November wrap up/highlights

Okay, so this is going to be one big post, I just hope that I can finish it tonight!
November was an awesome month, to say the least! I can't believe that little Micah is now 1 month old! It's definitely been a great month!
-the birth of Micah
-super fun nights playing cards with a friend 😀
-completing almost all of my goals
-Messaging friends through (awesome) pinterest...wink
-beautiful wind and falling leaves 
-a nice school break
-listening to breath-taking violin covers
-a wonderful Thanksgiving

So now I shall tell ya'll which goals I completed!
To get my splits: I didn't get them this month
Learn " River flows" on violin: ...I learned part of it-😟
Make Africa string art:this didn't happen.
Crochet something: ugh, I couldn't get this done either
Take pictures of Micah: DONE!!
(get ready for a lot of DONES!!)
Finish the old Testament: DONE!!
Make a Bucket list: DONE!!
Buy pumpkin spice chocolate: DONE!! (more on that in a min)
Get my backwalkover: DDDOOOOONNNNEEEEE!!!!!!! YES!
Paint my nails: haha, the easiest one, and I didn't do it...

So 5 out of 10 isn't too bad! And now, about the chocolate I was so excited to buy...
Honestly, this fall I was so excited to try all of the pumpkin spice stuff, lattes, chocolate, donuts, etc.. And so far, I haven't really liked it. OH, EXCEPT FOR THE PUMPKINS DONUTS, SOOOO GOOD!!!! YAYYYYY! 
Anyways, my Mom liked the chocolate, so I was glad about that. Just a bummer deal for me. 😭
Oh, and have ya'll tried the EGGNOG ICE CREAM??? It is literally the bomb!! 
Well, that's all I have for ya'll today! 

Joshua got a cello! We're so excited to learn it! (him and I)
(I may of already posted this, I can't remember.??)
Good-bye November
 Hello December


  1. It has been a great month!!:)) Good job on getting your back walk over! And that's wonderful that you finished the old testament! You beat me on that one! It has been alright that you don't like the pumpkin flavored stuff, as I enjoy finishing it myself, haha. ;) Cute picture of Rylan and Lilli!

    1. And yayyy for those late nights playing cards!! 😉

    2. Thanks! Lol,yeah!

  2. I loved hearing about your month Paige :)

  3. Love!!! 😊 I'm glad you got at least some of your goals completed!! YES pinterest is amazing!! 😉 Love the pic of the raindrops on the window! We got loads of frost the other day so I got amazing pictures! 😄

    Sloppy Joe casserole for supper! 😊

    1. Yes, me too! Haha, Pinterest, the ULTIMATE procrastination app,lol!
      Oh, I bet you're pictures are amazing!! ;)
      Uuummm, sloppy Joe's sound so good right now!! Haha!

  4. Oh my goodness! A cello! That's a goal of mine to learn the cello around my Junior year of high school.

    thumbs up on the back walkover! ;)

    1. That should be very exciting for you! (You'll have to be pretty determined though! )
      Thanks! I've been so happy!

  5. It sounds like you had a splendid month! :D And I don't think I'm a big fan of pumpkin spice either, unless it's in pie or cookies! ;)
    Fun photos! Keep us updated on your cello progress.

    1. I surely did! Good, I'm not the only one!!
      Alrighty,I will.