...be thou an example...

"Let no man despise thy youth,
but be thou an example of 
the believers, in word,
in conversation, in charity,
in spirit, in purity."

   - 1 Timothy 4:12-       

I have put this verse on the kitchen window so I can memorize it while I am doing dishes. I now have it memorized and it has helped me to be more joyful, really! Whenever I complain about how many dishes there are, or that I have the "hardest" job, the Lord brings this verse to my mind and I say it to myself and think, "If we had company over right now and I was complaining about my chores, would that be an example?" And then if that little part of me says,"We don't have any company over though." well, then I have to act like my family is company.
That usually works well because I want to be an example to my little  brothers. 
So now when I say it to myself, my work, whatever it is, goes so much more quickly, and joyfully,because I know that the Lord wants me to be a good example,to everyone around me!!

Let no man despise thy youth,
be an example to everyone,
be joyful, singing praises unto the Lord no matter where you are,
be kind, and generous,
be ready to forgive...
..so that no man will despise thy youth.


  1. Hi!
    Just letting you know that I've tagged you in the Liebster award, it's up to you if you participate, but come on, it'll be fun!
    Have a fantastic day!!

    1. Thank you for tagging me, but I don't really like question tags, in other words, I'm not very good at it!
      Thanks all the same though!

  2. This is a wonderful reminder post! :) Thank you.

  3. Great idea to help with memorization!

  4. You are a good example to everyone around you, Paige. And it's nice that you want to be a good example to your brothers. I was the youngest child, so it was hard for them to look up to me. :)

    Happy March!