gingerbread + the longest 24 minutes of the year}}

it's officially new years y'all, and with only 14 minutes left of 2017 i'm thinking about adventures and everything we'll do in 2018. ya know, this year wasn't the easiest or best year. it's hard to say it was 'fantastic' or 'wonderful', but a lot of parts were. things have been difficult and the Lord is showing me that that's when we still just need to praise Him. it's easy to be grateful when everything around you is working out, but it's five thousand times harder to when you look around and everything is seeming to be falling apart. i feel like 2018 is going to be a great year though...the Lord has given me so much peace about it, which i can be eternally grateful just for that. <3  
and ya know how those last 30ish minutes from new years are THE HARDEST??!? crazy how slow it suddenly gets xD (aka 24 longest minutes of the year :D )
well, in just 9 minutes now we're going to make a toast to the New Year and drink Sparkling grape juice or whatever it's called. ;) hope y'all have a great time tonight and a year full of blessings xx

happy 2018 y'all xxx


  1. Yay! A new year to see Gods plans come alive!

  2. Great pics!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Sooo much love girlllll!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
    Those gingerbread houses look sooo creative!! <3333