Joshua & Levi photoshoot

We found an old Chevy truck on a back road and since I had the camera I decided to get pictures of  Josh and Levi. They got all excited and started talking about how in 10 years we can come back to that same spot and get pictures that look exactly the same, but with them older! I don't think it was such a bad idea! :)
Joshua's pictures

Levi's pictures

Both of them

They came up with this idea, little cuties!

                                    I really like how they turned out! I would've done more, but our
                          computer shuts down after just a little bit. Hope you all liked them!



  1. I love them, Paige!! You did a wonderful job! Such cuties! ;) ♡

  2. These are sooo adorable! The ones of them laying on the road and their elbows on the fence post are my favorites, all of them are super cute! And that is a neat idea for ten years from now taking pictures there again! Great job!