Little Grand Canyon part 1, // stacking wood.

So, our trip to the Little Grand Canyon starts with a very busy Saturday afternoon!

A neighbor  (a really nice one! ) brought us 2 HUGE trailer loads of wood, to put up for this winter. So then all that needed done was... the stacking.  :(
We stacked and stacked, and STACKED! And, quite honestly, all that kept me stacking was that we were going to do something fun when we're done! And when my Dad says we'll do something fun, it is usually really, really, FUN! :)

Here's some pictures<
There was 1 other pile, just like this. 

1 load left :/

There was 3 lines of stacked wood!
We are done!

 > Continued in part 2 <


  1. Wow, that is a lot of stacking! I look forward to seeing what fun thing you did. :)

  2. ikr!
    Yes, I will have to post part 2 here sooooonnn! :)