GIVE series | 01

I hear so often about how smiling changes the world, and while I have absolutely nothing  against that, sometimes it takes more effort to actually make a difference. 

GIVE series }}
-I'll be posting once to twice monthly February through (the end?) of July.
-Absolutely anyone can post about this, the more people the better.. join me!!!
-We could do guest posts, if anyone wants
-goal: make the world a better place/more effort/being the change. xx

This series is going to be a little something to encourage more people to GIVE.  I have been making more of an effort to actually do something more, and ya know what? It seriously feels so amazing knowing that you are actually helping someone, actually making a real difference. The Lord has blessed my crochet shop tremendously, and this month I was able to send out the baby bundle. It will be delivered to a Mom who most likely has close to nothing, just thinking about it has me pumped to do more!! How happy she'll be to get new clothes and cloth diapers for her baby!
I'm also reading Riley Unlikely which is inspiring me. And she lives only an hour from me!! (Branson) I'm learning all about how to start a Nonprofit organization and do something more to help. 

This month, I encourage you to do a little something extra. Bake something and bring it to your neighbors. Visit a nursing home. Have a family over for dinner. Effort really helps y'all, so do lots of prayers. <33

Will you join me in posting about GIVE series?
Favorite missionary book??


  1. I really liked this post! I DO want to try to give more! I have two posts coming up, but after that I might post about this!

    1. Oh good!! That makes me relieved haha :P
      Okay, thank you!!! You can email me if you want, about ideas for posts on this! <33

  2. This is super exciting! I love how you're stepping out more and more! It inspires me. Praise God.

    1. Aw Rachel, you are SO encouraging!! thank you! <33

  3. Ahhhhh, I love this idea!!

  4. Lovely photos; It's interesting to find beauty in the dead plants. How neat that you were able to send out a baby bundle! We used to do that at the pregnancy care center I volunteered at. :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I find them intriguing xDD
      Aw that's awesome!! It was very neat being able to put one together. <33

  5. Awesome idea!! I would love to take part. :D