January wrap up//random life// bogging IS hard...

This month was awesome, just literally awesome! I loved a lot of this whole month! 
Violin hasn't been the best, but still pretty good. I know I'm progressing, but it just seems slow. We have a lesson in a week, so I'm really hoping that goes well! 

Talking with my bestie<3
Getting a new horse 
Growing in my relationship with the Lord
A fun bridal shower
Watching Micah grow+getting cute pics of him :)
Getting into a [pretty] regular school schedule

This was a review :/
(I know it's in December shhhh!) I have now finished 4 chapters of my school xD

Yup yup 

They dressed up as bull riders as we were shopping in race brothers, such cuties! 

I'm really thankful for the times where I can rock Micah AND get my school done! I love him to death! 


I started a bucket list book! It's coming along good!
(One bucket list goal, is to delivery a baby, and another is to go to Africa one day =D )

We sold jazz! I'm now riding cochise,and so far he is doing really good! :)

Y'all. Blogging can get hard. For the past month I've been looking at all these pictures with ideas for a post, but then get so busy. This month has definitely been super busy! These last few days have been hard, first is people coming, then apt.s, and soo many things to do I don't even know what to do! (Don't worry, I'm leading up to the point. )
It has still been awesome. And I have come to think, that that's all that matters! If we don't have time to blog, it'll have to wait then.  Make the best of your lives right now, because, even if it doesn't seem like it right now, these moments will soon be over. 
Tip : when you feel overwhelmed at the chaoticness of life, look up the song, "You're gonna miss this"
Best. County. Song. Ever =)


  1. It sounds like you've had a fabulous month! I enjoy seeing the snapshots of our life. :)

  2. This was SUCH A GOOD POST, Paige!!
    And yes, cuddling babies and getting math done is a WIN!

    AND I STILL CAN'T OVER MICAH!!!!!! He is such a sweetheart. =D

    Have an awesome day. =)
    ( By the way, how many followers do you have? ;))
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. Thanks! Yes it so is!
      I UNDERSTAND... he is such a little love bug!
      I will=)
      I have 14... kinda almost there :/ AND I STILL HAVE NO CLUE WHO TO GIVE IT TO! :O

    2. Your welcome. =)
      I bet he is!! =) I can just imagine..... <3
      14 followers is really good! Why to go, Paige!! =)
      I hope I win it the journal..... <3 It looks so pretty! =)

      Jaidyn Elise

  3. awwwww your baby bro is soooo adorable *wants to hold him* XD

    don't worry - bloggers block always comes around. you'll work through it! :D

    1. awwwww,I know *wishes you could hold him* How many siblings do you have?
      Ohhkaayyy then. =)

  4. I love looking and reading your posts! You do such a great job :)
    And yes, I totally agree that blogging is hard, but also a lot of fun too!

    1. THANKS! I'm so glad you think that! XD
      It is fun! (And it's always great reading awesome peoples comments!)

  5. I, too, enjoy reading and following your blog ☺
    And the pictures of a Chevy's tracks vs. Ford's tracks ---->
    Looks like an exciting month 😍😘

    1. Great, I'm SO GLAD you do!
      *exactly my first reaction* yay for another Chevy lover!
      It was! :)

  6. I'll probably be going back to Africa every year, so maybe you can come with me someday :) I totally agree with you about the blogging. I began struggling with getting updates out frequently around October, but the Ugandan people taught me something very important- to value people over plans, to focus on the memory making over life-documenting. It seems like you've done a wonderful job with that, Paige, by loving on your siblings and just living a full and joyful life. Blessings to you!

    1. Oh, that would be so terrific!😀 I would so love that!💗
      I think that is so important, to really spend time with the people around you. Thank you! 💜

  7. I SO enjoy reading your blog, Paige.
    Unfortunately, not only have I gotten behind in my own blogging, I'm behind in reading my friends' blogs as well. :-/ Don't feel bad- all of us bloggers understand writers' block. :)
    Micah is just simply precious. He's incredibly cute!
    Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to reading more future posts. ;)

    1. I'm so happy to read/hear (whatever) that!
      Ah, that's okay. Thanks!
      I know, he is just the sweetest little thing! 💙

  8. It's so cool that you started a bucket list! I need to do that . . . ;)
    Going to Africa would be so cool. I attended my mom's most recent delivery in April 2016. It was so beautiful! <3
    Haha, love the quote about equality. :) At least someone has their head on straight, right? ;) Man, I really wish we had 5 day weekends.
    All of your siblings are just adorbs!! <3

    Sophie xx

    1. Yeah, you should!
      I think so too! That's really awesome! I so love how every birth is different.
      YES! I did too as soon as I saw it!
      (Ikr,like could they...) ahem, I mean, yes they are. :)

  9. Lovely pictures!! And by the way, we have a Ford and it's great!! Haha! 😂😊

    1. Thank you! Haha, we do too, ford>Chevy is just a silly thing we do!

    2. Haha, yeah. I've seen loads of ford vs Chevy. 😊