WE GOT A PET SNAKE || Of pythons and chickens and kittens

4 ft long Spider Python...xD 

Pippin's face- LOVE IT. 

YEP. we got  a python!!!!!!!!!! His name is Twister and he's so cute! We've fed him thrice, and it's always so fun!! We think he may have a mental disorder cause he's kinda a dorky snake, but he's still cute.  We held him last night and he was just fine! (He's a constrictor so he can't really hurt you ;))
and our new kitten might be messed up too...HE'S WEIRD. anyways...
and we also got 22 new chickens which are such a blessing!!! (and only one of them is messed up..lol)

Have you ever held a snake?
Do you like snakes???


    Aww, it has a mental disorder, or possibly could? Poor thing. =/
    Have you guys taken him to a vet yet? Maybe the doctors could figure out what's wrong with him. Have you guys named him yet?
    You got TWENTY TWO CHICKENS!!? *high fives* good for you!! ;)

    No, I don't think I've ever held a snake....and don't know if I want to..........lol. xD
    Umm....do i like snakes? Not very much. =) They just aren't my type! Now, if you handed me a turtle, I might hold it- I mean, I've touched a snake before, but still.....just holding one, for me, is a different story. xD
    But, thanks for asking, anyways!!! =P
    Have a great day! (HEY, you should post some pics of your kitten! AND THE TWENTY TWO CHICKENS. xD)
    Jaidyn Elise<3

    1. yup yup!!
      Haha, well, we just thought that cause it's a dork, but we were mostly joking around. ;)
      YES! Which is awesome cuz we needed them SO. BAD. We're finally starting to get eggs which is such a wonderful blessing!
      YOU HAVEN'T? In West Point there was Gardener snakes all over, so we had tons of experience with them. (they're completely harmless ;))
      You too!

    2. Haha, OK!! lol xD
      YAAAAYY!!! =D
      Yeah, we actually had one in our yard......=/ But, it slithered under our garden, and we didn't see it come out. (OK, good. =))
      Thanks! =D
      Jaidyn Elise<3

  2. HEY HEY HEY!!!! I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT!!!!!! *waves arms in the air excitedly* YAAAAAAY! xD
    And, MY LAND, was that a LOOOOONNG comment! YEESH. xD
    JaIdYn ElIsE <3

  3. Wow. You are so much braver than I!!!!!!! Have fun with Twister!!!

    1. Haha, thanks!! It may just be a southern country affect..I've been around snakes since I was 3. =DD Do you live in the country?
      We will!!!!!!

  4. Chickens!! <3 Kittens!! <3
    Pythons?!?!? YIKES.
    Sounds pretty cool though. Your python need a photoshoot. :D
    What is a spider python?

    Sophy of lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com

  5. Congrats girl!!!
    I have held a bunch of snakes before,
    I L.O.V.E snakes there my favorite reptile!!!!

  6. I have held a snake and I all most threw it on the ground! I hate snakes! But it's cool that ya'll got a snake.