^ goals for April ^

So yeah. This is horribly late, but I still wanted to share my goals with y'all!

>start biking once a day
>crochet 7 things-or 4 big things
>read through Job
>pass the Bourre and The Two Grenadiers
>start getting up earlier
>journal everyday
>memorize 7 verses
>get pictures of Ash, Dylan, and then they have to get a pic of me
>learn/get better at spiking a volleyball
>spend a couple mornings on the roof...(cannot wait to do this!!!!)
>ride Dually or Cochise at least once

Aaanddd, I guess that's it!

do you have any goals for April?
have you ever played volleyball?? :)

An experiment my bros came up with, it was soooo cool! :)

Crawdads, yeah...we eat them.


  1. Awesome goals Paige!

    1. Thanks...i thought so too, lol!!!! :p xD

  2. Great photos and great goals! Biking is a blast. :D And oh my goodness I love sitting on the roof!! It's so peaceful.
    Journaling is so darn fun!! I'm on my fifth journal right now and have been journaling for a year. It's been such a fun hobby.
    I have only ever played a few games of informal volleyball, but I can't remember the rules. xD
    One of my goals for April is to write another chapter of my WIP. Yay!

    Sophy xx
    lavender & blue

    1. Thanks! TOTALLY agreed! I do too, it's my little escape spot, to take a breather from all the noise!!! :)
      Yeah it is! I haven't been keeping up with mine, so that's why I made it a goal, to get back in the habit. =)
      Volleyball is sooooo muucchhhhh funnnn!! It's super easy, and I bet you would be good at it, after some practice of course! :)

  3. Great goals! and yup, I've played volleyball. If you're a mennonite living in Lancaster County, you'd better know how to play volleyball 😝. Haha!!

    1. 👆 I have to agree with Shalom 😂

    2. Thanks both of you! =) xD

  4. Rosalyn8:23 AM

    Oh great goals! I hope you are able to get them all accomplished! I done my own thing in volleyball, but I couldn't do a game!
    I've actually wanted to start cycling too ... I don't know when it will happen. I kind of wanted to wait till it got warmer, but I think that's an excuse for not doing it! Haha!
    Surprisingly and it's not on my goal list (I don't even have one), I've been getting up early for a few days in a row! And I feel so much better ... refreshed! :) There's definitely advantages on doing that: a quiet house (usually Mommy is the only one up early), time to write before school, quiet devotions, and not having to rush! Haha!
    News for you ... I have finished one book in my entire like (that was in February) and I have over 20,000 words in a new book I'm writing! Haha! {jumps up and down} {throws confetti} {gets loads of hugs from friends who want to read my book so bad}
    I'd better end this comment before it turns into a book! Bye for now! :)

    1. Thanks! Me too! Haha! :)
      Yeah. It's SO NICE here! :)
      That's great! I know, this morning I got up at 6 and was like 'WHOA i totally need to start doing this every day...'....but the truth is, I love BEING up early, and HATE GETTING up early, so it's really hard for me. :( When i do get up early I can do so many more things! This morning i took a shower, went on a 30 min bike ride, had Bible and prayer time, and got to crochet a lot!! It was with no doubt, awesome!! :)
      OMW girl!! I wanna READ ITTTTT!! Congrats girl! Do you have a title for it? That's super awesome!
      Oh really don't worry, I LOVE BOOK COMMENTS!!!!!!

    2. Rosalyn11:49 PM

      Yesterday it was really nice ... higher 50's with the sun. Now, don't get me wrong, that's warm for England! Today is supposes to be in the higher sixties! Ah, so nice!
      Oh wow, go you!! I've been getting up around 7:15 to 7:30--In which I'm up now (it's 7:47)
      Haha, yep it's "White Christmas". When it's finished being edited, I'll send a file to you by email like I'll be doing with all my other friends! My other book is called "The Bridge to Nowhere". :)
      Well, then book comments it is! Haha!

    3. Wow, yeah, it's always so wonderful when it's warm out!

    4. Lol, woops, I just hit the publish, but now I shall finish it, lol!
      Ooohhhh! I love the second title! GREAT JOB!
      Bring 'em on..

  5. This was a beautiful post, Paige! <3 AND MICAH IS TO DIE FOR. Such a handsome little man! =)
    You eat crawdads???? Oh my...what do they taste like?
    And that experiment that your brothers did is SO COOL. Is than an orange...?
    Great post, sweet girl! I hope you accomplish all your goals for this month! =)

    1. Thank you! ISN'T HEEEE? Yes he so is!
      Haha, yeah! Kinda like a mini lobster...??? I guess i don't know how to explain that! xD
      IT REALLY WAS. Yeah, it was an orange! And then you light the middle thing of the orange the white thing,
      and fill the half of the orange with vegetable oil. You could look it up on youtube if you want! =D
      Thank you, Ariel!

  6. These sound like some great goals, Paige! One of my goals for this month is to actually post more often, but so far that isn't happening. :-) I actually just did a post this afternoon if you want to check it out. :-)


    1. Thank you! I'd love to read some more posts of yours, you are good at blogging! <3 I also think it's important to take your time, and not to put bogging first, but other more 'importanter' things! =) that is a great goal for this month!
      Oh, I'll go see in just a minute! XD

    And I've played un-offical volley ball before- and I can kind of spike.... ish. LOL
    One of my goals for this month is to comment more on peoples blog posts!=D

    Have a blessed day, girl! ( BTW, You can tell Sheila that I commented back to her :) )
    Jaidyn Elise
    MY! this comment was long LOL

    1. Jaidyn :) I'll go check out the 'other' comment! ;)

    2. GREAATTT!
      It's so much fun! I'm sure you'd be good at it! <3 spiking is a lot of fun! =D
      THANK YOUUUU! Great goal yourself! ;)
      Likewise! 💚

  8. Ok, thanks!! ;) Your sweet!!!!! =DDDDDD
    Jaidyn Elise

  9. You have some great goals planned for April! I hope you can get them all done! :)
    The young people at our church play volleyball after church sometimes and I always have a lot of fun!


  10. Ooh, these are awesome goals! One of my goals is to write the first draft of a novel for Camp NaNoWriMo. Otherwise... just try to accomplish all the things. xD

    AND I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!! I always play it with my extended family and it's so much fun. :D

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Thanks! Great goal yourself!
      THAT'S AWESOME-lets be friends!!!! I LOVE IT TOO XD