my gang.

yup. these are my kinda peeps.
hot days and running around,
coffee ice cream or popcorn.
my constant little companions 
which i wouldn't trade for anything.
them in those fuzzy pajamas 
and helping me make pancakes
on Saturday morning.
dirt-stained feet
and watching sunsets together.
they know me, 
and how camera crazy i am
so they've learned to smile for a picture at a random moment.
or to never touch my yarn
and always give me ice cream.
we do so much together
and tho they can be annoying 
i would do anything for them. 
cuz they are the best 
the. best.
and i can't wait for when we all grow up
being aunts and uncles, 
but for now we're making memories
and eating ice cream
and running around outside.
bc that's what we're supposed to be doing.
they grow up so fast.
trust me.

[i am trying to spend more time with my siblings, they are really the best. You are lucky if you know them, because they just rock. ;D ]


  1. So cute!


  2. I love playing with my sibling, too! They are the best.

  3. Omw! This is so adorable! Siblings are the best!

    1. Thank you so much!! yes they certainly are <3

  4. Siblings are one of the many great gifts God has given us. <33 I'm very lucky to have mine- they're awesome. <3
    Jaidyn Elise<3

  5. OMGNESS I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH. You are SO SUPER gifted at writing poetry like this--turning something everyday and seemingly ordinary into something beautiful just because of the gift of words you have!!
    You make me want to write a post like this! I just read your latest post, and YES God has given you this gift for a reason!

    1. awww thank you!!!!!!!
      your whole comment just made my day girl!! <3