my crazy april || Southern Missouri in a state of emergency....

April has been SSOOOO very busy! A lot of changes in the first week. And we got this nasty 24 hour flu....and I actually got it. 😖 Let's just say that night was pretty wretched. :l
Micah started drinking bottles so I baby sat a LOT! I'm happy that Mom can go places without having to bring Micah cause he doesn't do well in vehicles. And I love babysitting him (and everyone else!) so that was awesome!!
We have 6 puppies sold, which is a relief, but still 8 more to look after, 'til we find people to buy them. Thankfully we had a hard enough freeze that we don't have to deal with too many fleas or ticks!!
There has been quite a few tornado warnings. Most of the time the weather is really nice though. We did a tornado drill when there was a warning, one was on the ground in....I can't remember where but somewhere close to us!
But here the last couple days have been the most crazy!!! Southern MO is declared in a state of emergency...BECAUSE OF RAIN....
We have had MAJOR flooding and heavy rain making the roads blocked off everywhere, Cassville is pretty much "underwater" and Neosho is completely evacuated. Aurora is the only town that we can get to, but there are a lot of places where huge rivers are just about over the road. and it's supposed to rain really heavy tonight and the next day. 😫 
Yes i know, i usually love rain, but there have been many accidents so far, A car was swept away and a woman died. 31 cows  were hit by lightning. roads collapsing, people everywhere having to be either helicopter rescued or rescued with boats, over 100 so far and reports say that that number is sure to rise by the next couple days.
SO yeah.

I don't even know how to put the rest of April into words. Just 2 words that I can think of that you've seen quite often on my blog...busy and crazy. The hard thing is that June, July and August look very busy as well.
But...on to my wrap up thing!!! :)


The funny stuff-

During tornado drill: Mom-Everybody get into the storm shelter!-Me: could I just grab my violin???

--Rylan: I'm gonna share the orange with you, lilli. -Lilli: no because I have to share it with myself!!! #lol

-'The rain is drying up!' (It was still raining, just not as bad) -Rylan

-Lilli while watching an ABC video-'l a s-elimino-p!'

-*sun comes out from behind a cloud, hence making everything VERY bright* Joshua: *gasps* IS IT JUDGEMENT DAY????

-Ashley: *walks in the door* Did someone get a new animal???? Everyone: uhhh, noo.- Ash: IT SMELLS LIKE CHICKS OUTSIDE... Everyone: ohh kay....

-Caden watching ABC movie- Movie: What is this?-Caden: A T REX!-Movie: A dinosaur!!-Caden: no, it's a t rex!! Caden: *very confused*

-Dylan: I'm starving what did y'all have for lunch??-Me:Pizza-Dyl:What pizza, WHERE?-Me:No, pizza bread.-Dyl: YOU HAD ME SO EXCITED ABOUT PIZZAAAA! *starts sobbing* *won't quit sobbing* 😨

-Mom: Ohh, here's my make up, in the fridge. well of course!!!  *sarcastic voice*


-I taught lilli the "I'm gonna let it shine" song. And then later heard her running around singing 'Me gonna let it shine-let it shine-and don't let satan blow it out!!

-Micah turning into my shoulder when someone else puts there hands out for him...#meltmyheart

-Lilli and Rylan doing EVERYTHING together :-)

-watching Lilli play with Micah <33
-Lill and Rylan 'interpreting' for Micah.

-basically all of my BBF's posts cause she's just awesome, and all her sisters, lol!! xD <3
-'Listening to spring' and 'green scene' by Sophia Noelle
-http://haiticliniclife.blogspot.com- You should go look at this blog and please pray for them!!

-start biking | this didn't really happen...
-crochet 7 things | YEP!! 2 big things 6 smaller projects
-read through Job | check!
-pass 2 songs.. | well, our lesson was put off for two more weeks, so i guess i didn't even tho they're completely perfect. :(
-get up earlier | haha, some days, but not everyday. :/
-journal once a day | I DID kinda start but it wasn't everyday, so nope.
-memorize 7 verses | No, i think i memorized 4...*cringes*
-get pics of the older ones | YUP yup!!
-ride at least once | Check! :)
-get better at volleying | CHECK!!! *is so happy* (i messed up and said 'spiking in my goal post, sorry!)
-spend a few mornings on the roof | yasss, SO. WONDERFUL. especially when you just need to get away from the crazy noise for a few minutes. :))

I'll be doing a goal post cause this has turned out incredibly long...sorry!!! :/ and I'll be doing a some pics of the flooding later! 

sweet little Destyn!!!

btw, if you read this whole entire thing...you're srsly the bestest human bean!!!


    And you guys are getting floods!? I bet you're kind of excited, big storms and all.... ;)
    Micah turning into my shoulder when someone else puts there hands out for him. <- EXACTLY what Elaina does, lol!!
    AWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THAT ABOUT ME!! You're really too kind, girl!! =D <3333 #BBF'sForever #TOTALLY
    All the pictures you included in this post were awesome, and OMW you're so cuuuuttttteee!!!!! =D
    Have a blessed day! =)
    Jaidyn Elise
    I READ THE WHOLE THING!! So, I guess you can consider me an awesome human bean if you want!! =P

    1. GOOOOOD!!!!!! =DDDD
      Yeah, but it is kinda sad all the people that are dying. :(( If you google it there's a little more info, just put 2017 at the end!
      I thought so too, my sibs are hilarious!!! awwww, yes! Lilli did that too, it's just the most heart melting thing EVER.!!!!
      tHAnk you!! and OMW THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!!! That is so very sweet of you!! <33333 #YESSS #FOREVER
      You too! <3

      Ooh WOW. GOD JOB!!!! *rewards you with a virtual ice cream cone, STRAWBERRY-of course* (!!!!)

    2. =D <3333
      That is SOOO SAD!! OK,thank you. =)
      IKR!!?? It's just TOO CUTE. <33333
      You're welcome!! YOU'RE SO SUPER WELCOME!!!#YES #AGREED

      THANK YOOOOUUU!!!! *gobbles up ALL the strawberry ice cream* MY FAVORITE! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! =DD
      Jaidyn Elise

    3. (Woops I just realized that the GOD is supposed to be GOOD,sorry! )
      I know it really is!
      =D <333

  2. btw, are you going to be keeping any of the puppies???
    Jaidyn Elise <33

    1. No, this is our fourth litter and we really need to get rid of them, plus 2 of our dogs and start over, cause it's just no the best situation. :/ And they're really stressful, taking care of 7, and 3 dogs. So yeah, we just need to try some other stuff with advertising cause we're having really bad luck. :((

    2. Aww, poor things!
      Hopefully you'll find someone who wants them soon!! =)
      Jaidyn Elise

  3. And, was that picture one of your cousins?? The picture of Destyn??
    Jaidyn Elise
    Sorry I keep asking questions in so many different comments!! I meant to ask them all in one, but I guess I forgot.....=/

    1. Umm, he would be my 3rd cousin. I guess i kinda cheated cause that pic was taken a year ago, he'll be 2 in July!!
      It's okay!! Whoa. we have the exact same problem with EACH OTHER'S blogs cause i always do that! BUt then i don't know if i should ask or if that'd be annoying..??

  4. AWWW he's SOOOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!! No, you didn't really cheat....;) AWW! Elaina is actually two! =) (though you probably already know that lol)
    Ok, good! =D
    It's not annoying AT ALL. Like, seriously. I just wanted to know if it would be annoying to you or not. ;)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. Haha, yes, thanks!
      Yeah!! XD
      Okay. *sigh of relief* thanks!

    2. You're welcome! lol =P
      Haha! #totally
      Anytime, girl!! =DD
      Jaidyn Elise

  5. Rosalyn3:35 PM

    Oh my, tornadoes and floodings? How awful! We heard Texas is having tornadoes ... are you guys in Texas?
    Haha, that drill humour is hilarious! :D
    I managed reading this whole post ... *pats self on the shoulder* Glad you were able to accomplish lots of your goals!
    Until next time :)

    1. Yep, not very nice!
      No we don't live in Texas, we live in Missouri.
      Good job awesome human bean!!! Me too!

  6. Aww great wrap up!!! I loved all the photos. So glad you liked those posts of mine! That means so much to me and makes me so very happy. :))
    My favorite "cuteness" excerpt is where you taught Lilli the let it shine song. xD SO CUTE. <3 <3


    1. Thank you!
      Awe, the were really great and I LOVED them! <33
      *smiles* she is so cute! xD

  7. Ahh we got flooding too. Over three days we got 13 inches of rain. And our water went out because of some water pipe splits (I think that's what it's called). So yeah we finally got our water back after a little over a day. :) Great post!


    1. Yeah I heard it was raining in St Louis/Illinois area. Ah man, that is not nice! :( out pipes froze for 3 days once, I got really good at boiling water fit cleaning dishes and such! It was actually [kinda] fun.

  8. I hope you all stay safe and dry! You will be in my prayers. <3
    Thanks for sharing all the fun little snippets of life and the lovely photos! :)

  9. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Hi Paige,
    Have been praying for you'll. Hope you stay safe. I got your letter and my letter is going out to you today. Expect a little surprise with it when it comes. hint hint

    1. Hey!
      thanks girl!!
      aww, can't wait to get it!!! xD

  10. Anonymous6:11 AM

    I also LOVED this post

  11. Wow, you certainly did have a busy month! I hope it quit raining for you guys. Those funny quotes from your family..! LOL!!!

    1. Yes!!
      It kinda did, but it's raining again today. At least it gave us a little break though! :)
      XD so glad you liked them!!