crazy May... R E V I E W

He's growing wayyy too fast! I can't believe he's SEVEN MONTHS!! ahehaha!

Lilli's happy place- she's a mini Ash in every way!!

hehe, not sure exactly where to start- but I prob will never be with these wrap up posts! xp

So May was like busy, but relaxing, but not relaxing...
ok, not sure where I'm headed with this. :0

The start was just like, nice and a fun busy, but the last couple days here have been horrid! (well, mostly) Micah has been sick and miserable so he is crying nearly all the time. We'll get through it tho, it'll just be hard for a little while. :|
May was actually really, really hard for me. It always is. More on that in another post tho...
I'm going to post the few pics from camp and such. But for thus wrap up I'll put random stuff, no order, so y'all can see what my month looked like! (kinda :/ )

  • Me: Ok just finish your addition and you'll be done for today! -Elias: This is addition? I thought it was math!!
  • My bros ate a frog! lol :p
  • Playing baseball, Swedish baseball, volleyball, A TON!!! we played at least 6 games of volley ball! #awesomness ;D
  • Dylan finishing school and graduating in June!!
  • Elias: Hey, on Dylan's party we should all yell "Happy 17th graduation!" -Everyone: *burst out laughing*
  • going on walks with Mom 
  • Storms at one o'clock. (I love storms but I hate storms. Cause we ave to wake the baby up, and then he's hard. :l) 
  • Me and Ashley searching through the woods at night looking for Indians (in OK) to later find out it was a house of Mexicans 😂😂 (more on that in my camp post! )
  • A guy making a deal with me that if I taught his daughter how to ride a horse he'd buy me ice cream! #winwin
  • When Micah talks to a blue wall for nearly 5 minutes....
  • Eating strawberry Ice Cream and thinkin' of my bbf  X)
  • Ashley popping her fingers, then me popping my fingers and laughing before we go to bed =pp  #sisters #onlyus
  • planting in our garden, ayayyy!
  • A healthy shake that tastes like brownie batter for breakfast  <33
  • rollerskating then going to  Braums for ice cream and hanging out with Jared, Ash, and David, then just talking with Ash and Dave for-ev-errr in the parking lot.... :)
  • Micah going CRAZY whenever he sees a map, and srsly trying to eat it..I have no clue what his deal is!!! :o
  • making homemade raspberry pie, with our wild raspberries!! xD
  • getting 2 chapters of school DONE!!! WOOT WOOT!!
  • FINISHING EVERY GOAL I MADE...  I crocheted 16 things I think!!! XDD
  • Planning stuff with Ashley that will hopefully be happening soon!!! xD
  • not being able to see Dev  ='(
  • Going crazy and taking over 40 pictures of raindrops..#me ;D
  • Playing volleyball with the 'big kids' - and completely stinking. I donno what was up with my serving, but it was always out of bound and so were my hits. 

May was pretty quick, which was nice! And i can't believe that it's just 2 weeks until we leave for NE!! *cue the screaming*

>June Goals<

crochet 20 things :| (I really need to get on top of it, the deadline for my shop is Aug 21st)

finish at least 1 chapter of school

explode in Christ's love

See ya May..
Hey there JUNE!!!

Plus, I just realized they pandas don't have eyebrows.....😮😮


  1. I'm so glad you had a good month! Except for the part about playing volleyball with the older kids...I always stink at everything when I play with older kids. :( I feel like a baby or something. *rolls eyes*

    This was so sweet,
    Amelia xxx

    1. <3 Yeah, it was my first time, now that I'm 13. And it wasn't even as intense as in the Texas camps. I cried later but it's fine, I'll just either win or learn! :)
      and yeah, i fee like that a lot sense I ca't spike yet. I can barely block, but not much. :|

  2. Paige May3:03 PM

    Paige from another Paige... You sound so busy! And Micah is adorable and growing fast, huh? Do you babysit a lot? I like your new design, who helped?

    1. Paige May3:04 PM

      Oh, BTW, did you decided against not blogging for a whole month or not?

    2. We were/are!! YES, I babysit all. the. time. But I love it so much!
      NOBODY!!!! I did it all meself and am really proud of meself!! *laughs*

    3. Paige May9:51 AM

      Good job! I don't babysit, but am glad you enjoy it. I don't think I would have the patience to! :P

  3. OK OK OK CAN I PLEASE JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOOOOVVVVEE THIS POST!!!!!!?? Everything about it was AMAZING. And, girl, I cannot get over your new design, it's BEAU.TI.FUL. !!!! You should totally keep this one!! =)
    And...Your brother is hilarious. xD lol
    And, we had to go through the same thing with Elaina. She did NOT like being sick when she was just a wittle baby. =)
    Aww, you were thinking of me??<33 *grins* That's so sweet! ;)I do love me some strawberry ice cream, lol!! <3 ( BTW, how WAS the ice cream?? )

    'Going crazy and taking over 40 pictures of raindrops..#me ;D' <-- ME. TOO. xD lol
    All the pictures were completely AWESOMENESS. =D <33 LOVED them!! ;)
    Your month sounded awesome! =)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. <333333
      Honestly, I can't get over it either!!! XD Do you think it looks good without a header? I'm def planning on keeping it!!!!!
      yup yup!!
      aw, yeh, NOT FUN!!
      yep!! <33 ME TOO!! Hehe, it was good!! (but then alll ice cream is great!) (EXCEPT FOR CHOCOLATE MALT OMW YUCKKK!)
      Haha, I thought so too!
      It was pretty good, just really hard. :(

    2. Haha, that's awesome. ;) Yes, it totally does!! =D
      GOOOOODD!!!! =DD
      I'm glad you enjoyed that ice cream. =) (yes!) ( oh, really?? I've never tried chocolate malt....??)
      AWESOME. xD
      'Welcome! =P
      Well, at least it went by quickly...? =) Enjoy your day, bbf! xD
      Jaidyn Elise

    3. Yup yup! GRREAAT!
      Hehe, DON'T! it's probably the grossest thing I've ever eaten! It was so disgusting!
      Yeah, sorta! =)
      Likewise bbf! <33

    4. Really?? Good thing I've never tried it, then! lol
      Thanks!! =D
      Jaidyn Elise <33

    5. LOL!! =PP
      Jaidyn Elise
      P.S. I'm glad you decided to go back to this design, it just SCREAMS my bbf EVERYWHERE. xD
      Jaidyn Elise

  4. I love the pic of the horses! <3 <3 <3