be nice to everybody.

it's crazy how many people struggle. people that seem just dandy have very real struggles. 
everyone has insecurities, no matter what. 
i have so many thoughts rolling around in my brain right now..but all i want to say today is, just be  nice to everyone. we all have no clue what other people are going through. love unconditionally those who put up walls. be an example of Christ's love. be there for people even if they're not there for you. 
all i know for sure and for certain, suicide is never, ever the answer. never.  

how are you guys?
is there anything i can pray about for you? 
(you can email me if you want to talk xx)


  1. I don't know what situation prompted this post but thank you for being there for others and trying to shine the light of Christ. <3

  2. I feel this, girl. It's true; we never know what someone else is going through, even if they're a close friend. And it's never a bad time to be nice. Thanks for sharing your heart. I hope you're going well! xx

  3. You are so right. It's especially hard to see this at church whenever people can seem "happy".