wee little vacation w/ lots of amazingness & review of september}}

This September we went to Branson for a family getaway. <3 It was very nice, and some amazing things actually happened. Butttt, that is going to mostly be in a different post. XD First the fun stuff!
We went Kayaking, peddle-boating, swimming, and I was constantly drinking cappuccinos!!! THEY. ARE. TO. DIE. FOR. 
I walked a lot, mostly with Micah, we explored everywhere! 
We also went to a Light Show, which was awesome and they played the song that I CAN PLAY (on violin!!!) It was AWESOME, cuz now i feel like I can actually play a 'professional' song. XDD 
I found a passion for something a little new, it's always been there, but now it's just stronger. (MORE IN ANOTHER POST) 


the fun Shuttle bus  ^-^

Epic little spin-turny things Ash did with us!!

Beautiful view and amazing sunset <333

Eating dinner...*ash comes and snaps a pic* Me: I was like, smiling weird or something...?


more then amazing light show XDD

Salted buttered popcorn =DD

Bokeh on the way home <3

Soo, looking at this post it may as well be squeezed into a September review... so here i go...xD


[When Mom puts spinach in the keesh and the 5 yr old says, "Why are you putting leaves in our food??!?]

Dad in his 'goofy mood' (I LOVE IT XDD)

Lilli: Wow. I am just a tiny ant compared to God and Jesus!

When you look at someone, and then bust out laughing again....:'D

Lilli: *sits down with her hotdog* Can you pass me the feet relish? #lolololol

^When Caden eats an obserd amount of hotdogs ....Dad: *hugs  caden* "Goodnight hotdog, see you in the morning...as a walking hotdog!!"

Various comments from Lilliana such as: "My legs feel like I don't have legs." or "When I close my eyes it feels like I'm a ball python." (she is quite the drama queen XD)

Elias: I bet I'm smarter then you!

Me: Ok, what is Bronchopulmanary Dyspalsia?
Elias: uh, a place where they keep horses..?
Me: *cracks up* Ok, How would you assess a situation if someone was having a seizure on the sidewalk?
Elias: *creases eyebrows* Assessct my stichturation with someone having surgery on a sidewalk???


lots and lots of turtle cheesecake with Mom <333

having this immense amount of pears + green beans =DD (we pickled the green beans)

WE BUILT A TREEHOUSE!!!!!! [basically it's amazing k]

The sky took my breath away so many times i thought i was going to die... #skylover

We got a buncha peaches so I made a peach sauce for pancakes ;D

Going up on the roof and stargazing with Josh #hesthebest

Hand washing dishes for like 16298420561 hours (not so awesome)

taking the littles to pick the last wildflowers 🌼

I read a bunch and learned a bunch YAY  :D

Making a huge cookie for breakfast #onlyme?

Going to the park and catching around 30-40 crawdads XD

Ashley randomly bringing me home an M&M Mcflurry <33

We gave Micah his first haircut!!!

a failed attempt at sleeping on the trampoline #toocold

Me, Mom & Ash going out for a girls night and eating chinese food (another yay!!!)

OUR CHIROPRACTOR CAME TO BRANSON so we all got adjusted + he's the best. 

having to get rid of like 783645 shirts that don't fit anymore :/ 

70's weather like yassss

Making pancakes with Micah before anyone was awake and he was sucha snuggle bug <33

(and btw i'm writing this post in bed by lilli who's asleep #preciousness ^.^ )

i painted my nails orange and they look fab and amazing and all the stuffs 

Being sick for like the first two weeks of this month :'(

Pretty much feeling a little weird with how quickly things are changing and, I'm growing up... #yeahweird

Going thrift store shopping with Mom ;D


Getting reallyyyy excited about fall and I TRIED A PUMPKIN DONUT!!!!! (it was great <3) 🍁🍩

Little goober...i think he was eating cheetos or something XDD

What did you do this month? 
Ever feel weird about getting older?
Favorite picture? 

paige lavay xx


a memory was made.

old friends
we haven't seen each other 
we meet again
a memory is made
two girls laughing
they are dramatic 
pretending to faint 
and then laughing 
and giggling
it's uncontrollable
and the air is so soft
cheeks a rosy color
one girl so shy
and the other so not
we go for walks 
down the drive
and tickle each other 
with fuzzy weeds
a memory was made.

Homeschooling || 7 reasons why it's AWESOME.

k first of all LILLIANA IS THE CUTEST. They've all been pumped about learning colors and shapes and such! So cute <33

And here are 7 reasons why HOMESCHOOLING IS AWESOME. XDDD

  • SO MUCH MORE TIME- Have you seen how many people have to quit public school to make time for things?? It's CRAZY! Talk about 'Homeschoolers not having a life' EXCUSE ME I'm not stuck in a classroom for 6+ hours. I can be done with everything and still be able to do so much more! homeschooling is the way to go. 
  • No bullying and always a friend there- Pretty sure that explains the just of it right there. ;D
  • MORE RECREATION- I haven't heard of very many kids that go to public school who have the time/whatever to ride a horse for hours, climb trees every day, four-wheeling and mudding, explore every centimeter of a forest, or play kickball and bond with their family. Mom and I were talking and she said something super weird to think about...If all of us (me down to Rylan or Lilli) went to public school, we wouldn't even know each other! No wonder all these people in the school system cherish every second of summer, sheesh! =O
  • Relaxing is much more possible- Is it just me or does it seem like you have the ability to relax more as a homeschooler?? I love being able to just sorta, not have to worry. About grades, and all that jazz bc while some is important, it's also important to enjoy this life that God has given you. <3
  • Better environment- No one can deny that being a Christian in public school is difficult. While I do think that you can be an amazing testimony towards people in your school, it's tough being around people your age, that will most likely talk about inappropriate things, (or even DO inappropriate things) or swearing, etc etc. Recently we were at a park and I guess there was some sort of race thing for these kids in public schools. A bus of boys and girls unloaded that were all around ages 13-15, and it was awful just what I was hearing there. So, I think y'all get the picture.
  • A narrow path- This connects with the previous reason, but I feel that a person is much more likely to follow worldly things rather then Godly things in the school system. Being brought up in that, year after year, I'm assuming would be very hard. I don't know completely tho, what do you think?
  • Security/confidence- Let's face it, the only way to be 'popular' in public schools is to either be something bad/mean/bully, or something your not. So many kids/teens have insecurities, when they wouldn't if they were homeschooled! The depression of weight, not having good looks, stuttering etc. And many of the bullies in school struggle because of their own insecurities!! Awful right? I've heard so much, It would be so hard for me to be in public school, I know that for sure. 
Your opinion?? Why do YOU like homeschool??




progress on Allegro Fiocco<
Rock cacti<
Lotion bars< 
donut holder<
3 new dinners<
pb cookies<
make ice cream<


Bible time every morning <3 <
Start new study<
Share a scripture<
Paint rocks<
3 crafts<
{Crochet} skirt<
5 cacti<
Use 3 skeins<
Finish for shop<
Open shop< (YAY) 
Bowing on C and D<
J.B Lully<
Try 3 hairstyles<
Be more patient<
Read 3 books<
Run 3x (so happy i did this!) <
Finish 8th chapter in school<
Organize bookshelf<

SOO, I did 20 things out of 28!!! (yay for me) So I'm pretty proud, especially how the crocheting turned out. And violin really improved and I've now made a habit of Bible reading. (John is SOOOO good!! <333) 

SEPTEMBER GOALSSSS - (this is turning into da huge goal post..)

Raise $60 for Breath of Life Haiti}
Get 2 orders}
Post 7 more items}
Finish John}
Finish 10th chapter of school} (4 MORE UNTIL 8TH GRADEEE!)
Visit some neighbors} 

Some goals for September??
Favorite chapter in John? (Mine is 15)


A baby girl named Esther || M I R A C L E


this is Esther. Read this for more information on her story.

as soon as i saw her picture and story the Lord laid a huge burden on my heart to pray for this sweet baby. I sent her picture to lots and lots of people who started praying for her, and got my siblings praying for her.

I wanted to share how heavily that impacted all of my siblings. Having be a part of something for the Lord, all of them were so passionate. It was truly amazing, seeing all of them fervently praying for her with all their hearts. <3
To this day Rylan and Caden and Lilli constantly talk about her and pray that, "Lord please fix her brain and help her to get better and have lots of food, Amen!", it's a simple prayer, but God is hearing us!
That day I could just feel God so close. I fasted all day. So many people were praying for her, that I could feel God's presence.
From just our family already hundreds of prayers have been prayed for her. Not to mention lots of other people praying for her.

I'm beyond thrilled to say, that the Lord healed her!! She went to the neuro(something) and the exams results came back amazing! Seeing NO EVIDENCE  of a brain bleed!!!! God did the impossible.  Thank you, all of you who prayed with me!! God is so good, I almost cried when I heard that she has been healed, Praise the Lord!!

That night, I told the whole family and we all gave thanks to God!! When I told the little ones (Rylan 5, and Caden 7, specifically) started jumping saying "We did it!", Mom and I turned around and told them GOD did  it!!

We all talk about her all. the. time.  She is so precious to us, even though we've never met her. 
Thank you so much, those of you who faithfully prayed for her!!!