realness + [a lot of stuff is going on] THOUGHTS ON MATURITY AND WHAT IT MEANS.

day 1


day 365 



*deep breath* 
Lots of things are going on right now. some not-so-nice things yet life still goes on. I'm having a super hard time believing the  little man is already 1 year old....he's such a little cheeser. <3 <3 He has grown and changed so much in the last 365 days. it's just crazy. 
So have I. so has every single person in our family. So has every single person in this world. We all grow and change, and sometimes I'm excited to grow more but other times I just want to stay young. [haha more on this in a min]
but anyways. on to the realness.
It's kinda just like..out of nowhere there's all this stress. And it loads up and then before you know it you just feel helpless and like you're gonna cry all the time. 
I mean, for the most part...my life is awesome! we have friends over and I slept over at my besties house and we eat good meals and all these little things that just sound amazing and fun and wonderful and they are. 
But then there are some big things..difficulties, hardships, stresses. (ugh i feel like i'm using that word a lot) And those things just seem to drain the joy out of things. Not everything..but sometimes it feels like it. 
what is there to do though? I cannot help any of these things. All i can do is pray...and I ask that all of you would do the same for our family. It's an unspoken prayer request..so if you could please just pray for us- our whole family in general then we'd appreciate it so much. <3 <3  and I'm sorry for not doing more 'life posts'. Here lately  it's just been easier expressing myself in the poems i write in my journal, so I'll just post something really quick. I haven't actually taken the time to sit down and write like this in a little while. :| 

y'all are awesome. I hope you  know that i really think that you are awesome. ;D 


M A T U R I T Y.

Growing up I often wondered what it'd be like when I was finally 'mature'. Little did I know what maturity even was. Maturity is the state of someones attitude. How they think, how they act. 
There are soooo many different levels of maturity it seems- there is grown-up stuff and then stuff that is more simple like being responsible and sensible and all that.
Let's get one thing straight here. I'm not really 'tall'. I'm really only 'tall' bc my older sister of 9 years is short. (We're the same height now) There are so many 12 year olds that I know that are super tall...like 5'8 tall!!! And sometimes I feel like that just somehow means they are more mature then I am, or more whatever then I am. But this year I've learned that it depends on the persons attitude, and that it takes a lot more of an understanding of the world and different humans to be mature.


  • They don't easily get offended: when you are mature and confident about yourself, you don't often get offended. You can just shrug a rude comment off or agree with yourself that this person just hasn't got common sense.
  • They are responsible: Being all considered grown up comes with A. LOT. of responsibility.  Even so..if you are mature you can take it with a smile instead of dragging your feet. ;)
  • They know when to speak and when to listen: Now we all make mistakes...I make heaps and heaps every day. But if someone is mature they will know when to just hold their tongue. Plus sometimes it's better like that..." Don't speak when you're angry or you'll make the best speech that you'll ever regret." (at least the random quote was something like that :'D )
  • They have a common-sense: By this I mean that they know things that are happening in the world...someone that is mature isn't ignorant. And they can usually put 2 and 2 together. 

so yup. There's my 'little' rant for today!!! Hopefully I'll be posting a video sometime here soon!! =D I'd love to chat...talk about weather or your thanksgiving or music..lol!! Whatever ya want! XD

Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU AMAZING 55 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! like WOW i can't even right now. All of y'all are just they absolute best!!!! I'm so happy that you've all joined me on my quest of sorting out life xD <3 <3 <33333 thank y'all so very much. 

Do you like poems or life posts??
What does maturity mean to you?
thanks in advance for any prayers y'all, Jesus hears 
all of them. xx


  1. WOW, that was deep. The good kind of deep. I like post like these.

    1. Yeah...it was. I just wanted to be real instead of trying to act like everything is perfect. :|
      <3 <3