Blessings + Bronchitis

Lilliana has had bronchitis for almost a week now. (An infection in her bronchial tubes) She has  coughing fits sometimes and is on antibiotics and steroids right now. She has been really fussy and hard to take care of.
Ashley started her job on the 1st so things have been very crazy/busy around here. The little ones also have colds.(and I do to)
So amidst all of the discouraging thoughts that I have already thought some about, I have been trying to count my blessings daily. It is hard sometimes, but that is when I have to stop myself and look around at all that we have and other people don't.
Take for instance, Bibles. We have plenty of Bibles, even different colors of Bibles. Think of all the people in China that pray for Bibles consistently, and the ones that get a Bible are willing to risk their life, just to read God's word and have a closer relationship with Him.
We have SO many necessities, things we don't even need. Things that sometimes, we don't even think about how lucky we are to have them. Shoes, cameras, laptops, doctors to take care of you, sisters, brothers, your family.

Really we are all blessed with daily-life things. No matter how discouraging life can get, try to stay thankful!
"What if tomorrow you wake up
with only the things you
 thanked God for yesterday."

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  1. What an insightful post, Paige! Thankfulness is so important, and I need to do more of it. :) Hope your family is feeling better!