Our camp out in January<--

In Jan. me, Levi, Elias and Joshua attempted a camp out in the woods! We got a fire going, set up a tent, a roasted venison and I read in my Bible and wrote in my journal. We thought we'd be warm enough sense we had a fire, but that wasn't to be. We tuckered down and made a pile of blankets in the tent. The next 3 hours were pretty miserable, We first took selfies, really really weird pics, etc.And then we decided to go to bed. Well 12:00 came and we were all FREEZING! Levi had went back to the house, and then came back and got us. Me and Elias gratefully went back to the warmth of our house and Josh soon followed.
I had been meaning to post this months ago, but it didn't happen! :l That was our second camp that wasn't successful. BUT- me and Josh slept on the trampoline and lasted all night-so YAY FOR USSS!!!
so..yeah. Hope y'all like the pictures!!!

oh and btw, I haven't been able to film a video because I'm still coughing really bad. But hopefully soon guys!!! =DDD


  1. OH MY GOODNESS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU GUYS HAD SO MUCH FUN. Forget the cold weather...those pictures are awesome! *thumbs up*
    You and Josh slept on the trampoline?!?! You guys are insane--a good kind of insane, mind you! We're getting a trampoline in about a month...but I don't think our parents would let us sleep on it. xD
    Micahhhhhhh... *all the heart eyes emoticons* I can NOT wait until our baby brother is born! Right now we're considering the name Jaxon, but that is definitely subject to change. =)

    1. Yes we did!!!! XD thanks!! <3
      Haha, yeah. since we're out in the country it's pretty safe ya know, not like surrounded by a city, or a neighborhood. :) Ohh, trampolines are so much funnnn!!!
      IKRRRR?!!!!!!!!! Awwww, I'm sure you can't!!!!!!! That is an adorable name and i love the unique spelling!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! Great photos. Micah is SOOO cute!! <3


    1. It was! Thanks. HE IS!!!!!

  3. Aw, it's too bad that it was too cold to stay out all night but the campfire looks so cozy and fun - I can just smell it. ;)

  4. YOU HAVE A TRAMPOLINE?! ahhhhh I want one!! Can you do any cool flips on it? okay I'm slightly freaking out here, sorry.

    Sounds so fun. Me and my brother camp outside sometimes too :)

    Micah is ADORBALE. I love that picture <3

    1. lol yup!!! xD You should totally make your parents get one, haha! Yeah, I can do a front handspring on it, front walkovers, and sometimes a back walkover, if i practice at it! xD It's good for learning ariels. My brothers can also do front flips and back flips, which I sadly haven't succeeded at yet. :( Do you have one at your gym?? It was! Yeah, camping is so much fun!!
      Yeah he is!!! I love that pic too!! XD

  5. Rosalyn6:19 AM

    Oh looks like a lot of fun ... even though you all went back to the house! :D I absolutely love taking pictures of flames!

    Crazily adorable picture of Micah there! :) Or should I say "Daniel Boone?" :p

    1. Yeah, me too!
      ikr?!! haha! :)

  6. OK, CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE MICAH!!!!!!!!??????? Oh my goodness gracious, he is such a SWEETHEART!! =D
    And, I loved this post, Paige!! A bonfire sounds like so much fun!!
    Jaidyn Elise
    WOW, this comment was short!! What's wrong with me...... lol =PP