music = life.

something so simple,
yet causes the greatest of emotion.
the thrill inside my chest,
stomping my foot
and nodding my head
and snapping my fingers 
to the song.
i play an instrument. i make music.
i sing in different languages
just making words into a melody
just making notes into a harmony
there is so much you can do
with a single instruemnt
harmonics and vibrato and the feel
of it all
brings so much joy to me.
bending and swaying
flowing with the music as one.
this music
this type, 
is what my feelings sound like.
i play violin.
i am a part of it
and it's a part of me. 


  1. The poem is beautiful! And I love those pictures!!!

  2. Soooo beautiful!!!!! Love those pics xD

  3. Skylar Reese4:57 PM

    I JUST LOVE THIS SO SO SO MUCH, OKAY??? :-) (Also, your violin is GORGEOUS. <3)

  4. Such a beautiful, expressive poem! And your photos are lovely... the violin is such a neat thing to photograph. xx

  5. Yes. Music is amazing(piano girl here, though/singing).

  6. I really like this! I love music!! <B

  7. Great poem! I love music :)