God's dishes ( :

A few days ago we were deciding who would have what chore/job and Joshua and Levi got picked to be the dishwashers and counter cleaners. Well, I was happy that I wouldn't have to do dishes, but Josh wasn't. With a family this big it is not a fun job, if you look at it as not fun.
Tonight there was a load of dishes and so he wasn't at all looking forward to washing them.(Probably cause they couldn't all fit in the dishwasher! :) I decided that I would do all of the dishes tonight, so I came up with a fun way to look at doing them.
I pretended that all of the dishes were God's dishes and we had just finished a great big meal in heaven! Every time that I was tempted to "half" wash a dish and hope that no one notices it, I thought, "Everything has to be sparkling for the next meal and God would not be very happy if His plate was not clean!' It worked quite well and before I knew it, all of the dishes were clean and ready to use for the next big meal!
Joshua was SOO happy that I did all of his dishes and I think viewing it as God's dishes will help him to get done with them on time and not look at them as a burden. Maybe this will help you too! : )

   Oh, and I don't really know if there will be meals in heaven, but we will see when we get there I guess! Tell me if you would volunteer to wash dishes even them!!! :D

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