks to a blue wall for nearly 5 minutes....
  • Eating strawberry Ice Cream and thinkin' of my bbf  X)
  • Ashley popping her fingers, then me popping my fingers and laughing before we go to bed =pp  #sisters #onlyus
  • planting in our garden, ayayyy!
  • A healthy shake that tastes like brownie batter for breakfast  <33
  • rollerskating then going to  Braums for ice cream and hanging out with Jared, Ash, and David, then just talking with Ash and Dave for-ev-errr in the parking lot.... :)
  • Micah going CRAZY whenever he sees a map, and srsly trying to eat it..I have no clue what his deal is!!! :o
  • making homemade raspberry pie, with our wild raspberries!! xD
  • getting 2 chapters of school DONE!!! WOOT WOOT!!
  • FINISHING EVERY GOAL I MADE...  I crocheted 16 things I think!!! XDD
  • Planning stuff with Ashley that will hopefully be happening soon!!! xD
  • not being able to see Dev  ='(
  • Going crazy and taking over 40 pictures of raindrops..#me ;D
  • Playing volleyball with the 'big kids' - and completely stinking. I donno what was up with my serving, but it was always out of bound and so were my hits. 

May was pretty quick, which was nice! And i can't believe that it's just 2 weeks until we leave for NE!! *cue the screaming*

>June Goals<

crochet 20 things :| (I really need to get on top of it, the deadline for my shop is Aug 21st)

finish at least 1 chapter of school

explode in Christ's love

See ya May..
Hey there JUNE!!!

Plus, I just realized they pandas don't have eyebrows.....😮😮


Micah's 7 month session, and we think he's a red head....

This little guy is getting so big!!! His little personality is getting more and more, and it's the cutest thing!! He is completely bottle fed now, and is starting to eat foods and teething biscuits. I've crocheted LOTS of teething biscuits for him to gnaw in. Since we switched him to formula, he has been having trouble with constipation, but that's cleared up now. (that was wretched tho...)
He is srsly the sweetest little thang ever!! A few people have said that he is the cutest baby they've ever saw!!! XDD But I think black babies are the next cutest thing to him!! xD
also, it's time to face the fact, he is almost a red head....
AN ADORABLE ONE THOUGH. xD His hair often looks red in the sun, and it might lighten up. He also still has blue eyes which is crazy!! He is the most 'different' looking one, yet he looks kinda like all of us put together!! but yes...he is a complete blue eyed red hair baby!!!

Only after I captured this adorable pic did I notice the buttons weren't buttoned! oops!! He is still adorbs tho!! ;D

That's all the pictures I have right now. So yeah, not a full session, but some recent pics at least! He really needs to stop growing, don't ya think?? 😢😔💙💙

SURPRISE!! I GOT SIDE BANGS!!! ||and omw I love them xD

here it is...
I. GOT. SIDE. BANGS.!!!!!!!!  It might not seem like that big of a deal, but I've been wanting them for months, and then we finally just went and got them and I love them!!!!!
what. do. you. think.????? I love 'em! 😊😊😊
Also that up there is my official header...I'm pretty sure! x|

You can see them pretty good in this pic

They are super nice because it's not a huge change, but something different!! <3

And about that little bunny-It was a wild little baby we found, and it completely stole our hearts!! But we had to put it back in it's nest. :(

Also, I have uploaded many new videos on my Mom's channel!

And there's one other, but you'd have to go to the channel. It is called 'Pt 2 of my q+a ANSWERS!!! XD' You see, I'm going to have to upload the pt 1 when we go to the library sometime, cause we don't have good wifi.  So there is a very short pt 2 on there!!
So this was super short, but hey, I finally got it up. Blogging has kinda been on the back burner lately, and I'm just not feeling very motivated for it. I'm thinking of taking a break for the month of June.  So yeah, tell me what you think! I post on Google Plus, so if I do take a break from blogging I'll still post on there.

AND 2 MORE DAYS 'TIL CAMP WAHHT??!!!! I'm sosososoo excited to see my girl friends!! <333
What do ya think of them??
Do you like the header...?
we should totally chat!!!


making memories in St. Louis || May 14, 2017

Okay wowowowow where do I even start?????

From my journal-May 14, 2017
-So today was super duper filled up and busy-but a very awesome busy!!!
We got up at 8 (and my face and arms were covered with hives from accidentally eating corn) (it was so awful) and got ready to go! Dada was in a 'Get ready, we're going on an adventure!' mood! We left at 9 and around 2:00 we were 20 mins from the zoo, and traffic came to a stand still. Joshua prayed, and about 10 mins later we were moving again! 
Really half the time is getting there, and the other half is finding a parking space. (St. Louis is like that :l) We ended up paying, but it was a good spot close to the zoo, so we were thankful!
The zoo was AH-MAZING!!! So many animals that took my breath away. (ESPECIALLY THE FLAMINGOS OMW!!) 
We saw elephants (more on them in another post :)) hyenas, lions, penguins, polar bears, and so many others! it was so great!
Then we went to Illinois and touched the Mississippi river and saw the arch! I was really hoping to touch it because I haven't been able to in all the times I've been there, but it was all fenced off. :( Oh well, there will be another time. :)
It was awesome and wonderful and amazing to see everything again! And we made the bestest memories!!
We ate at Culvers for dinner, and now I finally have 10 scoopie tokens to get a volleyball! (hehe, nerd here) So next time we got to Culvers Imma gonna get one!!!
We got home at 12:40, and I was still pretty itchy so I took some pills, benadroyl, and rubbed coconut all over, and that helped. I really didn't want to have to get an IV again. :( Thankfully I didn't have to, I just toughed through it!!
(The next morning caden and lilli woke up with swollen faces, from a reaction to the sunscreen. :( Poor guys!!
And that's it!! Our adventure in St. Louis had ended, but I will forever look back on that as one of the best days ever!
(except for the allergies...)

Now zoo pics!!!

No words will ever express how much I love this wonderful woman! First a Mother, Forever a Friend <333

I was lucky to get this pic, in between allll the people!!

African Caboon, XD

I squealed when we got to the Africa sign, 'AFRICA!!!' 

The flamingos were my absolute favorite!! For some reason I just loved them!!! <3

*squeals* awwww!

Micah did so good in the hot weather! Little guy was on top of the world in his stroller, lol!!

Yep, it don't get much awesomer then this for a Dad!!! He's the bestttt!
And then the arch!!!

oops more zoo pics...


lions, look closely...

and a tiger!!! (pretty sure that's it for zoo pics!)

ahhh! I love this place!! One of my favorites that I've been many times!!

The Mississippi river!! 

and I'll end with this, since I have officially decided that this is my favorite animal evah!!!!

So that's it!!! What we did for Mother's day! And it was the greatest, all of us actually TOGETHER! 

and btw, today was the end of  my 21- challenge!! I did really good, completing all of them!! WOOT WOOT! 
Please leave me book comments if you want!! This was a ton, so book comments it is!! ;)

(oh, and this wasn't the surprise. *head desk* I'M WORKING ON IT I PROMISE!!)