j u n e ^ MONTH OF OPPORTUNITY || goals, highlights + rambles about enjoying life

^messy hair- literally don't care^

this month was literally the best month evah..
I mean yes. we all have our sad moments but it seems like all the amazing things that have/are happening blur them out a little.
There has been so many amazing opportunities to help people and be a light. So many amazing encounters and things that are happening. Life is just rolling on and good things are around the corner.
Make yourself comfortable cause I'll probably ramble....

soooo many of the craziest things have happened, some bad and some wonderful. I have learned that I don't have to post everything and try to make sense out of things. I don't have to post every couple days to keep people happy. I don't have to worry about not checking the internet at all for 8 days because of life.
now this my friends-this little thing called life is a wonderful thing to live. Because sometimes this whole different online world is a lot to take. replies and comments and emails and alll this stuff that I used to be worrying about, worrying that I would be a bad blogger if I wasn't always caught up with everything. I've learned that its okay to go without posting for over a week and to enjoy life. I've been going through a little dry spot in my relationship with the Lord. I haven't felt like reading my Bible and I'm not praying like I should. I'm always on the look out for opportunities to show His love, but hen it comes to full heatedly seeking Him I've been failing.  It was wonderful to have so much time to talk with Mom about this going back and forth to NE. She told me how God actually uses those dry times as lessons, but Satan says that I am just not good enough to live the 'Christian' life. In Iowa we walked around Hamburg with my Aunt and had a God-centered conversation. I don't know why, but something about that evening motivated me to search the Word deeper and make an effort. I started studying prayer, because prayer is our lifeline to our life-giving God.
I got a new journal and changed my room around so that I like to study in there. I've become more organized about things I need to do in following months. I really feel like this month was a smallmilestone to the goal that we have all set. To grow closer to Jesus-to be organized-to get more sleep-to drink more water- etc.

whoa. Now I read this {book} that i just wrote and can't believe it actually sounds like what it is. like what I feel.
ok. onto funny stuffs xxx

r a n d o m/funny  {aka, a whole bunch of stuff that was funnier in real life}

Little bro: Do firemen put out forest fires too??

Lilli : *sees a pic of people praying * "They fell asleep!"

Me: Je suis tellement declur! 

Mom: Oh great, here we go with another language! (It was funnier in real life 😛)

David: Man, adulting was supposed to be fun. 

Me: Whoever said that??!? 
David: I did...before I was an adult! :( 

Figuring out how to make this heart -> ♡ and being ecstatic! ♡♡♡

Betsy: I want ice cream..

Betsy: Let's go get some!
*runs off to eat ice cream and talk all night* #twins [she's the best peeps!]

Ash: Whoa, your hair is a mess lady!!

Me: I know
Ash: You really need one of those shirts that says Messy hair don't care..
Me: yeh, except it needs to say, LITERALLY!!
*3 days later*
Ash: Close your eyes and hold out your hands! *gives me a messy hair don't care shirt* 
Both of us: *cracks up laughing* 

Elias: Levi, what would you rather pick: help me with my table- or DIE???!?

Me : you know how when you pass a car and the other person looks at you and makes eye contact?
Me: I always get really close to the window and stare at them and it freaks them out. But we'll never meet in real life, so why not? 
Mom: Okay, that's a little bit out of my comfort zone.😨

Me: WOO HOOO I'M 4% FLUUUEEENNNTTT  IN FRENCH!!!!!!! *whispers* I'm now 15% fluent!!!

Mom: yay!! 
Dyaln:  .... .... that's just funny... *shakes head*

R a n d o m/ other 

riding roller coasters at Worlds of Fun with Mom (!!!!!) It was so bizarre awesome!

swimming at a flooded park in AR (the slides were literally covered with water!!)

spending time with amazing friends at New Life <33

eating chips and homemade salsa *love*

Micah srsly not letting me go my first day home after a week :3

Singing in the car with Mom

Walking with Micah amongst millions of wildflowers

Singing the most beautiful french songs of worship♡

Walking around Hamburg IA looking at old buildings and having deep conversations with my Aunt. <3

Sitting Micah down and him turning and reaching his arms out for me *melts*

David ( the tiny wittle baby) looking at me with his huge eyes every day when I hold him 😍😊

Dancing in refreshing, warm rain 

Seeing an old friend and running to give each other a hug in the parking lot <3 (we were separated for a long time) 

Helping a mom with 5 of the sweetest children for a week + being able to hold her  tiny 3 week old! 

The smell of horses 

Cleaning our school room and getting rid of hundreds of books out of our hundreds UPON HUNDREDS of books...😩😩😩

H i g h l i g h t s ^^
^screaming with hundreds of people as we drop 175 feet in the front car riding the Mamba
^crocheting tons and actually making progress for my shop
^completing all my goals
^ the Lord giving me so many opportunities to show love
^cuddling my newborn cousin one day old <33

Goals for J U L Y:
Finish crocheting for my shop
Journal everyday
Read two books
Finish 2 skeins of yarn- at least!

How was your month??
Who else can't believe we are half way through the year???? (I can't!!!)


  1. <3 this post so much! And your feelings are like uhhh yesss. Totally get it. ;) enjoyed this post!


    1. aw thanks!! I'm super happy you thought so!!

  2. Me : you know how when you pass a car and the other person looks at you and makes eye contact?
    Me: I always get really close to the window and stare at them and it freaks them out. But we'll never meet in real life, so why not?
    Mom: Okay, that's a little bit out of my comfort zone.😨

    ^^^^ I AM LAUGHING SO HARD, OMW!!!!!! =PP
    (and, BTW- I didn't think your hair was messy in the second pic. *wink wink* <33)

    My month was went pretty well, thanks for asking!! We celebrated my Birthday on the 30th, which was AMAZING, I got great gifts, and Skylar started voice lessons......we had a pretty good month. <33 *thumbs up*

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Jaidyn Elise<3

    1. we laughed forever about that too!!!!
      Good! Oh yay!!

    2. Hahaha, lol!!! =PP
      *wink wink* ;)
      Hey, Happy Fourth of July, girl!! =)
      Jaidyn Elise<33

    3. haha thanks, you too!

    4. 'Welcome! ;) Thanks!! <3333333
      Jaidyn Elise

  3. Yay, it sounds like you had an amazing month, one you will treasure memories of! ^_^ Your messy hair looks cuter than my messy hair, but it's so funny your sister gave you that shirt.
    Keep enjoying life! :)

  4. HAHAHA. it sounds like june was quite the month, paige girl. it had me grinning all over the place. being away from blogging is totally okay - take your time and go have fun. but we'll be here and there, waiting for you. ;) also, keep seeking God through those dry spells. always. x loves.

    1. it as for sure!!!
      thank you gal!! you are soo sweet! <3

  5. I'm soo happy that you had a GREAT month, the only thing I did was going to my Church camp for 5 days!!!!
    And before I mentioned my Church CAMP so almost all week I said
    "Camp hair Don't care!" And literally I didn't care I went into Walmart with my Camp hair!!
    Peeps were staring at me!!!

    1. Chruch camp sounds fun!
      hhaha, that's so greattt!

  6. I have curly hair, so my life is literally "messy hair, don't care" 24/7! XD

  7. I really enjoyed this post: your so real, Paige. I especially related to you saying about a spiritual dry. I feel like that sometimes and the devil uses it some much.
    Also what you were saying about being caught(for want of a better word) by the internet was a great reminder to me! As you said there's nothing bad about having time off.

    1. I'm so glad that someone got something out of that! The devil really does use it.
      Thank you so much for your comment girl!

  8. That's funny about the shirt! :)