Low country boil!!! : )

  On the 10th we went to Alba for church!! We had a Low Country Boil! Everyone ate food right off of the tables and they didn't even have plates! After that they had desert, volleyball, and there was plenty of people to talk to, ( and babies to hold! ; ) so I'd say that we all had a good time! 

        Ronan was the cutest little guy I've ever seen! But, I guess I say that with all of the babies I hold!! 
  Here are some pictures of the weekend! 
Ronan and I

I do gotta say, he's got one of the cutest smiles ever!

My friend, Devenni


We were walking to church and I saw these beautiful horses so I had to snap a quick pic of 'em

I also took this on our way to church! 


  1. Ronan is so stinkin' CUTE! :D The low country boil was a blast! The horse picture you got is really neat! Good job!

  2. Paige, what a cute blog! You write very well. I'm looking forward to following your life through the window of your blog. Love you!

  3. Thanks Emily!
    Love you too!