Faith is, "I don't understand, but I will."

I don't understand why I am to do this, but, since you said I should, I will.
When we don't understand something in the Bible, do we say, "I know that the Lord knows what He is talking about, He knows what He is doing!" I don't!  I want to figure out why I should do this. I want to make sure that there isn't another way to do it, before I actually do it.
Faith is also a matter of trust. "I trust that YOU know what is best Lord." How could Noah build the ark if he didn't trust that the Lord was right and was going to keep His promise? He couldn't. We need to trust the Lord if we are going to obey Him.
Faith is also blind obedience. We know the commandment, "Thou shalt not lie" and we could ask "why?". But {most} of us try not to lie, just because it simply says not to. Is it any different then other subjects? No!
Lying is just easier to not do, sometimes. It is the things that are harder to do that takes faith, in other words, blind obedience. ( Dressing modestly, praying, memorizing scripture, etc.)
For another example, what if the Lord laid it upon your heart to go to China and share the gospel. He provided the money, supplies, and Bibles. What if the Lord wanted you to deliver Bibles and get them across the Romanian boarder and into the hands of Christians that have waited their whole lives for one. Would you?
It would take a lot of faith to do a life-risking job like that, well, probably a ton!
Faith is something that we will never be a professional at. Faith always can grow a little more!

                       "This is what the Lord says.
                        If you have faith,
                        like a little grain of mustard
                        you can say to a mountain,
                        move away, and it will move."
                            ~Matthew 17:20~

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