new years eve and new years partyyyy // making memories

lots. of. laughing. <333

dec 31- new years eve

we are some hilarious peeps at times....it was so refreshing to be laughing our heads off ;D 

next morning- jan 1- micah went first opening his gifts from me <3

it was such a wonderful and memorable morning for all of us <333

shooting the new guns ;) lol

the official dork. xDDD


josh- the science geek, got an awesome microscope that he's been wanting forever!!

Ash working on family update letters

PIE FACE!!!!!!!

baby boy was allll tired out after a long day of celebrating the new year. <333

WELL HERE I AM. just a *few* days late. ;D

We all had such an amazing New Years celebration!!! It was such a wonderful time of laughing and smiling and being together as a family. Making sweet memories and spending time together was so awesome. I can't even tell you how refreshing it felt to all be laughing with each other and dancing and goofing off at nearly 1 am on new years eve. <333 It was a really special time for me that I wouldn't trade for anything.
On new years eve I babysat for most of the day, Mom got groceries and other party stuffs. Once we were all together at home, the party 'started'. xD Out came the ritz crackers, spray cheese, nut mix, and doritos. We talked about the day and how work went and other randomness until it was somewhere around 11:56. Then we started getting serious and got everyone to the table and started opening the sparkling grape juice. When 12 am- Jan 1st, 2018- came, we all cheered our glasses and Mom went around and kissed everybody on the cheek. <33 (it was a tradition she had growing up ;D) 
We goofed off (pics 1 + 12 thru 19)  before going to bed. It was kinda sad to have to end the dancing and laughing together, but if we wanted presents we knew we had to get up early, so that was something to look forward to. =D
The next morning was fun as people tore into their presents one by one. Everybody LOVED what they got!!! It was such a fun time! Then after the goober laid down for his nap, me, Ash and Lilli went to town to get some stuff. On the way home she stopped at Arby's and got me a loaded curly fry and mint chocolate shake...(!!!!!!) IT WAS SUPER GOOD. thanks awesome sista!!! <33

And there's our New Years Eve and New Years day story. Who else can't believe how fast 2017 was over?? CRAZINESS. Sooooo excited to see what God has in store for us and all of y'all this year, it's gonna be an adventure!! <3 Click here to see my resolutions for this year. Lots of new ambitions, I thikn it' good to try something completely new every year. Who else wants to?? (FLUTE is my super new thing ;D I know hardly anything about it but have always loved how it sounded...soo..I'm givin it a go!!)

Fave pic?
Something new you would like to try?? (come on, LET'S BE ADVENTUROUS!!!)


  1. Wow! Looks like so much fun! Did you stay up till midnight?



    sophy xx

  3. I LOVED the side view pic of Micah when he's holding his gift...shock and surprise and wonder, hehe. :)

    And the pics of y'all bracing for the splat in the face...I loved the expressions on your faces. :)

    How was my New Year's Eve?? Spent it trying to sleep on the hard cold floor of a city airport lol.

    Happy New Year!

    1. YES, me too!!! one of my favorites xDD
      and THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS!!! We were laughing so hard!! the expressions were great!!! =D
      That doesn't sound to spectacular. :( Where were you traveling to/from??

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Hey Paige! I was just wondering if you would be interested in doing a post on why you celebrate New Years rather than Christmas?

    1. Hi!! Yeah, I really need to get around to that :P I'd love to do a post on why!!

    2. Yes! Pleas do!

  5. I was reading everything you wrote and MAN I JUST LOVE YOUR PERSONALITY AND YOUR OPTIMISM AND LIKE UGHHHHH girl I need to talk to you again!!!! *ahem* WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE??!?!
    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, the pictures made my heart smile!!! xxxxx

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