SURPRISE!! I GOT SIDE BANGS!!! ||and omw I love them xD

here it is...
I. GOT. SIDE. BANGS.!!!!!!!!  It might not seem like that big of a deal, but I've been wanting them for months, and then we finally just went and got them and I love them!!!!!
what. do. you. think.????? I love 'em! 😊😊😊
Also that up there is my official header...I'm pretty sure! x|

You can see them pretty good in this pic

They are super nice because it's not a huge change, but something different!! <3

And about that little bunny-It was a wild little baby we found, and it completely stole our hearts!! But we had to put it back in it's nest. :(

Also, I have uploaded many new videos on my Mom's channel!

And there's one other, but you'd have to go to the channel. It is called 'Pt 2 of my q+a ANSWERS!!! XD' You see, I'm going to have to upload the pt 1 when we go to the library sometime, cause we don't have good wifi.  So there is a very short pt 2 on there!!
So this was super short, but hey, I finally got it up. Blogging has kinda been on the back burner lately, and I'm just not feeling very motivated for it. I'm thinking of taking a break for the month of June.  So yeah, tell me what you think! I post on Google Plus, so if I do take a break from blogging I'll still post on there.

AND 2 MORE DAYS 'TIL CAMP WAHHT??!!!! I'm sosososoo excited to see my girl friends!! <333
What do ya think of them??
Do you like the header...?
we should totally chat!!!


  1. Can I just say how CUUUTTTEEE and AWESOME those bangs look on you???! <3333 #LovingThatLookRightNow
    And, that baby bunny!!!!!!!!!! *falls off chair because ALL. .THE. CUTENESS.*
    And, your vids are great!!!!!!! =DDDDDD
    Jaidyn Elise
    Hey! I forgot to tell you...I looked on your channel, and couldn't find the vlog..=/ Any ideas?? Thanks!

    1. SURE!! hehe! Can I just say ASANTE SANA!!!! (thank you very much!!) YUR DA SWEETEST!!
      Ooh, *helps you up* *falls down with you again* =D
      wait.. you couldn't find the q+a video??? It isn't titled MY VLOG-or anything like that. It's 'Pt 2 of my q+a ANSWERS!!' lemme know if you still can't find it!
      WHAT DO YA THINK OF THE HEADER??????! would you be really really sad if I didn't blog for a whole month??
      LET'S CHAT BBF!!!

    2. Haha!! THAAAANNKKK YOOOOUUU!!!!! <333333
      *laughs until I cry* lol!!!!! =D
      I STILL CAN'T!!!!!!! *sobs* =/
      IT'S. AWESOME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Uh- YEEAH. I check your blog literally EVERY TIME I get on here. ( It's the first place I tend to look every day. ;))
      Would YOU be sad if I didn't blog for a whole month?? Hehe,I'm such a copy cat....xD
      If you could have one animal for a day (even a wild one) what animal would you go with?????? <<3333333
      So, how's life over at your place?
      Jaidyn Elise

    3. (What's google plus???? *is clueless*)
      Jaidyn Elise

    4. G+ is like the Mennonite Face book, if that makes sense! That's really the only way to describe it, haha!
      Okay, I'll put it in a post even tho Pt 1 isn't up yet. :(
      THANK. YOU. !!!!!!
      hehe, I'm still not sure. Maybe it's just my weird stuff going on, (girl hormones...) but I'm just not feeling like doing annyythinnggg. Idk, I guess we'll see.
      A PANDA BEAR. definitely.
      Eh fine. Micah is hard, but you knew that. I'm just 'messed up' right now and feeling grumpy/gloomy, and I don't know why. (Well I think I do, but, yeah-...)

    5. Haha, OK! I've never been to one before......how do I get in?? (or do I??.....)
      YAAAYYAYAYAYAYAAY!!!!!!!!!! You cannot believe HOW EXCITED I am to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You're welcome! ;)
      Hmm....OK! Maybe It could be that.....?
      OK! Gotcha! =D
      I <3 PANDA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!! They used to be my favorite animals for the longest time. =)
      I'll be praying for you, + him!! <33333 I'm so sorry you feel that way. =/
      Jaidyn Elise

    6. I JUST SAW THAT VIDEO OF YOU AND MICAH. <<<<<<333333333333333333333333333 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I.LOVE.IT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Jaidyn Elise
      PS. were they your dogs??

  2. Paige6:29 AM

    You look beautiful, Paige! Did you go somewhere to get it done or did you sista do it?
    Your header is nice!

    1. Paige8:43 AM

      BTW, when is your birthday? Are you still 12? I am 14, but almost 15.

    2. Thank you so much! Yeah, a hair academy in Springfield!
      I turned 13 last Feb.. (Feb. 27) when is your birthday?

    3. Paige1:52 PM

      August 8

    4. Paige3:19 PM

      I would be sad if you stopped blogging for a whole MONTH!!! But do what is best for you, Paige. I will keep you in my prayers, of course.

    5. okay. :)
      yea, not sure yet..

  3. Ooh, I LOVE your hair, Paige!! It looks so good on you!! :-)
    I like those videos of you playing the violin!! One of these days I'll be in that book. :-) How are the songs in book two? Are they a lot harder? I'm still on the last song in book one, because me and my teacher have been busy getting me ready to audition for the advanced orchestra this fall, but I'm hoping I'll be able to go onto the next book soon! :-)
    That baby bunny is SO cute!! Did you name him??

    ~Skylar Reese

    1. Thank you so much Sky! <33
      Good! You'll get there! At first I thought they looked so much harder, but it was really easy and I ended up nailing them at my lessons. But it really varies. Each song is challenging in its own way! Do you like playing fast, or slow? I love fast so the Mussete was really fun. Oh, being in an orchestra sounds SO fun! I hope to be in one some day! =D
      We named it honey bunny, isn't that adorable!?

    2. Well, sometimes I like faster songs because they just seem more impressive, but slower songs can be so pretty! I suppose it really depends on the song. Sometimes slower songs don't sound as good when I play them though, because I don't know how to do vibrato yet, and oftentimes a slower song just doesn't sound the same on a violin when you don't use vibrato. :-(
      Aww, that's such a cute name!! Did it stick around for a while after you put him back?


  4. Very cute. <3
    The header is a lot better, great joB!

    Way to go,
    Amelia xxx

  5. Thank you!
    Yeah, I finally figured it out! And I officially LOVE. IT. !!!

  6. I really like your side bangs and your new header :D I'd definitely miss you if you took a break off June but whatever you need to do ;) Love this post though!


    1. Goooodd!! aww, that's what everyone says! I'm not sure yet tho. :|

  7. They're so cute! XD

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Your side bangs are pretty!! The new header is great!!~Riley

  9. SOOO DARN LOVELY <3 <3 <3 Hahaha those bangs just stole my heart.
    And guess what I just got some side bangs the other day too!! xD


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  11. They're super cute lady!