currently -- MAY IS AMAZING

i loveee my job <333

CURRENTLY: (more like randoomm)

  • it's summmmeeerrr
  • i'm on my second iced coffee of the day
  • 14 feels completely normal now
  • i just got done planting green peppers, jalapenos, and lettuce
  • my shoulders are burnt ^^
  • i have bronchitis and a corneal abrasion and micah is teething and yeahh, we're kinda a mess xD
  • trying to be happy and positive even when i don't feel like it. 
  • we went to the bridge (swimming) for the first time this summer!!
  • tomorrow i'll be digging up radishes and planting cucumber *heart eyes bc cucumber is amazing*
  • i have 187545208 cool pics on the camera but can't upload them #SOFRUSTRATING
  • violin lessons are back to every 2 weeks finally!!!
  • we're going to NE the 25th
  • this is a super random list/post 
  • everything is super green and leafy and amazing outside
  • i rly need to post about my GIVE series...feeling like a failure rn haha
  • hoping y'all have a great day xxxx


  1. Yay! I'm so glad your May is going great!! But I'm sorry you have bronchitis and corneal abrasion :/ I'm loving the warm weather too! you have a great day too!!!

  2. Glad your May is aMAYzing! (<-- couldn't help that:)) Anyway, I love summer too!!!! Except I burn easy! And I hate sunburns....

    We have potatoes, strawberries, and garlic planted in our garden so far. We need to get everything else in the ground pretty soon:). I love making refrigerator dill pickles with our cucumbers!
    We are going to try loofah sponges this year! Have you ever planted these?

    Have a GREAT day!

  3. I pray you'll get better!
    Sounds like a good May other than the not-so-good parts! :) But even then God is always with us, so they can be okay, too. XD

  4. May has been pretty fun so far! ;) Ashley told me she planted some things as well! We planted onions, peppers, and broccoli. Just a few things to try and see if we can keep them alive. lol :P
    Miss you! <3

  5. Awe my shoulders are soo burnt too!!! Earlier today I worked with my horses and we planted potatoes and tons of other outside chores.so yeah.....i 've pretty much been in the sun alllll day long...

  6. Everything sounds great...minus all the aches and pains! I hope you're feeling a little better this. <3