Update on Dylan and he's turning 18 today!!! \\ picture-dump =D

His first time holding Micah in over a month...it was SO incredibly sweet!!!!

Happy birthday to the best big brother ever!!!! Dylan you are awesome and amazing and generally a totally cool person. xD 
Dylan and Mom went to St. Louis yesterday for the check-up and the doctors say that everything is perfect, praise the Lord!!!! We are all so happy and relieved!! Thanks y'all for your prayers. <3<3  

Happy 18th dude!!! =D 

on a teency other note...GUYS IT IS OFFICIALLY DECEMBER. DECEMBER.  Can you even believe it???? Because I'm trying to...it just hasn't fully sunken in yet. 

and here's a picture dump. bc I really like to do that to y'all. XDD

facetiming with this awesome peep. Apparently Willa J. Swift is very energetic...lol!!! We had such a great time.

Trying new hairstyles for my now layered hair with fancy bobby pins (I got them before I layered my hair so it isn't layered in this pic :))

Doing a treasure hunt for my brothers and sister with cookies  
searching in the pantry...

Running to dad's shop...

they found the cookies and are now happy and content for a couple seconds xD

school time =D

AWWW HE'S ADORABLE.  and 'fluffy' coats are the thing.

My bros acted out a Goliath skit. It was awesome!!!!

my 'christmas music' xDD

and last but certainly not least... THE LITTLE GOOBER. 


  1. Happy Birthday, Dylan!
    Paige, this was an AWESOME AWESOME post- I loved it!
    Jaidyn Elise<3

  2. Happy birthday to your brother! :)
    What a fun pic dump! I want to see pics of your new hairdo with the fancy bobby pins.

  3. Great post! Loved the pictures :)

  4. Awesome post girl!
    BTW I love Pentatonix! (even, 'Mary did you know' LOL)

  5. LOL amelia told me you guys talked on the phone and ohgosh it sounds like you had WAY TOO MUCH FUN. and without me?!!! i am so sad.
    lol kidding :DD so glad you guys got connected. i could tell you two were kindred spirits the moment i met you haha :)
    sounds like an awesome month!!! loved the photos + am so relieved dylan is feeling better!!


  6. I love making treasure hunts for my bros!

  7. The Goliath skit was cute!

  8. WHOA you put a pic of me!??!? LOL you are sneaky!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN!!!!