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Hello all! Today I'm doing a dandy little post of what I/we have been up to lately. Quite a few of my friends have done this now, but it's been in my head as an idea for a while! *wiggles toes*

Of lately....

-how to make clay
-that God's plan is always greater
-Tunisian crochet
-fractions, decimals, percents and more fractions and division. 
-latte art 
-this.... (IT IS SO HARD HELP!)

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Dreaming of...
-meeting Hannah (left my heart in Africa)
-going to Africa
-seeing the ocean ...(it will happen someday!)
-meeting my sponsored sister

-a 60 day chronological Bible plan
-Breakers Reef, by Terri Blackstock
-[[we're going to go to the library soon, cause otherwise I have no more books to read..]]

-we got a cute little kitten <33
- getting another pet but that's a whole different story..*leaves you hanging in suspense*
-me and my friend taking a walk in our filed to talk, and ending up eating hundreds of wild blackberries and then jumping on the horses and laughing our heads off! #quitethepair #bffs


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Looking forward to...
-our family vacation in August 
-seeing people from New Life again (I miss them already :'( )
-what the Lord will do with my life next <33

-the future.

                                              Something you are learning?
                                           looking forward too?
                                             dreaming about???


  1. WOWWOWOWOW!!!! LOVVVVVVED this post, girlie!!! ;) Like, srsly- this is one of my favorite posts you've done. <3333
    YUP, you and your best friend do sound like 'quite the pair'....lol! xD
    Something I'm learning? Not to take things for granted anymore- I have such a problem with that. =/
    Looking forward to? Getting a phone, and going to Skate Daze this Friday!!!!!!!! #I<3Skating
    Dreaming about? The day when my baby brother comes home and MANY MANY other things. =) ;) *wink wink*
    Love ya, girl! <33 *tackles you with bear hugs*
    Jaidyn Elise<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    1. That's funny cuz I just realized that too!!! xP
      WE. ARE. I loves all my besties!!!
      That sounds awesome!!!
      luv ya <3

    2. Hehe, lol! xD
      THAT'S AWESOME. SO DO I!!!! <33 *hugs all my besties*
      <33333 *HUGS*
      Jaidyn Elise<3

  2. Ooo I want to see photos of the kitten!!
    Sounds like so much fun. Tunisian crochet sounds super interesting! I'll have to check it out.


    1. coming up!!!
      yeah, it is actually knitting and crocheting combined.

  3. Wow me and my BFFAE(best friends forever and ever) mess with her horse too!!!
    Braid her main, brush her, ride her bear back, and walk her,
    Then we play with her calf...LOL
    BFF's are THE BEST!!!!!!
    Love ya Paige

    1. Ohhh, can i steal that BFFAE??? that's the best! TOTALLY!!

  4. Lovely post! Your words are always so sincere and beautiful. <3

  5. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Great post, Paige!! Those songs sound like fun! Now I want to try to learn them! :-) I found sheet music for the second song and thought it might help if you don't already have some. (It seems like it would be near IMPOSSIBLE to learn if you don't have the sheet music. :-)) Here is the link!
    You guys got a kitten? That's so exciting! What's its name? You should totally post some pictures! :-)

    ~Skylar Reese

    1. Thanks girl!! You should!! Aw thanks..that's where I found it too, but i know the starting and a ton of various parts by ear, so I'm practicing the beginning speed. But thank you so much, you should really learn it too!!
      Yep! His name is stormy- but I call him smurf!! :) I will soon!! xD

  6. Sorry, but just had to pop in and say: Smurf is such a CUTE. NAME!!!!!!!! <33 What color is he?
    OK, I'm outta here now!! xD
    Jaidyn Elise<3

  7. These are great, Paige!!

    Awww I'm so honored meeting me is among the things you dream of!! I hope to meet you too!

    Hmmm something I'm looking forward to? My next date with Jon <3 <3 Dreaming about returning to Uganda in January. And learning to trust God in uncertain times.

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    2. Thanks!
      Awww YES, I'm sure!!! *squeals for the 17th time*
      I can't wait til you go back to Africa as well! It'll be so exciting! ♡
      I love your answers! 😄