Project Love ♡♡ || IT DOESN'T HAVE TO END.

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Love. Its a word that has so many other virtues packed into it. It's boldness, and peace, and sacrifice. And It's not always that *warm fuzzy feeling*. We all know that love cannot be easy, and it takes a little while of being unspeakably bold and sharing the gospel before you have the confidence of Ray Comfort. 
You see, I'm striving for more then 'Oh yes I have loved today bc I picked Mom flowers and did the dishes without being told!' - because while those are acts of love, it takes a different kind of love to witness to someone. To even try to lead them to Christ. It takes the driving force of compassion.  You need an enthusiasm for Christ.
And I know without a doubt that in your journey of witnessing to people, you'll be laughed at, or scared. When someone says something that you don't quite know how to answer. It's happened to me, and while I was terribly sad that this old man didn't even want to think about our wonderful Lord, I did learn a lesson. First of all, I'm still alive. I know i know, that's sounds hilarious, but it made me realize that you should ALWAYS be bold and just take a chance, Jesus died for us and we're going to be scared to proclaim the gospel?? I think not! The experience made me think of how Jesus was laughed at, and just was again. I didn't know what to say.  But I know that while I didn't lead him to Christ, God still gave me that for a reason. To be even bolder next time.  
Someone at our church met one of our friends and almost the very first thing out of his mouth was- 'Do you know the Lord?', and guys, that is love. 
You can start, right now, no matter if you're 12, 11, I have lots of stories of witnessing when I was 10!! Because really age is just a measurement.  It doesn't mean you're less mature, or 'since you're 10 you only are this important'. I've always been more mature then my age! Age doesn't measure your maturity, or your love for others. 

Ok and here's another thing real quick before I wrap this up. 

I'm not stopping here. I've had this question in the back of my brain for awhile now, 'Are you going to stop?? Or are we going to keep loving, keeping each other accountable, and praying for each other for years to come?' 
For me I know it's not ending. I know God has called me do so much more then to just be a 'ordinary person'.  I know that for me- it's time to do more the  just survive. We as Christians need to step in, to help the poor, to serve Christ by serving others. We need to love those that are unloved. Those that are the hardest to love need it most. 

I'm going to link some videos I've watched lately, and if you have the time I really suggest you watch them! They captivated me ;D

andd hopefully these will lead you to more, like it did me, I literally watched 3 hrs staright of Ray Comfort. XD (While watching the baby) ;D

I'll end it there. Just please think on that. <33 And keep being awesome ok?!

Are we truly living our lives for Jesus, proclaiming the gospel every chance we get???
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! 
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  1. GIRL OK THIS POST WAS AMAZING. <333 And no don't stop loving, girl!!! We must never stop loving! I am actually going to be starting a project called Project Early Church as soon as Project Love ends--I'll elaborate next weekend when I do a vlog about it. ;)
    But seriously, this post was beautiful. Really. You have such depth and insight, and you are NOT an ordinary teenager. You are so right, we need to not love in trivial ways--we need to start trying to love in deep ways, ways that might even hurt. Love is at its realest when it is at its hardest.
    AND I WOULD READ MORE POSTS LIKE THIS ANY DAY GIRLFRIEND. I would also looove to hear stories of you witnessing!!! Keep fighting the good fight, Paige girl!!

    1. AWWKK THANK YOU!!! Nevah evah!! Oh wow, that sounds different! I can;t wait to hear about it!!
      awawww thank you airs!!!
      lolol YAY!!! Oh yes! Do you have an email?
      Likewise! <333

    2. Yay!! I'll hopefully be posting the vlog on Saturday! =)
      Nope, I don't have an e-mail, but you can use my Mom's. ;)

    3. Lol, I guess plans changed!! 😂
      okay...just shoot me an email when you want to then! ;D

  2. Wow Paige! You just gave me fresh motivation and really encouraged me! Fantastic post! Yes, never stop truly loving people..loving them with the truth no matter how hard it can be! Of course I will gladly read more posts like this!;)

    1. aww, I'm so very glad! Yes, loving them with the truth!! (Now that song is stuck in my head thanks) Xp

    2. Haha its a good one!;)

  3. This might be my favourite of your posts, Paige. I'm so blessed by your enthusiasm and focus! Thanks for not being afraid to challenge us to give more thought to what really matters, and for the recommendations as well - I downloaded them to watch them soon. Also, I totally know what you mean by binge watching Ray Comfort. ;) It would be great to read more posts like this, and I'd love to hear some of your witnessing stories too!

    1. That makes me truly happy, Jessica! <3 and thank you for your kind words sweet girl, they're right back atcha! ;)
      Lol, I'm glad someone does!
      =D do you have an email?