I GOT A BP CUFF + STETHOSCOPE!!! || I learned how to use it + OFFICIAL BLOG DESIGN!

I got a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope and learned how to use it and i loveeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The night I got it David was over, and so he taught me how to use it!! I took everyone's blood pressure and it was great and now I'm the pro at it!!!! ( not to brag ;DD) It's a bright pink and I soo wish that I could've found an aqua one, but it's okay. I love it, and it's actually a good step to being a midwife!!! Here, this'll explain that a tad more..I memorized this. xD
Check her weight
Her blood pressure
Edema (swelling)
Check fetal heart rate
Kicking and fetal movement
Uterus size and measurements
Palpation (uhh, something..? ) :|

LOL, so I didn't have it completely memorized i guess xD
Anyways, that's what you would do at a prenatal. (I've went to a looottt of those with my Mom. :))

Oh, pictures! YUP YUP! They're comin'.

Now I've added this to my midwifery bag which now has a fetal doppler, aloe gel, pediatric stethoscope, adult stethoscope, and my bp cuff! XD

Hhehee, are you tired of reading about midwifery...? Sorry! I could ramle FOREVER. ABOUT. MIDWIFERY.

But hey, this is now my official blog design!! Do ya like it?

Okay. You're awesome--bye!!
(I wonder ow many times I've done an exclamation mark in this post..at least 63 times!)


  1. EEEEPPP!!!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals a ton*
    And, I never get tired about hearing about your dream to be a midwife- It sounds AWESOME!!!!!! And, I loved taking a peek into your midwifery bag, too,it was pretty cool.;)
    And, I loooovvee the new design, I'm so glad your sticking with it!! Do you use blogger as your blog program?
    Jaidyn Elise
    BTW.....You can NEVER use to many exclamation marks. NEVER. xD

    1. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!! *squeals with you and hugs my midwifery bag* LOL!!
      i'M Happy you do!! I'm gonna change the post title font tho, I'm reallyy not liking it! But everything
      else I'm loving!!
      hey, did you read my post about going to the ER? I was just wondering what you thought about that post. :)

  2. You're welcome!!!!! =D
    Yeah, it's totally awesome!! ;) Oh, OK!! =)
    That's great! It's good to love your own blog, lol =D
    Umm, yeah! I'm so sorry you had to go to the ER. =/ And, the pictures in the post were beautiful- thanks so much for sharing!!! =D I'll definitely be praying that you don't have to go to the ER again. =)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. =D
      Yeah, and I may change the design one more time cause now the colors aren't matching...*head desk*
      It's okay! You just didn't comment so I was wondering if you saw it. (Not that I expect you to comment AT ALL I was just asking) what about the other stuff in the post? I'm just wondering what you thought.
      Awe thanks! ♡♡

    2. OK!! That's fine with me. ;)
      OK, yeah! It was great! ;) (like all your posts R ;))
      You're welcome!!! =D
      Jaidyn Elise<3

  3. Looks so fun!!! I am SO excited for you. It has been amazing to follow along on this lovely journey with you, Paige girl. <3 <3


    1. Awe, thank you so much sweet girl! ♡

  4. How exciting!!
    I just finished my MA training and am planning on going on for my nursing license soon. I am so happy that you already know what you want to do and are moving in that direction. The more practice with the stethoscope/BP cuff the better. I had to work in Urgent care/ pediatric care for the last month of my schooling, and I realized how the more you do it, the more tricks you learn. I like to place my stethoscope on patients back to count their respirations- I count for 15 seconds, and then multiple the result by 4 so see how many times they breathe in and out in a minute. At school we learned how to count pulse manually, but in the field we use a machine called a 'Pulse ox" which counts your pulse and measures your oxygen level. I love the medical field- I have an aqua colored Litmann stethoscope that my parents got me as a graduation present. It works great! I love your pink set though!!!

    1. That's so great! How long did it take you to finish your MA training? That'd be so cool! Pediatric care would be so much fun to do!
      Me too, medical everything is awesome! ♡ ooh aqua would've been so nice. But hey, at least it works! :p
      Thanks a ton for your comment Morgen!

    2. Thank you! It took me ten months to become a certified MA. I am currently looking for a MA job now. :D

  5. Hi Paige!
    In your last post you said that a midwife is ready to take you at 16. Does that mean you're going to do an internship or work for her? Is she in Africa?
    How are you going to get your midwifery license, and what kind of midwife do you want to be? I want to be a midwife as well, but I'm not sure how to go about getting my certification. I'm still praying about where God wants me be one at. :)
    That's so neat you already have a few tools! I would love to have a little baby bag too. :) What's the aloe gel for? And how is a pediatric stethoscope different from an adult stethoscope?


    1. Hi Ashley!
      This midwife isn't in Africa, though there are some midwifery training schools in Africa. I would apprentice with her for 2 to 3 years until I got my 'numbers' (numbers of births attended etc) and I felt confident and the midwife felt confident about me. I want to be a CPM (certified professional midwife) and I'm pretty sure I could get that license like any other. (You can look it up ;))
      I didn't know you want to be a midwife! That's so awesome! The gel goes with the doppler, (I bought them separately tho) because the doppler won't work without it. You put the gel on the woman's stomach, then use the doppler, it makes it so we can here the heart beat. I've done it many many times while my mom was pregnant, and it can be tricky!
      First there's a noticeable size difference in the two, and it's much nicer to have a smaller stethoscope for an infant. I think it's just the size tho, it's so much nicer having a Small one for all the little babies. :)
      Thanks so much for your questions and feel completely free to ask me more! =D

    2. Hi Paige!
      Thank you for answering all my questions. :)
      That is so cool you would be able to intern. Can you do that without taking any classes first? Are the 'numbers' required in your state? So after you get all your 'numbers', how do you proceed on from there? Where do you plan on getting your certification?