Me and my horse 🐴

I have been consistently working Jazz for over a week now, so I thought I'd reward myself, (kind of), and do a post on me and my horse!

I have started working with her 5 days a week. On the 6th day I catch her and just kinda let her relax, I pet her and give her a carrot, or a pear. (From our wild pear tree!☺🍐) And on the 7th I don't do anything with her.  With our schedule it is a little bit hard, but I'm trying to persevere.

I'm not sure which I'd rather have, a lazy horse, or a energetic one. Jazz is very high strung, but she has her days where she don't want to do nothing, especially in the Missouri heat!  I'm mean, I don't even want to do anything! Anyways, which kind of horse would you prefer?

I would love to take her to a rodeo sometime, and just walk her around, basically just to gain some experience. I hope that we can sometime soon! I think it'd be really neat!

-So that's all for today! Hope ya'll enjoyed learning a little more about me and my horse!


  1. I think I'd rather a lazy horse. :) :)

    1. Haha! I guess there is some good in both kinds! ☺

  2. I think I would like more an energetic horse, to be honest, even though they can be more work. I work with two horses here in England. The one (Hero) is a very quiet horse--I love him! The other (Hattie) is usually lazy and eats way to much!