REVIEW OF TWENTY SEVENTEEN. {so much happened}










_October_ <333



 in 2017...

We watched as little Micah grew up. Went to friend's weddings. I skated more + learned how to ripstick. Finished 2nd violin Suzuki book, learned harmonics, shifting, staccato and more bowing on violin. I started learning cello, and French. Opened an online crochet shop. Ash started working at Mcdonalds. Met so many new amazing people. Discovered poetry and love it. We remodeled the kitchen, redid the boy's room, turned the back deck into an extra room and laundry room + made enough room for a walk in pantry. Went to NE 3 times. Grew in my relationship with the Lord SO much <3 Got side bangs and dramatic layers. Saw our best friends in Ohio again <33 Finished 2 journals. I became a woman. Went to Worlds of Fun with Mom for the first time. (!!!) Got another little cousin in June. We started sponsoring a little girl in Africa. I completed everything on my 2017 goal list. My responsibility skyrocketed. Started Algebra. Dylan had major surgery on his chest in October. (He is recovering well!) Me and Ashley traveled through/to PA, OH, WV, IL, we saw 2 new states, explored gettysburg, attended Tashia's wedding. (everything was amazing!!!) Dad broke his hand. (it's slowly healing up) Vacations were so amazing. I learned so much about PEOPLE and my passions. We had a Fall Party and hosted a baby shower.

I matured. Changed. Became 100000% more responsible. Those were probably the hugest things.People told me that I had changed so  much in just a couple months, then anyone they've ever seen! 2017 was a year of major growing, growing spiritually and physically.  
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All in all, 2017 was a good year. Thinking about it, it was a really good, year. <333

(i know this is kinda late, but i *finally* finished it and that's what counts. ;D)  HOW WAS YOUR YEAR?? 

 au reviour xx


  1. Looooove all of the photos!!!!! <33 And my year was the same -- HUGE turning point and crazy big learning curve, I never thought I was discover this much about myself. xDDD xxxx

    1. aw thankssss!!!! ah so glad to hear that. i'm not the only one, lol XDDD

  2. Your year looks like it was crazy busy but also amazing! I love your heart for children and think it's so cool you want to be a midwife.

    Also it looks like we posted our recaps on the exact same day, haha. Better late than never. XDD

  3. Love your year! Looks like you learned a lot! And oh boy, I love all those pics!! :)