2018 Liebster Award

Thank the person who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions they gave you

Name 11 facts about yourself

Nominate 11 bloggers to do this tag, and let them know

Give them 11 questions to answer
Thank you, Beth and Laura and Lexah and Shantelle!!!
Questions from Beth:

1. When is your Birthday?- February 27th, 2004

2. How many kids do you want to have when you get married? - However many the Lord will give me.

3. What is your favorite sport if you have a favorite!?-Oh man, volleyball. But also basket ball, tennis, soccer-- I enjoy any sport really.

4. Would you rather be a beautiful horse or a small white rabbit? - Horse ;D

5. What is your favorite state? - uhh, either OH or Ne or CO

6. What is your favorite food? - CHINESE/ICE CREAM/DONUTS/COFFEE. (coffee is almost like food..well, you can't have donuts without it, sooo)

7. Do you like dogs?-not really 

8. Do you have a pet? - yup, 1 cat

9. What is one your favorite places to go?-table rock lake

10. Do you wan to go to college when you grow up?-nope

11. Do you wear any makeup?-nope, only lipstick sometimes 

Laura's questions: What is your favorite song? - right now, probably Blown Away, or Enchanted by Taylor Swift
-How tall are you?- 5' 2 inches and one-half
-What are your three favorite books?-
-Where are you in your sibling line up (if you have siblings)? Oldest, youngest, second, etc- 3rd oldest ;D
-Warm weather, or cold weather?- Warm
-Do you have any pets?- 1 cat
-Do you like to do crafts?-yup!
-What is your favorite school subject?-LA
-If you could visit to any state, which one would it be?- Either Maine, NY or AL
-If you could visit any country, which one would it be?-Haiti or Africa
-Favorite Bible verse- Luke 8:50

Shantelle's questions:

1. What's your favorite historical era?- ummm, I have no idea 
2. Last song you listened to?-Canon n D on the violin while I played it :D
3. Four of your favorite blogs?- ah man! Country wildflower, Left my Heart in Africa, Hands Made to Love, and Lavender + Blue
4. Do you have any food allergies?- corn, but Plexus helped to the point that I hardly react!! (email me if you're interested!)
5. One thing on your "bucket list"?- Become a Midwife
6. One of your favorite Bible verses/passages?
7. Who's someone who inspires you?-My Mom, Judy Jones (our Midwife from NE)
8. Best book you've read so far this year?- Probably Riley Unlikely
9. Best Christian living or non-fiction book you've read?- Genesis 
10. Something you're passionate about?- MIDWIFERY. helping people.

11. Favorite household chore?- Probably..laundry. 

Lexah's Questions:
-What did you do before writing this post? -Practice violin
-Farthest you've ever been from your home?- PA
-Fave game?- outdoor games, Speak out, taboo, yahtzee
-What book of the Bible are you reading?- 1st Sam
-Do you like brussel sprouts? -YES!
-Fave summer beverage?- Iced sweet tea
-Which do you like better: Pork, beef, Venison or Chicken?- Venison + Chicken
-Funniest memory?- hmm not sure
-Fave thing to do in the spring?- Ride, swim, volleyball
-Ice cream or cookies?- ICE CREAM. and.. cookies hehe
-Nicest thing you've heard all day?- ummm, that Mom loveddd my hair ;D

11 facts about ME:

-I have 9 siblings
-I absolutely hate jeans
-I love music
-My name means Young Servant which is SO ME!!
- I look like my Mom
-Me and my sister are complete opposites, but we always have fun together!
- I first got interested in Midwifery when I was 8
-I know how to take someones BP with a cuff
-I can fall back into a bridge, and then stand up.
-I know a ton of Swhaili, French, Luo (Ugandan language), Dutch, and some ASL
-I have friends in Haiti, Australia, NZ, and from all over the US.

I nominate:

-Amy from Hands made to love
-Amelia from le poetique (private blog)
-Kara from Beautifully broken
-Rachel from Me, My god, and Maverick
-Ashley from  Country wildflower
-Tashia from Joyfully Living 4 Jesus
-Hadassah from Photography Phun
-Sarah from One Name
-Paige (my name-twin) from Sunday best and all the rest
-Jaidyn from Through My lens 
-Hannah from The relentless Daydreamer 

My questions for YOU:

-When is your bday?
-Who is your best friend?
-What was the best thing that ever happened to you?
-Funnest time of your life?
-Your dream guy? :D
-Do you like sushi?
-Would you rather go shopping, or mudding/fourwheeling?
-How many siblings do you want? How many do you have? 
-Fave instrument?
-Fave song album?
-Fave place? (in the world)


  1. Thanks for answering my questions!! Plexus is the best!!

  2. Awww!! Can't wait. Those pics were super pretty!!!!

  3. Thanks for doing this. I loved hearing your answers!!

  4. Thanks for nominating me! Love ya!

  5. awesome pictures! Hey I play the violin too and I am learning Canon in D, with 2 of my sisters and a friend (so it is a four violin duet)! :D

  6. Thanks for doing this!!

  7. Thanks for tagging me! :)